Progesterone Dropping

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Jenni - February 1

Daniella, I just wanted to write one last time to say thanks for everything. My doctor says my HCG level was at 269 and then 6 days later it was at 250. She took me off the progesterone supp. today and suggested I should wait because any day know I could start to miscarriage. She did say that I should be able to still have babies and that I should not give up trying. I asked her if there is anything I should do to make sure that this doesn't happen again and she said that this wasn't my fault but that all I could do is try again. Well, thanks again for everything. God Bless.


Clare1313 - February 1

Hi Betty! I've had 2 early mc in the past year and started progesterone suppositories as soon as I found out I was pregnant again. I'm now 6w6d had ultrasound 2 days ago and heart beat is at 135bpm. I also suffer from pcos - after ruling out everything else doc suggested progesterone. So far so good! This was the first time I actually got to see the heart beating. I'm extremely hopeful and wish you the best!


Arti - February 2

Jenni..I am so sorry.I hope God gives u the strength to heal faster and I pray that u have successful pregnancies in the future.Jus remember that its not ur fault and there is nothing u could have done to stop it.


Arti - February 2

Daniella...The burning was due to the clumps of the medication trying to come out and i guess they were irritating the entrance of my v____a. I removed it with a tissue and now all is fine!! My nurse said its the medication coming out and that i can stop progesterone as i dont need it.Well..I told her i would be more comfy using some kinda progesterone supplement and asked her for tabs..she hasnt got back to me yet..but i guess i am feeling better now with the cream so i will continue with it!


Daniella - February 2

Jenni- I am sooo sorry!!! Try to stay strong and dont give up!!! If you want to TTC again, you ovulate once your HCG htis 0.. Mine took 5 weeks to come down to 0 (and I ovulated and got pregnant).. BUT.. my HCG was much higher than yours. Yours may not take long at all.. Maybe 10 days or so... I would have your doctor test them in a week to see how well they dropped and to give you an idea. After my loss and when my HCG went all the way down, I conceived again and now 26 weeks pregnant. SO, don't give up!!!! :) In the meantime, try to stay positive and don't beat yourself up. Your dr. is right, you will be blessed and have babies. :) Good luck!! ____Arti- they say, once you start the progesterone supplements DONT just stop them cold turkey.. doing that can actually make your levels drop too quick and force a miscarriage... don't want that!!! I hear the tabs aren't nearly as good as the v____al gel.. but, if you are having extreme discomfort, then better the tabs then nothing. Taking the v____al cream was a pain at first, but then I got into this routine and it wasn't so bad. All I kept thinking about is how this is helping my future child and that made it so much easier. :) I'm sure everything will be fine!!! ;) when is that wonderful date (for your ultrasound) that your looking forward to?? :) __Clare-- sounds wonderful!! Congrats!!


Arti - February 2

Daniella..Ya..i am feeling better now..a lil discomfort but bearable. The nurse called and said she will not prescribe tabs as it is not indicated for me.I told her that i will continue with the cream and she said ya..u can but dont have to. Well..its my baby and i will do watever i can to keep it safe!!!I jus hope she gives me a refill after this batch gets over! My first obgyn appt. is on Feb 20th.I guess I will know when i should come for an u/s after that. Its a long time but I am hoping for the best!!! Btw..daniella..did u find the s_x of ur baby???


Daniella - February 2

Arti- yea, I totally hear ya there. It IS your body and your baby. I had to beg 3 different doctors to test my level before the one did and it came back low. My other doctor that said I didn't need it and wouldn't test.. later said that I did lose it because I wasn't producing enough on my own. He actually admitted to it. What an *ss, right?? He didn't even care about my pregnancy. Listen to this, each week I had an ultrasound because the heartbeat wasn't getting strong like it should. After the second one, he asked, "when would you like to schedule your D&C, how about this Friday?".. I said, "WHAT?? Excuse me, we just seen the heartbeat on the screen, why in Gods name would I schedule a D&C?" and he said, "Yea, well... it wont be there for long"... Can you believe that?? This is the same doctor that wouldnt' test my levels and said its not going to help and I dont need the supplements. The hospital that did do the test and research, said it could have been saved if I would have just started them early. I would be due any day now if I got on them like I wanted.. My mother calls him the abortion doctor. Its sad!!!


Arti - February 3

Daniella..that is so true...sometimes docs jus dont get it...I think they jus go by the book cuz they r scared abt getting sued and dont go by their instinct...I wish they were more humane.When my RE called up to tell my results of my 1st blood test which showed i was pg...there was absolutely no trace of emotion whatsoever in his voice...wats going to happen if he jus shows some enthusiasm right??Anyways..i am slowly getting used to all the docs now...


sharon - February 3

hello..everyone my name is sharon h. I recently had a miscarriage about 6m months ago. I just found out that i am pregnant once again. It is very early in the pregnacy and i have started bleeding. I am very scared. I went to a new dr and he has put me on progestrogen supp. i have a son already and i hope and pray that he will have a sister or brother one day. i am 35 this year and i know that it is dangerous to have a child after 35..Thanks the scared one


