Progesterone Dropping

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arti - January 29

Daniella...Thank u soooooooooo much for the reply..u jus saved me from getting paranoid and having sleepless nights!!! I have taken 2 doses till now and take it jus before i sleep,though a lil came out even when i was lying on the back..i guess thats normal.One thing i was wondering was there seemed to be some stuff left in the tube but i kept pressing it and nothing came says in the box that its ok if u see some stuff left inside the tube...did u have the same experience too?? I have decided not to worry myself too much now..I was thinking of going for a blood test next week but i guess i will wait for 2 weeks and then go.I am scheduled for an u/s anywhere betn, 8th to 12th week..i probably will go last week of Feb.I can't wait to hear the heartbeat!!


Dainella - January 30

Arti- wow, they make you wait 8-12 weeks? I got my first scan once my HCG hit 2000.. but, thats because I had a prior ectopic and prior miscarriages... And yea, there was ALWAYS a little left in the tube, but they take that into consideration of the amount you get. YOu really do get the full dose, even with that little left in the tube. Also, yea... a little drips out as you sleep. Its completely OK though. I think your doing everything just fine. Try not to stress too much. :) Also, if you don't mind me asking.. where abouts you live? I know certain countries and places have different standards for when you get your first u/s. Oh hey, and also, I prop my legs up in the air a bit and insert it until that bottom (hard, scratchy) part hits me. Sometimes I feel like they need to round the edges a bit better. lol.. just be careful. Also, if I have s_x, I have it before the meds and wait a little bit. Just so it doesn't dilute it.


Jenni - January 30

Daniella, I just got a message from my doctor telling me not to worry but to call here office because my Progesterone levels were low and she needed to see me within the next 2 weeks. I am 5 weeks pregnant and concerned because of everything I have read about these levels being low and and how they can cause a misscarriage. Why didn't she want to see me right away? What do you think? Should I demand to get on some supplements right away?


Daniella - January 30

Jenni-- yes!! If your levels came back low, then she should have prescribed you progesterone supplements right away. It can only help!! I would call her back and ask for the Crinone 8% that Arti and I have been talking about. If your doctor says she doesn't see the need for you to take them... insist!! Say, "well, we see that my levels ARE low and the supplements are natural and can only help, whats the problem?"... SHe should just say fine. SOme doctors don't believe in them. Which is sad, because I lost 3 pregnnacies and it took my last miscarriage for them to finally open their eyes and realize I need supplements. Any pregnancy I ever have in the future, I will need to take the supplements as soon as I find out I'm pregnant. Yes, if your pregnancy isn't going to make it for other reasons, then the supps. aren't going to help. BUT>.... if thats all you need (like me), then whats the harm in trying?? Also, what was your levels at? the progesterone and the HCG?? anyhow... at 5 weeks may be early enough to catch the low levels and help supplement them.. but, it may be too early to see anything important on a scan yet. So, that is probably why she wants to see you at 7 weeks. YET>... you should still be on progesterone supplements right away if your levels are known low. Good luck!!!


Arti - January 30

Daniella..I live in the US...I dunno why she asked me to come in so late for a scan when I have read abt women going in when they r 6-7 wks pregnant. One more thing..Did u go and check ur levels after u started the crinone?? How much increase did u see in ur levels? Jenni...I agree with Daniella...Call up ur doc immdly and ask her abt ur progesterone levels.Then tell her to call in a prescription for progesterone tablets or cream and insist on it. My nurse saw my levels and said it was fine and asked me to come for my scan after a few weeks..but i have read so much abt low progesterone that I made sure I got some supplements.It wont do u any harm so why not?? Better to be safe than sorry. I wish u all the best.Hope we all have successful pregnancies.


Jenni - January 30

Daniella, I spoke with the doctor today before I saw what you wrote to me. She says my progesterone level is at a 4. She said I have a 50% chance of losing the baby but they were going to give me 50mg of Progestrone to take v____ally. I didn't ask about the crinone 8%, is that something I take as well as the supplements. Why am I only getting 50mg should I be getting more. I have been cramping in my lower stomach area. Does this mean I am already losing my baby?.... Can you still save the baby even though you have been cramping. This is my first pregnancy and I am really scared.


Daniella - January 30

Jenni- not trying to scare you, but I've never seen a pregnancy make it with a level under 8. In fact, a level should be higher then 4 just to ovulate, much less being pregnant. Are you sure she didn't say 14 or 40?? I've never heard of being pregnant with a level 4. Weird!! Also, crinone is just another supplement that is also v____ally. I found it the best out of all of them... But, honestly... if its not a viable pregnancy for whatever reason, then taking the supplements can only prolong the inevitable... lets hope that there was something wrong with that result or what she said... Also, are you bleeding at all?? **Arti**... yea, I am originally from Chicago and they usually do the scan at about 7 weeks to see the sac in the uterus, do measurements and check doppler for a heartbeat. On my last pregnancy I miscarried and my progesterone was 8.4 the last day it was alive... On my current pregnancy my progesterone was 19.1 the day I started taking Crinone.. and got tested again 3 weeks later. Having been taking them for 3 weeks my level came back only 19.2. So, pretty much the same... So, I know if I wasn't taking the supplements, then the level would have dropped again like all my previous pregnancies that I lost. Oh, also.. they say that since the v____al gel goes straight up to your uterus, that the blood serum levels may not show an increase because it doesn't go to your blood, it goes straight up to the spot.... unlike the pills or the shot. :) Also, at 12 weeks the baby produces the hormones on its own and doesn't need you doing it for him/her anymore... So, once I hit 12 weeks, it was a weight lifted.. Anyhow, too bad you weren't getting a scan sooner. Just to help ease your mind. :)


Arti - January 30

jenni...all i know is that for pregnancy, the docs expect the progesterone to be atleast 15 in the first few weeks. I hope ur levels increase..I will keep u in my prayers. Daniella...Thanks for the info...I am from Arkansas..I guess each state is different! Anyways..I will be going for the scan in another 3 weeks...I hope the baby is progressing well.All I can do is pray and hope for the best!


