Progesterone Dropping

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Daniela Maria - February 5

Well, it has been about three weeks since I wrote - I was waiting for the 2nd Feb to have my second scan on what was my third pregancy in less than a year. Daniella - thanks for all your support on this one but it was not good news.... its three m/s in a row now - in less than a year! Had the D & C the day before yesterday 3rd Feb (yes so quick) and yesterday was my birthday and I know you're not supposed to cry on your birthday but I broke those rules. It felt like a prison sentence waiting all those weeks - and for what - Nothing! Even the Progesterone didn't do it for me but thats not to say it doesnt work - maybe I started on it too late at 6wk 6 days... and I never had HCG tests - but I will ask for 'Everything' next time. All the med pract_tioners say it was possibly a chomosome thing but am still waiting for results from second lot of blood tests.... as they lost the first ... What can I say but in reading what everyone else is going through we must all be strong and try desperately hard not to get anxious. Its so hard not to do but it just doesnt help any and God I know how hard it is......... And Jenni there is Nothing you could have done, its nature - and Im sorry for your loss - like all of us - but we must be strong and hope for the next time. And Sharon dont be put off by being 35 - As of yesterday I am 43 and I have faith in what Daniella says about her husbands mother and my DMU told me the other day that she knows a woman who has had 5 m/s and is now at 32 weeks on her 6th preg and she is 45.......... Im not a religious person as such but we all must keep some faith and hope. Daniella is right this does make you stronger - its just that you dont feel it at the time and the emotional rollercoaster does not stop and you have no control over it even when you think you finally have ....... but keep the faith and hope - I know I MUST - and for all of you on this turbulant road I wish you all the very best of luck.


Daniella - February 5

Daniela Maria- Awww, I am so sorry!! I was wondering about you lately also. Thanks for posting!! I think that maybe you should find a new doctor or fertility doctor.... seeing that you had now 3 mc's in a row.. plus, they lost your blood work.. thats not good!! Anyhow, yea... if you see someone that specializes in the fertility field, you may get some answers. It may be something easily fixable, but just haven't came across with your previous doctor. Just a thought!! I really wish you find out whats the cause... Hey, check this site out:


Daniella - February 5


sharon - February 5

Maria ..... I am very sorry about the loss. Always remember that God does not close one door without opening another. Thank you for your kind words. Just keep the faith and I will be praying for you.


Jenni - February 6

Daniela Maria, I am so sorry for your loss. My husband and I read you post and were truely touched by what you wrote. I do believe that god will bless you with one of your very own one day. I will pray for you.


Alecia - February 6

I have spent the majority of the day looking over this forum and reading your stories. Let me start off by saying that I miscarried at 13 weeks with my last baby. I had an ultrasound at 7 wks b/c I was bleeding and was given th option to start progesterone. Since my levels were coming up on thier own I opted not to adn due to everything looking good on the ultrasound. I was going through a mid wife and we were going for our first official ob visit to listen to the heart and all of that good stuff. It was on October the 10 th I will never forget that day. I had had more bleeding the weekend prior and the 10th was on a Monday. As the mid-wife put the doppler thing on my belly to listen for the heart beat she kept moving it around and saying it has taken me a half hour before to find a heart beat on some babies.....knowing that something was wrong in my heart. So she sent us over to another clinic to get anothe ultrasound. As the lady kept going around and around and talking about the little fingers and toes and his nose I knew something was wrong b/c she was avoiding the heart area. Then she said those dreadfull words...I am so sorry...but this baby has just pa__sed. I freaked out. I couldn't believe it even though I knew in my heart that it was truely gone. You could still see that the babies heart was still warm in some areas like it had just pa__sed rescently. I was devistated. They said it was something Chromosomal. I didn't under stan I have had two healthy boys before getting pregnant with this one why now why me. I just didn't under stand. I was mad at everything and everyone. I was so hurt. I had a really low point one day and almost considered doing something very bad...but then I thought of My 8 yr old and my 3 yr old and how they still needed a mommy. That was just a short three months ago and I have learned as of last week on the 1st of Feb that I am expecting again WOW what a suprise. I went in on the 30th of Jan for my first set of blood test..they came back good..not great but good. I went back last Thursday for my second set of lab tests and my progesterone had went from 20.7 to 14.7 so they called a high risk ob Dr and had him perscribe progesterone and now I am taking it 3 times a day. I am taking the suppositories. I am hoping that I can carry this one at least until it can mak it out here on it's own. I don't know If I can go through another loss of a baby.....that was horrible.. I wouldn't wish that on anybody. Thank you for letting me get all of this out. Sincerely......Terrified!!!


Daniella - February 6

Alecia- well, taking progesterone obviously can't help a pregnancy IF its a chromosome problem. Yet, usually a chromosome problem doesn't repeat itself.. especially if you had 2 healthy babies already. Yet, you can develope progesterone problems later in life. My sister had one baby girl, just fine.. first try, etc... well... it took them 8 years to fall pregnant again ALL because she also developed LPD. Her progesterone dropped so bad after she got pregnant again. She had to inject the shots twice a day in her *ss. She said it was so bad, the bruises an all.. but, that was years ago before the v____al gel/cream, etc. was in the market. But, the pills weren't strong enough. Anyhow.... it saved her son. Her levels dropped down to 14 and she started the shots and now has a 6 year old son because of it. So, you may have caught it in time. Good luck!!!!