Daniella - February 4

Arti- good luck on your first real OB apt. Can't believe its that far away.. but, sure hope everything works out!!!! Sharon- congrats!!! Also, my husband mother gave birth to his little brother at age 47. She was 46 when she conceived and 47 when he was born.. completely complication free.. He is now 10 years old.. perfectly healthy, smart boy. So, just keep yourself in shape, take your vitamins, etc... and hope for the best. Don't stress about your age (I know, easier said then done).. but seriously.. as far as the bleeding and what not.. what all testing have they done so far?? How far are you?? Has your HCG been doubling every 48 hours??


sharon - February 4

Daniella... It is still very early in my pregnacy. I have not even had my first OB appointlment. I am thinking i am just maybe 3 weeks. My last cycle actually the first day was 1/10. My first appointment is on the 21st of February. I don't know if i can wait that long. I called the Dr back and asked them if they could draw my blood and check my levels. He said yes and since I was bleeding and had a miscarriage about 6 months ago he went ahead and put me on v____al progesterone suppositories. He only prescribed me a 5 day supply though. I have to do it twice daily. One in the morning and then one before I go to sleep.. They are 200mg a piece, but from what I have been reading I should be taking them up to 12 weeks. I am not sure if he plans on giving me another prescription for it. Maybe I should inquire about that when I call to get my test results. I am really frightened. I do not want to lose this child too. I know it is in God's hands..he has a plan for everything, I have been trying my best not to worry or stress out. Easier said than done at times. I hope these supplements work. I am not really sure what they do to be honest other than try and boost the progesterone. There have been may success stories so I am being more optomistic that I was. I am at my mothers house using her computer, becuase mine crashed on me and is being fixed, but i am usually here on the weekends so it may take me until fri, sat , or sun to respond to any question. I REALLY APPRECIATE all the advice. Thanks again soooooooooo much. Sharon


sharon - February 4

I am on my feet alot at work.. I know that puts pressure on my cervix so i probably need to ask the dr about putting me on light duty. when i am using the supplements it seems to be leaking out at times i suppose that is natural.


Daniella - February 4

Sharon- first off.. your doctor probably put you on only 5 days to just see what happens because you are bleeding and its not good to take them if a m/c in inevitable... I'm sure he'll keep you on it if you don't m/c.. also... do you have your blood work back?? Anyhow, wanted to add.. its pretty much a proven fact that you really cant do anything to miscarry this early in the ballgame... so, working on your feet, stress, etc., etc., isn't going to cause a miscarriage. Your doctor could put you on lim. duty, but just to make you feel better. When your only a couple weeks... the size of it is about the size of the tip of a ball point pen... so so small that even an ultrasound that magnifies it many times can NOT see it. Your HCG needs to be about 1500, but they like it at 2000 to see it on an ultrasound. Well... the best thing you can do right now hope the bleeding stops and wait for the test results to see if your HCG is doubling, etc. Thats very good that your dr. did put you on the supplements.. even though if you are miscarrying again, it may be too late and nothing you can do. * sigh :( Hey, check this site out... _if you scroll down it says about v____al bleeding during pregnancy.. #2... good luck!!!


sharon - February 5

Daniella -- I get my blood work back on Monday. It seems like eternity though. The bleeding has stopped however for the time being. I really hope that this is a good sign, and I am praying that I get good news. Thanks for all your help once again


Daniella - February 5

Sharon- I am praying with you... I sure hope you get some answers. If you take a hpt, might help... It detects your HCG at about 25 (for most).. so, if you have a + one, then you know your still above that.. yet, if it comes back - then you know its dropping. Or are you going to do a repeat quant after you get those results back Monday to compare the 2?? You can't just go off of one test... but, you know that. Anyhow, I really hope that maybe it was implantation bleeding, etc. Yes, patience does suck.. just try to stay strong.. and dont beat yourself up.. if it is another mc, then its nothing you did.. I sure pray that its not, and this one works out for you. Good luck!!!


Daniela Maria - February 5

Well, it has been about three weeks since I wrote - I was waiting for the 2nd Feb to have my second scan on what was my third pregancy in less than a year. Daniella - thanks for all your support on this one but it was not good news.... its three m/s in a row now - in less than a year! Had the D & C the day before yesterday 3rd Feb (yes so quick) and yesterday was my birthday and I know you're not supposed to cry on your birthday but I broke those rules. It felt like a prison sentence waiting all those weeks - and for what - Nothing! Even the Progesterone didn't do it for me but thats not to say it doesnt work - maybe I started on it too late at 6wk 6 days... and I never had HCG tests - but I will ask for 'Everything' next time. All the med pract_tioners say it was possibly a chomosome thing but am still waiting for results from second lot of blood tests.... as they lost the first ... What can I say but in reading what everyone else is going through we must all be strong and try desperately hard not to get anxious. Its so hard not to do but it just doesnt help any and God I know how hard it is......... And Jenni there is Nothing you could have done, its nature - and Im sorry for your loss - like all of us - but we must be strong and hope for the next time. And Sharon dont be put off by being 35 - As of yesterday I am 43 and I have faith in what Daniella says about her husbands mother and my DMU told me the other day that she knows a woman who has had 5 m/s and is now at 32 weeks on her 6th preg and she is 45.......... Im not a religious person as such but we all must keep some faith and hope. Daniella is right this does make you stronger - its just that you dont feel it at the time and the emotional rollercoaster does not stop and you have no control over it even when you think you finally have ....... but keep the faith and hope - I know I MUST - and for all of you on this turbulant road I wish you all the very best of luck.



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