Progesterone Dropping

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Rosa - February 18

Another success story here! My first pregnancy resulted in a miscarriage very early on but my doctor had no idea why. After switching to a new doctor, I got pregnant months later and he was smart enough to check for progesterone levels, which turned out to be low and falling. He prescribed Prog. suppositories for the entire first trimester - and they worked. My daughter will be 2 in May and now we have another on the way. I was hoping I wouldn't have to go through the messiness again, but its worth it to have another healthy baby. Only this time, my prog. levels started dropping later - they went from 21 to 16 in the 10th week, last time it was in the 4th week or so. Anyway, I am confident that my doctor and my progesterone suppositories will pull me and baby through once again. Hang in there everybody! Progesterone works!


yolanda mccullum - February 26

hi my is yolanda and i am about 5wks pregnant , i have only been taking prometrium about week , but i too don't feel pregnant. i have a doctor's appt on the 3rd of march . i guess i will find out if my baby will have a heartbeat . and by the way i have had 2 miscarrage in the last year. do anyone have the same symtoms i have which is none while taking prometrium 100mg twice daily


Jstmet - February 28

Hi, Just had to share my story. When I was 21 years old, I had my FIRST of 4 miscarriages. After trying everything for two years, my doctor decided in my 5th pregnancy to give me progesterone suppositories. After nine months, our son was born and we felt it was a miracle! I now have three children, all healthy. I took the suppositories for all three pregnancies. It may have taken me 7 pregnancies, but I am blessed with 3 children.


tara - March 2

your stories are all hopeful! i have had 3 m/c over the past year and a half, and am on pregnancy number 4.....taking prometrium v____ally 4 times a day. side effects are the same as being pregnant, so it's hard to tell which is which.....but i am keeping my fingers crossed that this is the answer!


AZ - March 4

I'm 9.5 weeks pregnant, 2 previous m/c, on metformin, aspirin and progesterone. I'm scared to stop taking the progesterone at week 12, as I feel it's what has gotten me this far! Has anyone heard of miscarrying after the first trimester after stopping progesterone? Has anyone been told to stay on it longer than week 12?


Linda - March 4

I am 9 weeks, and have progesterone of 7.1... BAD! I do not have a left ovary and my right had cyst removed in November, so my progesterone is not being produced. I was just put on progesterone suppositories and hope that Monday's visit to doc is positive. I also had some bleeding, and b___st tenderness that all but vanished. Anyone else?


Kelly - March 6

I had a m/c last year, I'm currently 6 weeks, so my Dr. checked my level & it was 8. I stated taking oral progesterone 100mg 3x a day. I also don't feel pregnant. My b___sts were very sore last time & they don't hurt at all this time. Tomorrow I'm going to call the Dr. & ask for a ultra-sound, to put my mind at ease.


Veronica - March 7

I have had 2 miscarriages. The second pregnancy, my doctor detected my progesterone only at 11.5 then at 7 then went up to 10 with oral pills. Still with the oral pills it did not go up much. I then switched to prochieve, v____al gel - my progesterone started to go uop BUT now my HCG numbers are no longer doubling :( not a good sign at all. Oh well, there is always next time.


Janet - March 12

I have just went thorugh my second miscarriage we are very upset eh doctor tells us he will put me on progesterone in the fourth week next time i just wonder why i had to go through two before he suggested this


p_janavi - March 15

My progesterone was 26.2 at 140 dpo and now at 22 dpo it has dropped to 17.5. But HCG on the other hand was 72 at 14dpo and 3291 at 22 dpo. My doctor is putting on suppositories now. Wondering it is too late for it..


Jill - March 18

Hi, I am only four weeks pregnant but my progesterone is 11.5. I've had 2 m/c and I'm wondering if low progesterone was the reason. I am on 200mg twice a day. I've been doing a lot of reading and I've found that a lot of fertility doctors put their patients on 200mg 3xs a day because it only stays in your system 6-7 hours. Now I'm worried I'm not taking enough. Anyone else have any info about this?


Kat - March 18

Hi - was wondering if anyone here has read or heard about a relationship between stress and progesterone levels dropping? Seems like I read about that somewhere. I tend to think that outside of a severe stressor while pregnant then maybe for some (probably not all) who are pregnant with low levels of prog, their stress hormones (cortisol) are chronically too high for some reason or increase too much when under a little stress. I recently had a m/c and so I am curious about these things and have also been interested in stress and its effects on the body in my field. One thing I read today (which my midwife has me on now) is vitamin C protects against stress... maybe this is one thing you can discuss with your doc or midwife... Increasing your dose from what you get in your prenatal because Vit C supposedly can be taken at higher doses without side effects. (I am just the messenger of what I read - follow-up on this if you are considering Vit C now...). I would love to hear others' thoughts on all this... Best to all of you.


Amy - March 24

Hi. We have been trying to get pregnant for two years, I am on my second pregnancy, the first one ended very early in miscarriage. I am now 8.5 weeks. I have been taking progesterone injection 50mg once a day and crinone 8% twice a day (suppositories) My levels were up to 37, but are now today down to 23.8. Doc says I need to double up on my injection each day. I am very scared. Everything on ultrasounds look good, but I want this baby to make it so bad. Reading your stories has helped me a bit, I just don't understand why some women's bodies don't make it on their own.


patty - April 5

I am on my 3rd pregnancy. My first one ended in a m/c at 10 weeks without any symptoms. I sisn't find out until my 12 week visit. Finally after 7 years of trying, we did ivf with success., we now have a healthy boy this past may. i was on prgesteron IM and suppositories the first 12 weeks. so it works. I am now pregnant again...all on our own. My hcg levels are fine but my progesterone has fallen from 18.3 to 13. I am now on promestrium twice a day. I go for a u/s tomorrow. I haven't had any cramping or bleeding. I hope all is well.


Megan - April 7

Hi, I am 10 weeks pregnant and last week started on progesterone pills. the doctor said they would help my low level of progesterone, but i'm worried because i've never had a miscarriage and it seems like every one else here has, so i really hope that i don't. I hate to be worried, this is my first pregnancy.


Cindy - April 10

Hi. Friday I had bloodwork done on day 29 after having a positive HPT. The bloodwork showed levels of HCG 44 and Progesteron 10.8. RE put me on progesterone. Any thoughts on these numbers? I have to return tomorrow for additional blood work. I've had two prior miscarriages and am worried about this one also. Thanks



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