Progesterone Level

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Stephanie - September 10

I went to the doctor because of spotting. He ran blood tests and said my progeterone level is at 10 when it needs to be at 15 or above during pregnancy. What are the risks right now, is my baby okay?


Dawn - June 17

I am in the same position. I am having some spotting and went to see my doctor. Mine was at 12. He gave me progesterone supplements and I have to go back on Monday for more bloodwork and have an u/s on Tuesday. The waiting is killer and very very stressful. I hope everything works out well for you.


Ming - June 24

I am 6 weeks pregnant and has some brownish discharges. my doctor first diagnosed me with a blighted ovum because she could only see a sac on the ultrasound. but when i went to another doctor for second opinion, he saw a viable embryo with heart beat. he tested my progesterone level, it's 26.4, but he still says that it is lower than he has expected and he gave me some supplement to take. i dont understand either, how high should a normal level be at 6 weeks? is there any risk if it is low? it would be great if someone could give us an answer. how many weeks are you, stephanie and Dawn?


Jennifer - July 2

I am in the same boat too! I am 7 weeks along and my doctor gave me a Rx for progesterone yesterday because me level is only 9! I took the first one last night but it felt like I was on a narcotic... dialated pupils and extremely tired/dizzy. Do you feel that way too?


ming - July 2

dear jennifer, i felt extremely tired too, i thought that was because of the pregnancy. i dont have dilated pupils, how much dosage are you on? i am on 100mg twice a day through v____a. i would really love to follow up with you. could you e mail me on


sharon - July 8

I am in 6 weeks and my doctor said my progesterone is under 15 so he put me on a supplement. It makes me soo dizzy! My hcg is normal though. Im getting another sonogram tommorrow and Im trying to stay optimistic.


Raven - July 10

Wow!!! It's good to know I'm not the only one. I am also 6 weeks and my progesterone was 7.8!!!! This of course, scared the heck out of me. She said my HcG is normal but she is concerned about the progesterone, I just got home from the lab to have it tested again. I have no spotting though. I also have an appt. on Tues. with an indocronologist(sp?). Anybody know anything on this?


Jenna - July 13

During my first pregnancy, my progesterone dropped to 5 and I had alot of bleeding. My progesterone increased without the help of progesterone supplements and I now have a beautiful little daughter. Hope this helps


Sam - July 20

I am 6 weeks pregnant and had what seemed like a normal period. My progesterone was only 1.4, the doctor said it should be in the teens. She did not want to prescribe the progesterone because of the low number, but my chiropractor gave me the progesterone cream and told me to eat more steak and bacon and said I needed more fat in my diet. I only used the cream a few times because I was nervous but the bleeding has stopped and I don't see the doctor for another week. I have peace with whatever is going to happen. I have talked to soooo many people that say they had a lot of bleeding and everything was fine. It is still early, if there is a problem I would rather it happen now instead of later. Good luck everyone. I'll pray for you.


maria - July 20

I was just informed that my progesterone level is 9.3 and I am only 3-1/2 weeks pregnant. My doctor prescribed a supplement, yet I am hesitant on taking it my HcG levels are normal. They want me to take it and then get more blood work on Thurs. Does anyone know if these types of supplements will have any long term effects on the fetus??


Kristie - July 20

I feel better reading all these mails!! I have been on a rollercoaster ride all weekend. My husband and I learned that we are pregnant just last week - my HCG levels appear to be fine - they are doubling and I am about 4 1/2 weeks now. My progesterone was 6.9 and after supplements it is now 13 - which is still low. Being the Biology teacher that I am, I have researched this to no appears that it has no harming effect on the fetus - only good effects. However, many studies are not supporting the use of the supplements after conception (saying that there is no evidence they will prevent an already failing miscarriage.......but I am holding faith that they will work! Best wishes to everyone!! I hope that we are all moms soon!


sharon - July 21

does anyone know how long people usually stay on the progesterone suppliment??


Kristie - July 23

You should, but everyone is different, stay on the suppliments for about 12weeks. After this time the placenta will then take over producing the hormones. You really are just protecting the environment that the baby lives in for the first 12 weeks - that is what progesterone level tells you. Just maintain this level around 15 or up and hope for the best!


judy - July 23

I am in the same boat, my last Preg. ended in a miscarriage, and now i am trying again. My Dr. just called me and said he is putting me Medication because me level was at 10.5 and should be over 15, i am 5 1/2 weeks. I am very worried because of what happened last time, i am glad this is more "common" than i thought.


sharon - July 23

my doctor instucted me to stop taking the progesterone at 10 weeks. Is that normal? I am afraid to stop!


rita - July 23

i have a fear that my baby will born with some defect or something . i know this is very weird to think about your child. but i am having this feeling very often. i can help it. is it normal. please help me friends.


Lauren B - July 23

I am obout 4 1/2 weeks pregnant and my HCG levels have been doubling like they should (been getting blood work done every other day) but my progesterone levels have been pretty low...I'm at 17.6 when the Dr said I should be in the low 20's. It sounds like there are alot of women out there in the same boat and it's nice to know that I'm not alone in this. Good luck to everyone!



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