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April - August 19

This seems to be a more widespread problem than I first thought. I am currently 5 weeks 2 days pregnant. Have been spotting since day 1. (Very light pink, and some brown.) I had 3 misscarriages in 2003, each one before 6 weeks. Doc decided I have APLS. Was taking one baby aspirin every day, but Doc advised me to stop once I started spotting. Am currently taking 100mg of progesterone 2x a day. It seems to be helping, but am wondering if I should be taking more. I seem to start spotting right before I take my pill, like it is wearing off or something. Anyway, I (like many of you) have put this in God's hands, and am praying for the best, but ready to accept the worst. My friend Rachael spotted throughout her first three months, and had a normal healthy baby girl. Miracles do happen.


April - August 19

Forgot to mention some of my symptoms besides spotting. Headache, lower backache, dizziness, nausea, and some episodes of blurred vision. Sound familiar to anyone? Must confess that this pregnancy is different from my 3 in 2003. I KNEW I was misscarrying with all 3 of them. This is so nerve wracking, playing the wait and see game. I wish if I were misscarrying, it would just do it and get it over with so that me and my husband can move on. 12 trips to the bathroom a day to check for more or less spotting is causing me to lose weight, instead of gain. ha ha :) If anyone has any questions about APLS, or anthing else, feel free to e-mail me at [email protected] TTFN, and good luck.


Jill - August 19

I went back to the Dr today for another US. The gestationsal sac is bigger with a fetal pole but no heart beat yet. My HCG level is 16500. The Dr. said we will cross our fingers and hope for the best as we are not out of the woods yet. I am still waiting for my progesterone results but I am a__suming that taking 200mg a day will keep it up. No more spotting but I will feel so much better if I someone could tell me there is a heart beat. I go back next Thurs. God Bless all of you -


Diana - August 19

Jill, I really do believe sometimes its difficult for Dr's to give us the right answers, cause they cannot even predict nature with all of their science etc. I just continue to pray every day and think positive. I still havent had an U/S yet..I am waiting to 7 weeks, dont want to worry more if I dont have too. Good luck to you


roxanne - August 20

I am 7 wks, 5 days. My progesterone was tested as I found out I was pregnant (12 days post ovulation), it was 18. It was tested again after about a week and it went down to 11. Dr put me on 100mg prometrium a day. I thought this was low, but she was the dr right? It went up to 16 a week later and dr said they expected it to continue to rise so no need to increase. It was tested this week again and now it's down to 14. Before they increase the dosage, they want to send me to a geneticist (genetics specialist) ... I am a__suming they think this is not a viable pregnancy and don't want to prolong the inevitable. I don't see this specialist for 4 more days. I know low progesterone can result in miscarriage, so I increased it to 200mg/day anyways ... of all these postings I have read and other boards, no one on supplements has been on less than 200mg/day, I don't know why she had on such a low amount. Also, this last time my progesterone was tested it WAS the afternoon (after I had lunch) so I am hoping it is true that your progesterone can be lower in the afternoon (all the other times it was tested it was in the morning, except for the very first time). I am hoping for good news from this specialist. I have no spotting or cramping, so I am hoping that is a good sign ... and we have seen the heartbeat (at 6 wks, 2 days).


Melissa - August 20

This is amazing that I stumbled upon this site! The mere fact that I see others are going through the same thing really makes you feel a little better. This is my 7th pregnancy, the 1st & the 2nd I didn't have progesterone issues, the 3rd the numbers starting going down, so we started the suppository 200mg a day and thank g-d have a healthy little girl, the 4th we completely forgot about the prog problem and I had a miss at 7 weeks. The 5th same as the 3rd numbers real low down to 9 and again a healthy little girl. The 6th numbers low again down to 9, on the suppository 200mg/day, but I missed at 9 weeks. I am now 2 weeks (I know very early, but I am sooo nervous that the sec I miss my period I run to get tested and start the suppository) My first test is 19.6 progesterone and 28.6 HCG, does this make sense? I never had such high numbers before? If it is a good sign thank g-d, but of course I am nervous. I am going for another blood test on Wed.


Reb - August 20

I wanted to thank everyone for their candid postings on the whole low progesterone thing. I lost my first pregnancy just shy of 7 weeks over this past memorial day. My dr confirmed today that I am indeed pregnant again - 4.5 weeks. I was on 100mg progesterone suppositories when I lost the last pregnancy, and they are putting me on 50mg starting today. After reading all of your postings, I called the dr again to get my actual number - 9.8 with 1200 hcG. I have to wait that long week til the next blood draw. Wish me luck. p.s. Last time, the dr said to me that my pregnancy probably lasted about a week longer than it would have without the suppositories. If the suppositories are going to help, they will. If the pregnancy isn't right, they won't.


Becca - August 21

I have been through the plight of low progesterone levels too many times. I am now pregnant for the 8th time, all of which ended in miscarriage except for two. With each pregnancy my progesterone levels were low. The highest levels did survive, but even those were between 7 and 12. My level at this time is only 2.5 which usually means that the fetus is nonviable. I am not going on progesterone supplementation because I don't want to prolong a bad pregnancy. I am 3.5 weeks pregnant and my period is not even due until tomorrow. I have started to have brown spotting. I am so tired of trying so desperately to get pregnant only to lose the pregnancies between 5 and 11 weeks. This will be my 6th miscarriage, but I have been blessed with two children which makes this loss a little less difficult to handle. No one could find a reason why I have recurrent spontaneous abortions. My advice to all of you is to keep trying no matter what. Low progesterone levels can mean that the pregnancy is not a good one. If you take progesterone you could be sustaining a bad pregnancy and cause worse bleeding when you do miscarry. There's no easy answer. Just don't give up hope. You are certainly not alone. Best of luck to all of you out there.