JKBuffalo - February 7

I am currely 5 weeks pregnant. I have had 1 m/c then I had my daughter with no complication and then I had a second m/c. Before I m/c the second time my Dr told me that my progesteron levels were low and that I needed to be on a suppliment. I went on the suppliment but still eneded up misscarrying. This was serval years ago and at the time I was not trying but the baby was wanted. I now find myself pregnant again and I heard the words yesterday from my dr's that I was dredding to hear. My progesterone levels are only at 12 and they want them at least at 20. They put me on prometrium 200mg caps twice a day. My Dr didn't mention checking it again any time soon but they did tell me the OB coordinator would be in contact with me to arrange any further appointments. The office said they want to do an early sonogram but I don't want them to do it this early. On my one pregnancy that I carried to term they didn't do a v____al sonogram till 7w 1d. My other 2 pregnancys they were done at like 6w 5d and I misscarried the next day. This probably dosn't have anything to do with why I had the m/c but for my peace of mine I want to wait till I'm 7w 1d. to he the sonogram. I'm also wondering if I should ask my dr for the suppository instead of the pill. The pill for prometrium is making me dizzy and drowsy. I have to work daily and it's effecitng my job. Has anyone here had any side effective of being dizzy with the suppository?


Rachel - February 7

I am 21 years old, my husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for a little over a year. We have had 3 m/cs all at about 5-6 weeks. We are now pregnant for the 4th time, and my doctor had us start progesterone suppositories the second he found out we were pregnant. I am know @ week 8, the furthest I have ever been. My pregnancy symptoms are much stronger and we actually have seen the heartbeat! I really do believe that the suppositories are the reason why this baby is doing so well! Good luck!


Alecia - February 7

Daniella...thank you. I am trying to be possitive but last night I started cramping and where the suppositories are coming out is starting to get raw and it's so sore down there. i try to go to the restroom and wash every chance I get but sometimes it feels like I have sandpaper in my panties. I read somewhere yesterday that stress can cause m/c so I have been trying to stay as relaxed as possible. Kind of hard to do I have a lot going on right now. Work....divorce and haven't seen my youngest in almost a month b/c his father came and removed him from daycare and since there is no order in motion for custody he won't give him back or give me visitation until the judge rules on our case which could be anywhere form a month to a year. My youngest is only three. I am working 40 hours a week and somenights I work over time. I am exhausted. But I am trying to stay ccalm and relaxed for the baby. I am not getting my hopes up too high this time though I am very excited I don't want to be devistated like I was last time. I really want this baby, the father is such a wonderful man. Trying to get a divorce in Alaska takes forever....and a day. I have been working on mine for a year now and still no court date. I think that had a lot to do with my first m/c I was under a lot of stress and we were moving to a new place and I was lifting a lot of things that I probably shouldn't have. This time I am going to be very carefull and not do anything. I go back on Thursday to get my levels checked again. Wish me luck...and hope that it's just my progesterone.


Daniella - February 7

Alecia- so sorry to hear about what your going thru.... try to take a breather and some just "you" time. Also, you can ask for a different kind of progesterone supplement. I did notice that the suppositories didn't have good reviews... I took Crinone 8% (it comes in 4% and 8%).. you can do a google search.. and it worked just fine with no irritation or anything. JKBuffalo___ yea, once again... the gel/cream supplements have the highest does aside from the actual shot.. Its much better than the pill... just something to look into. Goodluck!!!


sharon - February 10

Daniella - i went and had an ultra sound done and the dr did not see the sac...i went and had my hcg levels tested and they came back at 2100. he said he should have seen a sac so he sent me to a doppler a day later and we were able to see the sac in the uterus. So, it is not a tubal pregnacy like we thought it mat be. I am trying to stay positive because i lost my other baby at 6 weeks. I am still frightened and stressed out. I am trying to stay positive and trying to unstress myself. My progestrogen was at 42.5. The dr has set up another ultra sound and he is hoping he can show me a heartbeat to make me feel better. Thanks again for all of your help and kind words...


sharon - February 10

Alecia - Daniella is right. Take it easy and take some "you" time. I am really sorry to hear about what you are going through. I do not know much if anything about the supplements I am still learning. Daniella seems to know what she is talking about. I will keep you in my prayers and good luck to you. Keep your faith


Roos Girl - February 10

Is there anyone on 400 mg of progesterone 3 times a day? I am worried that this amight be too much. I had my third set of labs to test my levels done yesterday. I haven't heard anything about them yet. I am hoping to get a call later this afternoon. I am a little crampy today but I think it had a lot to do with the pants I am wearing they are kind of tight around my abdominal area. Good evening all hope you have a wonderful weekend.


Daniella - February 10

Sharon- have they done more HCG testing along with the ultrasound and progesterone test?? Your progesterone level is wonderful... but, it really matters on your HCG and scan right now. That is so awesome that they seen it in the uterus though. Yea, most scans just are able to pick up at an HCG of 2000. Yours was just hardly over that, so don't freak out. Its just early in the game. I wish you luck on your next scan. __Roos Girl... honestly.. the progesterone (most anyhow) that doctors prescribe is all natural and not synthetic.... so, there really isn't too much you can take. Maybe too little, but not too much. I was told that if my body doesn't need the excess supplements it will expel it.. but, it can't harm you. Now, if your getting bad side effects (unrelated to normal pregnancy symptoms).. then you may want to ask your dr. about switching the dose or brand. Good luck and try not too worry!!!


sharon - February 10

Daniella- No they have not done any more tests, but they are supposed to do another ultra sound this coming Thursday. I am really hoping for really good news..I want to say I am barely four weeks. So it is just really really early..hoping for the best.



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