Daniella - January 30

Arti- wow, 3 weeks has got to seem like eternity... I've learned patience in my life, especially with my career (psychiatrist)... and I didn't even have the patience for only a weeks wait... lol... you are a strong woman! hehe.... I pray the best for you!!!


Jenni - January 30

Daniella, Yes I spoke with the doctor today and she told me that my level was at a 4.6, So from what your telling me looks like I got pregnant by some miracle. I hope this medication works for me. Pray for me. I really want to keep this baby. The thing that got me is that my doctor said that is was not unusual to be pregnant at the level 4.6 that I am at. She says that staying in bed won't help me either (I suggested that to her.) She says that either the medicine will take or it won't but that there is nothing I can do but wait. That is so much depressing stress for me. I don't know, what do you think. Also I am having alot of lower back pain. Is this bad. I am overweight so I am hoping that is what is causing the pain. What do you think??


Daniella - January 30

Jenni- I didn't say you couldn't get pregnant at a 4.6 level.. I was just saying, I've never heard of a pregnancy sustaining at that level. Not that it can't happen, especially being on the supplements... but, it is low.. It wont hurt to stay on the supplements so you know you did everything you possibly can. Back pain shouldn't come into a pregnancy until your further along and the baby presses on your spine and the size, etc. I started getting my back pain around 19 weeks.. but not as bad as when I was 23 weeks . I am 26 weeks today. Anyhow, back pain is usually a sign of m/c, but it could be anything as well.. Also, stay active.. don't lay around too much because your doctor is right.. it wont make a difference at this early of a stage. Jenni- I still wonder what your HCG is doing... that is something so much easier to base off of then a progesterone levels alone. Plus, if it starts going down (the HCG) you know your on your way to a miscarriage... BUT< the up side to it is, if you get your HCG checked until it hits below 5, then you know your about to ovulate again. LIke I said before, my HCG was 10,000 the day I had my D&C and it was down to 0 exaclty 5 weeks after the surgery and I ovulated and conceived again then. So, you are extremely fertile after a loss or birth. Don't lose hope!!!


Arti - January 31 does seem like an eternity but 3 weeks is nothing compared to 11 months of trying to conceive!! I have pcos and i dint ovulate at all..I took Metformin and in 4 months, i ovulated and got pg! Jenni..even I got back pain esp the day i found i was pg and a few days after that.But then it went away.The doc said it was normal to have that as long as it was mild and not excruciating. I hope u feel better.


Daniella - January 31

Yup Arti, I hear ya there!! I have luteal phase defect and also only ovulated maybe a couple times a year. I would get a periods about every 3 months. I never took fertility drugs however... I might have if it started to come to that. Even though it took us 4 years.. I have reason. Heck, I lost a tube.. so, right there splits my chances in half.. and then I have LPD, so another problem... but, all in all... I am now 26 weeks... so, your right.. it is well worth the wait. Yea, unfortunately I lost 3 pregnancies, but hey... it made me the strong woman I am today that appreciates the life in me more then anything because of the unfortunate experiece of losses we had to go thru, etc. ANYHOW< yea... back pain could mean Sooo many things as long as its not TOO bad. OR if its followed by bleeding.


Arti - February 1

Doesnt it make u appreciate the baby inside u even more since u've been thro so much to get to this stage.... Infertility is the worst thing that can happen to someone...I took fertility drugs for 2 months but didnt ovulate...and then i heard abt metformin(drug used for diabetics) and supposedly it reduces the insulin resistance seen in women with pcos.I think its def a miracle drug...I am so glad i did the research on it and asked my doc to precribe me that..Sometimes u need to be armed with as much knowledge as possible to get the best trt u can. Anyways...I can go on and on abt this! Daniella..i had a question...the crinone is causing some burning sensation in the v____a..almost like a yeast infection. Is that normal?? I dont feel it at night after i apply the cream but as soon as i get feels like i am on fire! There is no discharge of any kind. Should i talk to my nurse abt it?


Daniella - February 1

Arti- Its an extreme high probability that your nurse has no idea about that... lol... heck, a lot of doctors arent so familiar.. but, I would talk to your doctor. I don't recall any horrible burning.. but, I did have some discomfort after using it for a while (not in the beginning).. but, it could be the starting of an infection and completely unrelated to the crinone.. OR it could be a side effect your having. Either way, you don't want to be in discomfort, so you may want to ask the dr. about it... OR heck, do a google search on it and see if the Internet product detail says anything about that. Good luck!! and yea, sometimes you do have to do your own research to find out things... Let your dr. do the dirty work, but it doesn't hurt to lQQk into things.. I am very far from ignorant, lol.. so, I am one to be on top of things prepared when I go in. More now then ever after you have had a m/c, (or 2, or 3, etc.)... :) --talking about the meds. you found out about. Hey, I told my dr. about Crinone.. she had no idea about it. So, asking her if it causes whatever symptoms, she would probably just make something up that sounded good or tell me to switch, without finding out. Good luck!!


Jenni - February 1

Daniella, I just wanted to write one last time to say thanks for everything. My doctor says my HCG level was at 269 and then 6 days later it was at 250. She took me off the progesterone supp. today and suggested I should wait because any day know I could start to miscarriage. She did say that I should be able to still have babies and that I should not give up trying. I asked her if there is anything I should do to make sure that this doesn't happen again and she said that this wasn't my fault but that all I could do is try again. Well, thanks again for everything. God Bless.



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