Progesterone Dropping

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sharon - February 10

Daniella- No they have not done any more tests, but they are supposed to do another ultra sound this coming Thursday. I am really hoping for really good news..I want to say I am barely four weeks. So it is just really really early..hoping for the best.


Daniella - February 11

Sharon- well... they can determine a lot off of your HCG... if its not doubling every 36-48 hours then they need to put that into consideration with the ultrasound. I'm suprised that they keep testing your progesterone but not your HCG.. Usually its the other way around. lol... well.. I wish you the bestest of luck Thursday!! You should see so much more. Each week makes such a difference. :) If you Email me, I'll send you my 7 week ultrasound pic to give you an idea... My Email is:


sharon - February 11

Daniella - My email address is


Arti - February 11

Hey Daniella...I got my appt for u/s its on feb 14th...i will be 7 wks and 1 day then..I hope to see the baby's hb hopefully...i am so excited and nervous at the same time!!!! If u dont mind can u mail me ur 7 wk u/s pic to my email acct. The Id is Thanks!! Will keep u posted on how the u/s went.


Daniela Maria - February 12

Dear all - I have been away for some days with my hubby, we had to get away from the sadness of losing no. 3 but just wanted to say thank you for the kind words of support Daniella Sharon Jeni and good luck - Sharon, Arti, Rachel, Alicia at this tender time - hope for the best and try to stay calm and positive (I know easier said than done) but try. I think its such a shame in a way that with all of us having these problems, it kind of takes away from the joy a woman (and her partner) should be feeling about being pregnant and bringing another human into the world. Instead we are enculfed by feelings of constant worry and anxiety which almost overshadows what should be complete and utter joy. We must try, to not forget to enjoy, and try try try to be positive and happy. I wish everyone the very very best.


Arti - February 13

Daniella Maria...I am so sorry for ur loss..I jus hope u will heal soon. Thank u for ur wishes too.Its difficult to enjoy the pregnancy when one is so worried abt the unknown. ***Daniella...Thank you for the u/s 7 def looks like a shrimp!:)I am more nervous than excited abt tomorrow's u/s.My hubby will also be accompanying me so i will have some moral support.I will let u ladies know how it went.Pls jus keep my baby in ur prayers..I am hoping for the best!!


Roos Girl - February 13

Got my lab results back Friday on my levels...My Progeterone was 50 and my HCG WAS it looked really good from what the mid-wife told me. But last night I pa__sed a ma__s of something. I don't know what it was but I saved it adn I called the answering service.....they seem to think b/c I had no bleding and no cramping that I may have pa__sed a twin...CRAZY!!!!! I don't feel pregnant today though. I am going to leave in a few minutes from work and go get my first u/s and take that ma__s to see what it smelt so a rotten baby bird egg. I have been taking those suppositories now for a week as of Friday. I don't know if it came out of my behind or my v____a. I guess I'll find out more today. I'll let you all know. ......Alecia


Daniella - February 13

Roos Girl- wow, you had me cracking up.... I mean, its not funny what your going through, just how you said that so blunt. lol... sounds like me, haha! well.... you said your HCG came back at 5000.... was that the only time you got your HCG checked? You need 2 test to compare. They should double every 36-48 hours. So, going off one test is not going to work... also, once your HCG hits 2000, you should see the gestational sac on the screen. So, since yours was at 5000, you should see something. They should also repeat your labs to see if they rise or drop.. cuz if they dropped then that ma__s was a miscarriage... if the rise (normally).. then that mase could have been many things. Keep us posted!! ___ARTI___ I am praying for you... Post as soon as you get back. Thats wonderful that your hubby will be with you. I sure hope the best for you. Good luck!!!


Roos Girl - February 13

Daniella--My last HCG was taken a week prior and was 204 and now it is 5000 is that good? I am about 6 weeks along. Sorry was I too blunt? :) They don't seem to think that I have misscarried yet b/c I am not bleeding at all not even a little bit when I wipe. I have had three blood test done. I go every Thurday and have my Levels checked. I am hoping that everything is okay and that thing was nothing....I'll keep you posted - Alecia


Daniella - February 13

Roos Girl- well it was definitely something.. just what is the questions. lol.... and naw, not too blunt.. better more info. then not enough... Also your HCG sounds just fine (although, Id have the repeat it since you pa__sed something).... My HCG 13dpo was 134, then 15dpo it was 370.. and 6 days later it was 4467 and one week after that (just over 6 weeks gestation, 4 weeks conception) it was at 42,000. So, at 5 weeks gesation, 3 weeks after conception it was at 4467. HOpe that helps and good luck!!


Daniella - February 13

Oh... and you sound like your just over 5 weeks whenever they took the blood and it came back 5000


Roos Girl - February 14

Daniella...thanks for allof the does help. I went to see the ob specialist yesterday adn took that thing I pa__sed ...he is going to send it to the pathology lab for testing to see what it is. I got to see the is so small it looked like a dimond was funny b/c my fiance goes hey that's where my ring went...the Dr laughed so hard I thought he was going to pee his pants. We got to go into his office and talk with him before he did the exam..I really liked that he made us feel at home. The first question he asked was ...Are you still having S_x? We said yes of course and he said not anymore....not until your second trimester. You should have seen my fiance's mouth fall open. He is trying not to show how excited he is we discussed not getting a picture of the u/s b/c of what happened back in October with the other baby. But when he saw the heart beat on the screen I saw a tear in his eyes. He tries to put up a wall against this baby but I can see how excited he is sometimes I'll catch him saying the names to himself. We are going to name the girl Bryanna Gabriella and the boy Raul Ramon the second. I am going back to see this Dr in two weeks. He wants to see me every two weeks until I am well into my second trimester. I can't wait until I can feel it move. Well got to get back to that thing called work that pays some of the bills......Alecia


Arti - February 14

Hey Daniella...I jus got back from my u/s appt.It went well!! I saw my lil peanut and the heartbeat..jus flickering away...such an awesome feeling..I dont think I have ever felt that way before!!Everything looks good..I am 6 wks 5 days pg, the baby is 8 mm in size and the heart rate was 130 bpm.The tech said all the measurements r right for this stage. I am soooooooooo relieved!!!! I finally feel pregnant:)Thanks a lot for ur support and wishes.


Daniella - February 14

Arti & Roos Girl- That is such wonderful news!! Its about time we get some positive news here.. well deserved!!!! Arti- did it look like a shrimp also, lol??? Roos Girl- what was the reasoning for no s_x?? Just wondering, because at this early of a stage, you shouldn't be at risk. Its so hard to have a miscarriage from s_x, but I guess its better to be safe then sorry. I'm sure you wont have to wait until 2nd trimester. Once you see the heartbeat and everything looks good, you should have no problems... plus, there is always other things to do. lol... ;)


Roos Girl - February 14

Daniella--- The reason for no s_x was from what he said, was to avoid anything that may disrupt the attatchment. He just wants to be safe. Which I have no problem with doing that. We have the rest of our lives to have s_x..;). I started having a little cramping this afternoon and a fever of 101.1 so I called the Dr and he put me on Keflex and something else. I am suppose to be on bed rest for the rest of this week but I have to work I am not getting paid for those hours I don't work. I don't have leave saved up. But the baby comes first no matter what.


scaredmom2 - February 17

This is so late, bt hopefully someone googing will read this answer. I am 8 weeks pregnant, and my levels last week went from 11.4 the week before, to 8.2. I was so scared. I took progesterone (100mg a day v____ally) and one week later am at 22! A heartbeat was seen today and I'm SO optimistic. I appreciate everyone who posted supportive comments to all of us with questions, this was a lifesaver for me.



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