Ray - August 21

Hey everyone. My wife is supposed to stop taking progesterone on Tuesday night..they will do some tests on Thurs to see if hers is high enough on its own. A little Nervous here...but she is now 12 weeks preg, and everything is going great ecept her progesterone level. hers is 12.8 without med and almost 30 with med. Just please be praying. We don't think we can handle losing it now! we got to see it jump the other day...and even move it's hands. after losing the first one, we are just so scared now. The Dr. told us we need to go ahead and start picking out names, so he thinks everything is GReat! Anyway...just keep us in your prayers..I will keep you guys posted! Please keep me posted on all of yours. My wife and I have been praying for you guys since we found this web site. God's Favor to all!!!


Jill - August 21

Have any of you been diagnosed with "luteal phase dyficiancy"? After my second miscarriage, that is what I was told. It is basically a progesterone dyficiancy. This pregnancy, I conceived using Clomid because apparenlty, it helps your body produce more progesterone than it normally would. I know it is widely used for infertlity but I am now almost 7weeks and things are going better now than at this same time with my other two preg. There are some good web sites that have some info. on LPD. But angain, Clomid only helps before your pregnant not after. Thinking of all of you!


Jenna - August 23

I wanted to share my story and ask others to respond with any suggestions. I am currently 9 weeks and have had low progesterone but fine HCG throughout this pregnancy. At week 5 my progesterone levels were a 5 and then they got it up to 18 with 200 mg of prometrium via the pill form. Then last week Monday at week 8 I started having bleeding and very bad cramping. I went back and my progesterone levels were back down to a 10. I have had two ultra sounds and the baby looks fine, growing and good heartgeat. They doubled my dosage and now my progesterone levels are at 37, I feel totally drugged out, I feel drugged and almost like I am drunk or high and dizzy, with huge headakes. Doc says week and 1/2 more of the 400mg dosage, but this seems extreme for how dizzy I feel and I can't do hardly anything. I am still cramping no bleeding thank goodness at this point. Any suggetions on these levels? It seems like 37 is reaaly high fromt he 10 I was at exactly 1 week ago. Has anyone else had their levels jump this drastically or any suggestions on the dizzyness I will take any suggestions. thanks


Ray - August 23

I have heard of Dizziness and headaches coming from high Progesterone levels. It does sound High, but progesteroneis what hold the baby in place! Maybe your Dr. will lower your dose. Make sure you tell him everything!


Veronica - August 23

I am so glad that I found this site. I am 6 weeks 2 days pregnant. My HCG levels look great., however, my progesterone went from a 17.6 to a 13. The doctor put me on 200mg of promentrium. Is it possible that the pregnancy is still viable? Am I prolonging an unhealthy pregnancy? I have an ultrasound in 2 days. I had one at 5 weeks 5 days but they could only see the sac. Hasanyone else experienced a good level of progesterone and then it decreasing and still having a healthy baby?


Debbie B - August 23

This is my 3rd pregnancy in 4 years and the 1st two resulted in miscarriages - 1st one in the 12th week, but my OB/GYN claimed that it was probably over at 8 weeks (PS- I was very dissappointed in this doctor for not recognizing that I was a high-risk and giving me more frequent appointments..the second one was over in less than 6 weeks...I started ltrying late in life since it was my 1st marriage and I was finally ready...I just turned 42 and am frightened to death because I feel like this is my last chance. My new OB/GYN started me on Prometrium at 3 weeks. I am praying that I will not have a repeat of the last time (2nd MC). At 5 weeks I was told that my progestrone levels were not increasing, and that they were actually decreasing, I was put on bedrest and within a few days had a complete MC. I am so very happy to read that taking prometrium is more common than not. To Stephanie - if you are told to take prometrium, I would do it, I have researched this method a great deal and trust the results to work in OUR favor - Good Luck to you and good luck to me on my 3rd try - (also I have had few symptons, except sleeplessness, bad dreams, and b___st soreness)!


Michele - August 24

I posted here back on August 8th and wanted to update all on my problem. I was 7 weeks and my prog level was 10.6. Had lots of bleeding and cramping then I started 200 mg of the supposotories a day. After 2 weeks of the supplements I went in for a 2nd ultrasound and baby looked good, grew lots, fast heartbeat and all is still well. What I think will all help you to relax more is to know that your placenta takes over at 8 weeks of pregnancy. From week 1 to week 8, your body alone is responsible for producing the progesterone that your fetus needs. Some of our bodies don't do a great job of it. Once your placenta takes over a 8 weeks, it is what produces the progesterone and it is considered a "safe-zone". I'm now off of the supplements for a week now and besides the awful morning sickness, everything is moving along fine. Best of luck to you all!


Melissa - August 25

Michele while I am so happy for you, this may not be the case with everyone. My doc says if there is a prog problem, then you should stay on prog for 12 weeks. My last miss was at 9 weeks and I was still taking prog so back to the original thought if it is meant to be it will be.



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