Progesterone Dropping

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Cindy - April 10

Hi. Friday I had bloodwork done on day 29 after having a positive HPT. The bloodwork showed levels of HCG 44 and Progesteron 10.8. RE put me on progesterone. Any thoughts on these numbers? I have to return tomorrow for additional blood work. I've had two prior miscarriages and am worried about this one also. Thanks


patty - April 10

hi im having problems getting pregnant and my dr. told me to take prometriun 200mg from cycle day 16-25 to help with the inplantation in case i get pregnant but this month i didnt take it and i miss my period but i have done a pregnacy test and its negative woul i have to take prometrium again to help regulate my period .and is there any risk with prometrium


Lee - April 13

I am currently 16 wk and 2 days and just stopped progesterone suppositories at about 14 wk. What do you all think? Should I continue till end of wk 16? I just had an us last week and everything is fine. I am just worried as I had 2 miscarriages before.


Ann - April 15

I have the exact same problem. At 4 weeks LMP mine was 30 and I just got checked at 5 weeks and it was 18. The doctor I talked to, which was the one on call- not mine said that because the placenta starts taking over around 6 weeks that when you test the mothers blood you cannot detect all the progesterone that is there because what the placenta makes does not circulate through the mom's blood. I don't know if I believe him but my doc is out of town for 3 weeks now so I am going to have my levels tested again next week. I have been on 200 mg 2x/day since 4 weeks since I have had 2 M/C within the last year. I also have a 14 month old who I had no problem getting pregnant with. I am still b___stfeeding her which I think may be causing the problem but all the docs say it would not. Does anyone have any info on that?


patty - April 16

the placenta takes over at around 12 weeks. in my experience you should stop taking progesterone at you 12 week mark. I have been going through fertility for 8 years. And i am also a nurse. i am on my 3rd pregnance. the first one was concieved with clomid, but i mc at 10 weeks, then we did numerous iui's with no success. then we did ivf and we were successful. with my son 11 months old we are pregnant again on our on. i am on prometrium twice a day. we say the heartbeat last week and have another appt. this comming wed. good lauck to all of you.


reina - April 22

at 19 dpo my progesterone dropped to 19.9 from 28.3 (1 week prior). also had mild spotting on 20 dpo; however, my hcg went from 35 (12 dpo)to 594 (19 dpo). my first pregnancy ended in m/c at 5.5 weeks. my doctor started me on 50mg vag supp today (22 dpo) twice a day....does anyone else have a similar story?..


Sarada - April 26

Hey there, I'm at 7 weeks of pregnancy right now. I had one previous miscarriage at probably 2 week of pregnancy, at that point my Hcg=20, Progesterone=3.8 when I was going through the bleeding phase like a heavy period. But, for this pregnancy, I started to have brown discharge at 2 weeks of pregnancy again, my MD placed me on 100mg Prometrium orally at night. I got watery diarrhea for 4 straight days, she switched me to Progesterone v____al suppository every night 100mg. The brown discharge has stopped. I have extreme nausea, almost but no vomiting all day long, extreme fatigue in the afternoon(I need a 2 hour nap), and to my delight, the blood levels have increased. Progesterone=22.3, Hcg=20,971. My MD states that a progesterone level of 20 or above is good for early pregnancy and preventing miscarriage. Next week I'm due for my 1st ultrasound to see the heartbeat and determine the exact due date. Good luck to you all, I'm happy the MD put me on this progesterone.


Donna - April 27

Thankyou everyone for you stories. I am 6 weeks pregnant and my ob/gyno said my prog levels had droppped slightly within 48 hours and my HCG levels arent increasing to high either. SO he has advised me to take progesterone pessaries in order to hold on to this bub - so fingers crossed I have a nice story at the end of it as well! I am not bleeding which is a good sign I hope Thanks


Karla - April 27

I am 5 & 1/2 weeks and my Progesterone was FINALLY tested (at my pleading) and it is only 3.9 My Dr begrudgingly prescribed me 100mg suppositories for 2 times per day. I PRAY this helps and it is not too late. Has anyone heard of SUCH low Progesterone levels so early on? I have no cramping, no bleeding and my HCG levels are low but going up 60% every 48 hours. I am scared :(


reina - April 30

an update on dropping progesterone numbers.....I went back to my doc on 25 dpo for us and it was normal (too early for heartbeat) and my hcg was 2369.....putting my faith in God and praying He will deliver us a healthy chld. I go back thur May 5 for 2nd us!


Sandy - May 1

I have had 12 miscarriages then I started taking progestrone and have 4 kids.Do not let your dr tell you it doesn't work it does!!!If they refuse to give it to you change drs


jeo - May 1

Any significant drop in progesterone can signal a miscarriage.... I had one last week... my progesterone levels were very low though... Normal (acceptable progesterone levels are 15-and up....depending on your term in pregnancy.).. If using progesterone supplements, be sure to ask for natural progesterone as I have read that synthetic progesterone may cause male like problems in girls and vice-versa in boys... it may also cause your children to have infertility issues later on.).. just reading up on everything since my miscarriage... best of luck and speak to your doctor.


Katrina - May 2

Hello, I don't know how old your question is ,but I do know that progesterone pills do help to maintain a pregnancy if someone is low on progesterone. Prometrium is a great progesterone drug and it is best to take it as a suppository rather than oral because it does not absorb into the body nearly as well when taken orally. -Katrina


Babs - May 6

Hey, thank God I just found this forum. This is my first pregnancy after ttc for over one year. I just got pregnant after a HSG was performed. My last period was on April 5, 2005. However, yesterday, my gyno called and said that my HCG levels were "appropriate" in the 160's BUT that my progesterone levels were only at 12.6 (she'd like to see them between 15-20) I was put on v____al progesterone suppositories 600mg before bed. Anyone else take this much? I have been told I won't experience side effects from the suppositories because they are not absorbed into the bloodstream but instead go right to the uterus. I am so scared...I do not want to miscarry! Anyone else in similar situation? Thanks!


Carrie - May 9

I am taking progesterone suppositories for a possible progesterone deficiency causing an inability to get pregnant. I am now 3 days late on my period but I'm wondering if the progesterone can delay my period if I am not pregnant? Does anyone know this? I have not taken a pg test yet. I'm only on 25mg suppositories per night.


Babs - May 9

Carrie...sorry, I have no idea about whether or not progesterone supps. can cause a late period. I would ask your doctor though. All I do know is that they do not go into your bloodstream and should support a baby in your uterus if you are indeed pregnant. Good luck.



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