Progesterone Dropping

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Babs - May 9

Carrie...sorry, I have no idea about whether or not progesterone supps. can cause a late period. I would ask your doctor though. All I do know is that they do not go into your bloodstream and should support a baby in your uterus if you are indeed pregnant. Good luck.


Carrie - May 9

Thanks a lot Babs. I appreciate you responding. My doctor looked at my chart and pinpointed when I ovulated so I do know that I ovulated. He did take blood on day 21 to test the progesterone level but I do not know the results yet. My main concern is that if I AM pregnant and the blood test did show a deficiency, is 25mg per day enough to sustain the pregnancy? I put a call into my doctor's office and explained the situation. They are supposed to call me back and advise. Thanks again!


Babs - May 9

Carrie, I have heard that most women do take between 25-50mg of the suppositories. I am not sure why I am on 600mg! I am sitting here waiting for my doctor to get back with me to let me know if my blood test results showed my progesterone going up at all...don't you hate waiting for the doctors to call you back?! Hey, here is my email if you wanna keep in touch : [email protected] Hope to hear that all is well soon! Have you taken a pregnancy test yet?


reina - May 10

hey there...just an update. I went last thursday (may 5) and saw heartbeat on trans-vag u/s. not sure of rate and my md didnt have the proper equipment to hear it this early. i am worried that my md isnt as "up to date" with these issues as i need. he keeps saying there is no need to recheck my progesterone levels after they fell from 28 to 20 in one week (week 5,then placed on prog supp 50mg bid) ...does anyone have any feed back?....he says he wont be able to hear the heart beat until about 12 weeks with a doppler....sounds like his equipment is antiquated??....also at last weeks u/s, the embryo measured 6w1d and i am positve i was 6w6 days....does anyone have any experience whith early embryo measurements? thanks so much for everyones support!


Babs - May 11

Reina, I am getting an early ultrasound next Friday the 20th, so I may be able to tell you more then in comparison to your situation. However, I have known people who have heard the heartbeat as early as 6 weeks. I'm not positive that it is true for everyone though. I would ask your doctor to retest your progesterone levels ... mine did go up this week to 22.6 from 12.6...but my doctor wants to retest again this Friday and then again next week...and I am staying on the 600mg suppositories. The doctors are keeping a close eye on mine...maybe you need another doctor who makes you feel more comfortable?! Good luck! I will let you know about my ultrasound next week.


Leslie - May 11

Hello Everyone. I had great Mother's Day treat......I found out I was preg! I went to the doctor that samw morning to confirm, sure enough it was correct. I have had 2 m/c, so this time I'm very scared. Monday morning my doctor ordered me Progestrone Suppositories, Baby asprin and Pre-natal vitamins. I have an appt tomorrow for my first u/s to see how everything is and to get dated since my periods have been very irregular after my m/c. My prog sup's are 200mg, does anyone know if this is enough? Wish me luck! :)


rachel - May 13

Hi, I am really confused...I was put on prometrium for low progest. at 6wks. So I re-tested ..levels were at 38 at 7wks. Also had an u/s which looked great, at 7wks. I am now 11wks 1day and my doc called me this morning really concerned. I have been having check ups and have been really sick losing weight. So my doc took me off prometrium last friday at 10wks. Well we retested on monday(this week) and my doc was out of town. So he calls me today (thurs) concerned because my levels were at 13? I am now 11wks and had to start prometrium again and to make matters worse ...I am on vacation! So he wants me in right away when I get back for an u/s! I am soo worried. Anyone have anything similar this far along? I heard the placenta takes over at 10wks? Please Help!!!


Leslie - May 13

Hi Rachel, Sorry to hear that you are so worried. I haven't heard of anything like that. I'm sure your doctor is just being cautious and wants to see how you are doing since he was out last time you went in for a check up. I can understand the frustration and the woriness. I wish you the best and please let me know what happens.


kelly - May 15

i have had a previous m/c 6 months ago at 10 weeks. i am currently 5 weeks along. my dr put me on prometrium not quite a week ago because my levels were at 10. i have spotted a couple of times and i'm only taking 200mg once a day. is this enough? also has anyone been put on reduced activity? i'm afraid to do too much. all of your stories have helped me. everyone here seems so positive.


Leslie - May 16

Kelley, Sorry about your loss. I know how hard it is to go through that. As a matter of fact my doctor recommend that I not do anything that will have me use my stomach muscles. No laundry, no heavy house chores, vacuuming, etc. It's hard to do this because sometimes I'll just bend down to pick up something I dropped and not even think about it. But my doc said I have to be very aware of this. So I would take it wasy. Talk to your hubby and ask him to help you out a bit. Afterall, you are doing all for the little one you are carrying :) Wish you the best keep me posted on how you are doing.


Kim - May 16

Hi everyone! I am 6.5 weeks pregnant. In 48 hours, my HcG numbers doubled, but my progesterone went from 2800 down to 1500. I'm supposed to start the suppositories tonight...any adviice? Is my pregnancy failing? Thanks....


Leslie - May 17

Congrats Kim! I too am on the sups. They are VERY messy, I really recommend wearing a pad. Also don't be surprised if it feels as though you developed a yeaste infection, it's not. My doctor explained to me that it's just an irritation from the progestrone, but it is uncomfortable. But I guess it is all very well worth it. I will be 7 weeks tomorrow. My hcg levels are rising but not doubling. But my doctor said as long as they are rising I should be fine, and besides last weeks U/S showed us a heartbeat, very exciting! Where do you live?


rachel - May 17

Hi girls! good news...I went in for my ultrasound today and the baby was bouncing up a down...very very active and the heartbeat was 186bpm!!! I started taking the prometrium again...the doc was very skeptical because my progesterone went from 38 to 13....but everything looks I just want to say I feel for everyone that is very worried...we just have to have faith! I hope my story might help someone else who is having trouble with progestorone levels, I am now in my 12th week!


sarah - June 1

I am eight weeks today. I have had one previous m/c at nine weeks caused by a large blod clot. Went in for u/s and saw heartbeat, along with ANOTHER blood clot. She gave me a shot of progesterone. Anyone experienced with progesterone shots? Should I be asking her about progesterone suppositories?


Dani - June 2

I am just 5 weeks and my doctor repeated the prog. levels today and called me tonight saying they went from 14 to 9.6. She called in a prg. supp. prescription and to get on it tonight. I am so freaked out! This is our 1st preg, no m/c before...I just hope the baby is ok and I can maintain this pregnancy! Does anyone know WHY the levels go DOWN????


Susan - June 7

Hi Betty, Im 7 weeks pregnant and they put me on progesterone suppositories on Friday My level went from 16 to 21 back to 16. I go to the doctor every thursday so im feeling the same way you are. Ihad 2 m/c last year. If you look ant this web site everything seems positive so i wish you luck. we just have to wait and see



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