Progesterone Dropping

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Betty - December 23

I am 6 weeks pregnant, My progestrone level went from 30 to 22, and I am scared. I have had a mis-carriage before. Does progersterone supplements work?Betty


Colette - January 4

Hi! I had the same problem. After two miscarriages I got pregnant again only to discover that the progesterone levels dropped in the 9th week. I took the progesterone suppositories through the 15th week. My daughter will be turning one in a week! Without the progesterone suppositories we would have nothing to celebrate. Goodluck!


Kristen - January 5

Betty, I am on progesterone suppossitories 100mg at night since week 5. My progesterone dropped from 14.7 to 13.2 in one day. After the first week of taking the meds it had gone down to 10. Now I am 8 weeks and the last test at 7 weeks showed 15.8. I believe the proges. supps work. I have a friend who had 3 kids and her prog averaged 6 - she took the meds and all 3 kids are healthy and beautiful. Good Luck.


Annie - January 12

Betty- How long ago were your levels dropping?


Lisa - January 13

I had a m/c last year at about 8 weeks. The baby only measured about 6 weeks at the time. I am currently in my 8th week again. Because of my history, I've been having blood drawn consistently. My HCG levels are fine, but my progesterone has always ranged between 15 and 19. Not great, but not a huge concern either. I've been taking Prometrium 200 mg twice daily. My doctor called yesterday and said my bloodwork from Tuesday shows my progesterone at 14.5 and they would like to increase the Prometrium to three times daily. I had an ultrasound on Tuesday also. Heartbeat was 140 and the baby was measuring 7w1d, which was 1 day older. There isn't much info on this regarding the chances of increasing progesterone by supplementing it through Prometrium. I have to wait until January 20th for my next blood test.


Sarah - January 13

Mine also dropped at 6 weeks. I have also had a miscarriage because of low progestrone. I have been on suppositories for 4 weeks now and am still doing fine


Michele - January 23

I also had 2 m/c and at 8 weeks they said my baby was not the size of an 8 week fetus. I went through all the blood tests and had to use progesterone suppositories immediately. Our little girl is now 7 years old. I am greatfull that they put me on this to keep her alive.


wendy - January 25

can a pregnancy at 6 weeks be possible to continue with a progesterone level at 15 without having to take supplemental progesterone


wendy - January 25

can a pregnancy at 6 weeks be possible to go forward with a progesterone level at 15 without taking supplements.


Kathi - February 2

I am 6w and 5d today. I had two m/c's last year. We became pregant again New Years Weekend to our surprise. They started me on prometrium right away at 4 weeks. I was taking one a day at 200 mg. At first I was taking it orally and then another dr. told me to take it v____ally at night. Two weeks ago my level was at 43 which is fantastic, last week my level dropped to 32. Now although this is still good, it did drop. I began taken 200mg two times a day now and they checked my levels today so hopefully they are going back up or atleast staying the same. We will know more tomorrow so then I will let you know. I just wanted to write and tell you that I know what you are going through. It's very scary to want this miracle so badly and then to have it disappear so quickly. I think you are ok from as much as I know. If you have any concern, be direct and consistent with your dr. We didn't at first and regret it now, so this time if I feel I want something to change or whatever, I let them know. This is your baby. Take Care!


Melissa J - February 4

I just wanted to respond and let you know I am in the same boat. I am almost 6 weeks pregnant. I had two miscarriages last year. I am seeing a Reproductive Endrocronologist. She has had me on v____al progesterone suppositories from day 18 of my cycle. Myinitial level on day 27 of my cycle was 38 progesterone and my HCG was at 124. My HCG continues to rise but my progesterone has slowly gone down. It is now at 18.7. Hang in there. I wish I had a success story to share with you now but I hope I will someday. I find the the suppositories give me a some comfort. Good luck!


Renee - February 9

Does anyone have any experiences with a level 15.6 at 5 weeks and an hCG of 1887? I am a little nervous that this is indicative of a failing pregnancy. I am on 50 mg bid c-progesterone supp. I also have had 3 healthy pregnancies and 1 miscarriage at 23 weeks due to placental abruption, most likely a poor implant. Any information will help.Thanks


Jenny - February 17

Hi, I have had 3 miscarriages and now am pregnant again for the 4 time, my progesterone was at 59 which is good but the doctor still wanted me to take progesterone, the only thing is, is that I really don't feel pregnant and just wanted to know if anyone else had the same symptoms, we seen the heart beat at 7w and 4 days and now I'm about 10 and a 1/2, so just wondering if anyone had the same symptoms and if you gain weight while on progesterone or it's just the baby growing?? Thanks Jen


hadas - February 17

I am currently on a progesterone supplement. I am only 6 weeks pregnant but since I started the progesterone my weight is sky rocketing and already went up one pant size. I am also drowsy, have dilated pupils and fill puffed and tired-heavy all the time. I am going to the doctor today to find out if this is working. Will write later and hope for the best.


Michele - February 17

I am 6 weeks along with a history of 2 misscarriages in the past. I started 600mg of progesterone per day last week afer I started spotting and cramping. I've had 3 days of spotting this week, but an ultrasound yesterday shows the baby is still alive. Has anyone else experienced spotting while on the progesterone and/or understand why it continues?


Reb - February 17

Ladies, I hate to say it, but your weight may skyrocket with or without the prog supplements. I am now 30 wks pregnant, and gained most of my weight (22lbs so far) in the first trimester. On the low prog side, I started out this preg at 5wks with a prog of 9.8. I was on v____al suppositories until 12wks. Just after I started the supps, my prog went up to 22+. I only have 9 weeks left in this pregnancy, so I wanted to give you all another low prog success story. Good luck.


Rosa - February 18

Another success story here! My first pregnancy resulted in a miscarriage very early on but my doctor had no idea why. After switching to a new doctor, I got pregnant months later and he was smart enough to check for progesterone levels, which turned out to be low and falling. He prescribed Prog. suppositories for the entire first trimester - and they worked. My daughter will be 2 in May and now we have another on the way. I was hoping I wouldn't have to go through the messiness again, but its worth it to have another healthy baby. Only this time, my prog. levels started dropping later - they went from 21 to 16 in the 10th week, last time it was in the 4th week or so. Anyway, I am confident that my doctor and my progesterone suppositories will pull me and baby through once again. Hang in there everybody! Progesterone works!



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