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Lauren B - July 23

I am obout 4 1/2 weeks pregnant and my HCG levels have been doubling like they should (been getting blood work done every other day) but my progesterone levels have been pretty low...I'm at 17.6 when the Dr said I should be in the low 20's. It sounds like there are alot of women out there in the same boat and it's nice to know that I'm not alone in this. Good luck to everyone!


Kristie - July 23

I am glad that I am not going through this alone. I finally decided to get a second opinion today - I called another dr. to question about the low progesterone values - 12.9 - they seemed not as negative about the values as my current dr. does. My current dr. called me today only to tell me that I this is not a viable pregnancy - we think I am about 4 1/2 weeks? I still have no idea how she knows this information without an u/s and doubling hCG numbers??? So confused and waiting to miscarry anyday....does anyone know anybody who has delivered a healthy baby with low progesterone levels????


Kristie - July 24

Guys - Those of you who wrote in earlier about low progesterone - how is it going now??? Curious to know! Thanks


karen - July 26

I just found out last week that my level was real low, 10.5 my doctor says it should be at least 15. He also put me on the Gel, once daily at bedtime. Has any one has success after this, i am currently 6 weeks 2 days.


Kristie - July 26

Karen - My doctor said today that she has seen many people with success stories on progesterone supplements. Let me know how all of this works out for you - I wish you the best.


karen - July 26

Kristie, Thanks for your input, it makes me feel a little better, i have an Ultra Sound Next Wed. I will post the results when i get them, i am a little nervous because everyone so far is saying they wernt able to hear a heart beat at 7 weeks.


Kristie - July 26

Karen - Good luck with the ultrasound. I had one today....and was expecting to see bad news since my hormone level was so low...but actually did not see anything. Not even a sac - so we are repeating in a week. Is this your first pregnancy?


Marcie - July 27

Just surfed on in here, after searching for "progesterone during pregnancy". My doctor just called because my hCG level is low (only 42, and I'm 4 weeks along), and my progesterone is only 5.5. My mom had 3 miscarriages before having 4 successful full-term babies, but she had to use progesterone supposotories with 3 of the 4 full-termers. So I guess they work... I'm having more blood work done tomorrow. I'm so afraid... I have a son (almost 7 years old) and I didn't have any problems like this.


karen - July 27

Kristie, This is my second Preg. the first one ended in miscarriage, that is why i am so worried about this one so much. Reading about other people makes me feel a little better. How about you, First Preg?


Marchelle - July 29

This is so comforting. I also felt alone and very worried. I started taking the supplements yesterday and feel like I'm drunk today. I'm hoping the side effects get easier to deal with. I was put on it for a slightly low level (18) but more for brownish spotting. I am still worried but trying not to be. I'm at 10 weeks and they will keep me on it for a few more weeks. Do the side effects get easier to deal with?


Meredith - July 30

I am sad to see so many of us struggling witht this waiting game. I am 9 weeks, 3 days. My progesterone level was low on Monday at 9.79. I have been in a panic ever since. I am currently using progestine twice daily with v____al insertion. I have an ultrasound tomorrow morning. I will try to ask good questions and let you guys know what my doctor says tomorrow. Best wishes to you all and God bless.


Carlee - August 2

I had 2 miscarriages - 1 in 2000 and another in 2001. After getting pregnant a 3rd time in Oct. 2001, my doc prescribed Prometrium (progesterone in pill form) - 400 mg. per day and I had a very healthy, albeit nauseas, pregnancy and delivered a healthy baby girl. The pills can make you VERY tired, dizzy and nauseas and it won't go away until you stop the pills. I'm on my 2nd pregnancy, and again Prometrium, and am 10 weeks - so far so good. Don't let the brown spotting alarm you - it's usually normal. I had it at 7 weeks with this pregnancy. To answer your questions, my doc keeps me on progesterone until 14 weeks (12 weeks from conception). I truly believe in many cases progesterone supplements can help carry a pregnancy until the placenta takes over producing the progesterone, around 12 weeks. It can't hurt you, so why not try anything you can! Best of luck to everyone.


Debbie - August 2

My progesterone level was 16 at 4 weeks. I've been on v____al supplements twice a day ever since. I am now at ten weeks and two doctors have told me it's safe to stop taking them, but they haven't run any additional testing. I'm nervous to stop taking them before the first trimester is over.


Aimee - August 2

I did not realize so many women were in similar situations to me! My progesterone level was 8.6 at 6 weeks and I am on 400 mg/day of prometrium (pill). I have spotted a total of 3 times already, but twice it was extremely light. The 3rd time was a significant amount and I thought I was losing the baby. I have another ultrasound tomorrow and hope all is still OK. Had a regular exam today and dr. says things look good and not to worry. He said that some women have naturally low levels of progesterone, and if your body can function on that, then don't worry about what is "normal" for everyone else. BUT, since progesterone is safe during pregnancy, it can't hurt. So I am taking it to be safe. Saw the heartbeat during the last ultrasound, so hope I see the same tomorrow at 7.5 weeks. Good luck, ladies!


Debbie - August 2

Good luck, Aimee! Did your doctor say when it was "safe" to stop taking the pill?


Aimee - August 3

Good luck to you too, Debbie! I can't wait until I am at 10 weeks...I will be so relieved. My dr. did not say when I would stop taking the supplements. I believe my prescription runs out at week 10 and there are no refills, so he'll need to determine what to do then. I will try to remember to ask today...I have so many questions!



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