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Aimee - August 3

Good luck to you too, Debbie! I can't wait until I am at 10 weeks...I will be so relieved. My dr. did not say when I would stop taking the supplements. I believe my prescription runs out at week 10 and there are no refills, so he'll need to determine what to do then. I will try to remember to ask today...I have so many questions!


Debbie - August 3

Aimee, Let me know how it goes! :)


Marisa - August 3

It is so nice to read all of your stories and to know I am not the only one going thorugh this. We tested positive this weekend and I think I am now 4 weeks along. A week prior to testing positive, I was told that my level of progesterone was at 4.3. The doctor didn't know I was pregnant then and prescribed Clomid (we had only tried 1 month!) After I found out I was pregnant I decided to switch doctors. I have an appointment to see my new doctor tomorrow but talked to him today. He said that 4.3 is not terribly low but that we would talk about a supplement tomorrow. It seems, from reading your posts and other info. online, that that number is very low and I am totally panic stricken. Is it too late for the supplement to work??? Is it even possible to have a normal pregnancy with this low level??? I guess I will find out more tomorrow. i don't know how I am going to get through the night.....


Debbie - August 4

Marissa, Definitely have your level tested again now that you know you're pregnant. It might have risen already. On the supplements, my progesterone level raised 10 points overnight, so it could work this fast for you, too.....Hang in there!


Aimee - August 4

Debbie, I spoke with my dr. yesterday. She recommended that I stay on the supplements until week 10. That surprised me b/c I thought the placenta didn't take over until week 12, but she said normally it is between 10 and 12 and for me (based on the ultrasound) she thinks 10. I would be more comfortable waiting until at least 12 to stop, so I will talk to her about that at the next appointment. So far so good for me...still a strong heartbeat. She told me at this stage with a strong heartbeat I shouldn't worry about the progesterone and she has delivered healthy babies to moms who never went over 9. Good luck to you all!!!


Debbie - August 4

Thanks, Aimee! Today is my first morning not taking it (I'm 10 wks 3 days) and I've been on pins and needles all morning! Now I feel better :) Good luck!


Jill - August 4

I am glad to hear all of your stories. I have had two miscarriages and I found out on Monday I am preganant again after two rounds of Clomid. I called my Dr and she put me on oral progesterone (200mg). I have got to say that there seems to be mixed messages about this. Some Dr's say that it doesn't work at all. My progesterone level was 20.9 about a week before I found out I was pregnant. Does anyone know if taking Clomid gives a higher level? As you all know, this is all very scary.


Marisa - August 5

Well, I ahd another blood test done and my progesterone level went from 4.3 to 13 in a week. Is this an improvement or is this still very low??? Also, my doctor said my HCG level was low for 4 weeks and he wants me to go again for another test. It was 136. PLEASE- any info. you can give me about these numbers would be greatly appreciated!!!!


Brandy - August 5

I am in the same boat. I had a m/c with my first pregnancy in May. We are pregnant again, should be 8 weeks tomorrow, but the baby measured a week behind. I started spottingt then had some heavy bleeding. My progesterone level came back at 7.2. I was put on the suppository and just started it last night. I didn't have any bleeding this am, then it cam back tonight...I'm so nervous... I have another blood work-up tomorrow then an u/s on Tuesday.


Jill - August 6

Brandy, I don't lnow a whole lot about progesterone levels but I do know that your HCG should double every 48 hours. Good luck!!! I am thinking of all of you.


Red - August 6

I'm also in the same boat. I had been charting my temps, and noticed a short LP. So, my RE had my progesterone tested. It was on the low side. At 7dpo: 4.2 At 14dpo (after a +HPT): 10.8 (Today I'm at 15dpo. I've had very light spotting - brown - since 10 dpo), He suggested supplementation. However, the more I'm reading, the less certain I am that I need supplementation, or that supplementation helps. One article (at,,166263_168813,00.html) shows all the normal ranges, but says that if your test was taken later in the day, or after a meal, it's probably lower than it would have been after fasting in the morning. Then I saw a different article that said progesterone levels less than 13 during PG are basically without hope. (I'm hoping the previous article, which states that women have delivered with lower progesterone levels, is a better indicator). So - it looks like there needs to be a whole lot more research on this, because there's a lot of disagreement. Also, while it looks like there are no short term side effects to supplementation, I don't know if long-term studies exist. Also, do the suppositories affect s_x life? My RE said%2


Kathy - August 7

I have had very low progesterone this past Thurs. It was 2.2. My doctor seemed didn't alarm me since my HCG was 12,000 and I was only spotting. If I get heavy bleeding, I need to go in. I am only 7 weeks. I did the sono a few days ago, and it's too early to see a heartbeat, but we saw the sac and what is the baby. I am sooooo nervous! How do you keep your mind off this? He told me to relax and stay off my feet while spotting, in case of a threatened miscarriage. So, take it easy if you are in this situation. I pray for all of you! And, I hope for the best for me. I have a son already and had a miscarriage earlier this year.


Michele - August 8

So glad I found this board. I'm 7 weeks and just found out I was pregnant this week. I've been bleeding/spotting off and on for the last 2 weeks and thought it was an irregular period so I let it go. I had NO idea I was pregnant, turns out I ovulated twice in June to me and my husbands surprise. I began experiencing some cramping and went to the Dr. to find out I was pg. My blood tests showed a low hcg level (1500) so my dr. started me on v____al supplements 100 mg each twice daily. The only side-effect I know of so far is the nausea, lordy it's hard to function when I feel this sick all the time. An ultrasound showed a cute little peanut with a 129 heartbeat and a healthy looking yolk sack. I'm feeling like everything is going much better until dr. called yesterday. My progesterone was only 10.6 and for 7 weeks, that is quite low. I asked him if I have anything to worry about and he said that he'll feel better once we get past 8 weeks when the placenta takes over. I'm staying on the progesterone until week 14 as a precaution. It's so hard, I know exactly how you all are feeling. Every time I go to the bathroom, I'm looking for blood and just praying to god that I don't miscarry. I know what everybody says, you miscarry if something was wrong with the baby and it was natural, etc, etc. It's just a whole different story on this end of the problem. I'll pray for you all and keep the posts coming!


Kathy - August 8

I forgot to mention that as soon as I saw the doctor, before we did the blood test with the low progesterone, he gave me a prog. shot. And, I am taking it also daily now. I hope it helps. Michele, I am just like you, going to the bathroom, hoping to see no blood. It has slowed down with me, and now seems brownish. I have no cramps, so I am feeling a little better. But, can't a miscarriage take a while to happen? I don't want that, but just wondering. When I lost my previous baby, I was 12 weeks, went to the doctor, there was no heartbeat. The baby had died at 10 weeks and I didn't know it! No signs at all, except feeling really bloated around the time it supposedly happened. We have no idea if this was low progesterone. I think it was a chromosome abnormality. I had no blood that time. I also wonder if your progesterone can fluctuate during pregnancy. When I had my blood taken, it was in the morning and I hadn't eaten. (Too nervous to eat then.) I wonder if that affects it? I've also heard it's lower in the morning. I love this site! I've been searching all over to find others with this issue. Thanks for the comments.


Jill - August 11

I am now five weeks pregnant and taking 200mg of prog a day. On Saturday and Sunday I had some brown discharge. I called my Dr and she is having me do a HCG blood draw every 48 hours. On Monday it was 1275. Is this low? I go back in today. They said if it was over 2000 they could do an ultrasound. She put me on progesterone because on my two prior miscarriages but they are not checking it at all. Is this strange? This is all very frustrating. I am tired of being afraid every time I go to the bathroom. I will keep you posted and good luck to all of you.


Ray - August 12

According to all the stuff our Dr. Has told us...Your progesterone...for lack of a better like super glue. It helps Hold the baby where it needs to be while it grows. Some people need more progesterone than others. My wife and I lost our first baby in May...and are now 10 weeks Pregnant. We got our results back today, and he progesterone was 12.8. She had been taking a supplement, but he took her off on monday and tested her on wednesday. so the 12.8 was the result of her own Progesterone level. We are very nervous...I am a Youth & Children's Minister and she is a Nurse. We want a child so Bad...but this Progesterone level stuff scares me. Can anyone give me an encouraging story about a low progesterone level...and stuill having a healthy Baby????????



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