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Lauren86 - November 25

Hello, All - This post is meant to provide hope to those of you I know are feeling so scared and confused right now in regards to progesterone. I am 33 years old and I had two normal, healthy pregnancies 6 and 4 years ago. In the spring of 2006, my husband and I decided to add a third child to our family. We got pregnant with our first two on the first try. We started trying for the third baby in March and got pregnant in May. I scheduled a prenatal appt. for 10 weeks and a__sumed that everything would be fine. It wasn't. I miscarried in June and was devastated. We decided to try again as soon as we got the green light from the obgyn and ended up pregnant again in September. Because of the recent loss, the doctor wanted to see me immediately. I went in the next day to have the HCG and progesterone levels determined. At that point I was barely 4 weeks along. The HCG came back at 52 and the progesterone at 9.5. They checked again a week later and the HCG was 804 and the progesterone dropped to 8.8. The doctor told me that they would begin progesterone injections the following day. I would be receiving a shot (100 cc) twice a week. After two weeks (4 injections) my blood was tested again. The progesterone level had risen to 13.8. The doctor was pleased with the results and decided to continue with the current dosage and frequency. I went for my first ultrasound during this time as well. I was about 6 weeks along and the scan showed a gestational sac, a fetal pole, and heartbeat of 104 bpm. After another two weeks of 100 cc shots, the level of progesterone had only gone up to 13.9. Around 9 weeks, I woke up on a Sunday morning and had some spotting. Because it was a Sunday, my doctor told me to go to the ER to a__sess the situation. I was a mess...crying, praying, feeling certain this was the end. After numerous tests, I ended up having another ultrasound that showed a 9.5 week-old baby with a healthy heartbeat of 168. I was so relieved...especially after reading all the negative articles on the internet. It was then decided that my progesterone was not rising sufficiently, so the doctor decided to increase my dosage to 200cc two times a week. It is not fun (my rear end is VERY sore), but I realize that I need to do whatever I can to help this baby along. When I went in for my prenatal appointment at 10 weeks, I had yet another ultrasound that showed a healthy baby with a strong heartbeat of 172. I am now 13 weeks along and am still anxious and worried every single day. I want this baby sooooooo much and it has definitely been an emotional and physical struggle so far. I am frequently crampy, and have had a yellowish/ golden/ tanish v____al discharge throughout the entire pregnancy. I do believe, however, that the injections have been a very important part of my ability to make it this far. There were many, many times I was certain I had lost the baby. God has been on my side, however, and I do have faith that I will meet my third little miracle in May. I have my 2nd prenatal appt. this Monday and will hopefully hear a heartbeat with the dopplar. I doubt even that will allow me to relax 100%, but with every week I gain more confidence. For those of you who are doubting the benefits of progesterone, I would say to you that it is important to at least TRY. At worst, it is an incovenience. At best, it may save the life of your baby. My very best wishes and heartfelt prayers to all of you.


Calena - November 28

I am 8 wks pregnant. Last wk I had my first appt, had a quick U/S which showed a little peanut with a heart beat. I was a bit concerned because I have been spotting on & off for about 1 week. Did have some cramping, but now that has pretty much subsided. I was dealing with all of that & my Dr said it was ok, however he did a progesterone level. Today I found out my level is 7 and will start Prometrium 200 daily. I am going crazy with worry! Does the spotting mean this is an impending miscarriage? Will the Progesterone even make a difference? I'm concerned because it seems as if most women start progesterone earlier in the pregnancy.


Lauren86 - November 30

Calena - As I said in the above post, I had spotting earlier on too, but it turned out to be nothing. The doctor said that as long as the cervix is closed, you are okay. As far as the progesterone, a level of 7 at 8 weeks is low. If I were you, I would ask the doctor if injections (shots) are a possibility. I was told that the oil-based injections are more effective. They have certainly worked for me so far! When will they test your level again?


RYC09 - February 1

hey i am 5-6 weeks preggers and i was just wondering if there were any success stories of prometrium use and healthy babies. I was perscribed 200 mg 1x a day at bedtime and i am really scared it isn't going to work. has there been any unsuccessful stories with prometrium? help would be great! this is my first pregnancy and i am very scared!


babyonboard16 - February 6

I wish you the best of luck mine was at 7...I had a threatened miscarriage btu I'm not 28 weeks along with a happy healthy baby...


ashba - February 20

I could use some insight if anyone has been in my situation. I've had many miscarriage due to a recently diagnosed luteal phase defect. Im now pregnant again. HCG's have more then doubled in 48 hours (from 347 at 12 dpo to 3863 just over a week later.) An ultrasound at 5 wks showed an appropriately sized gestational sac and nothing else. My question is this. Ive been on prometrium (400 mg a day) and my numbers went from 6.7 to 25.5. Then, with no explanation, while on the prometrium, my level dropped to 15.1. Is this an indication of a failing pregnancy? Any thoughts would be appreciated.


jhpda - February 20

I just had m/c on 2/13 (8week). I asked my dr about my progesterone level at 4 week...and she told me iwas at 11. I was told, at that time, it was fine. I wish i had known this site earlier. I am in north NJ...anyone knowns any good obgyn dr? thanks.


yolla - February 26

hello ladies, good to know that i'm not alone.i had two miscariages in the last 6 month. the second time the doctor had a projesterone test done, it was low, he gave me prometrium but i miscaried after 5 days, it seems that even with pills it was still low. now he gave me an ovulation stimulator after my period and then after the ovulation period i started prometrium. in 6 days i'll test for pregnancy. any of you took these ovulation stimulator? had twins? was effectiv?good luck to us all ladies


heathers - February 28

Hey ladies, I'm in the same boat. At 6w 5d my progrestrone tested at 14.7. My MD wants it in the 20's. He's prescribed v____al supplments, 200 mg 2x per day. This seems higher then most people. I'm a bundle of nerves. I've had no spotting, and my u/s showed a decent heartbeat and gestational sac. it's nice to know there's a place to get support.


Cybil - March 4

I just want to share with everyone that I gave birth to my Daughter Devyn on February 12th, 2007. She was 6lbs 15ozs and 20 inches long. You can see my story in an above post, but I truly believe that she is here thanks to Prometrium!! All you ladies please don't worry, if your baby is healthy from the start (no congenital defects or chromosome disorders) then I feel that prometrium really helps safeguard against miscarriage. Good luck and Happy and Healthy 9 months!!


heidistauff - March 10

Hi, I'm 7 weeks 4 days. I lost one baby already in September at nine weeks. I made my Dr. test my progesterone level this pregnancy and they were low 9.8. Although my HCG looks fine. I basically had to strongarm him into giving me progesterone supplements 200 mg a day. My levels went up to 14 a week later. But I guess that's still low? I also asked to switch to suppositories because I thought they might be easier on my stomach. But after two days of taking it once a day, I was reading the box and realized it was only 90 mg. a day. That seemed way too low compared to the Prometrium. So, I immediately doubled it. I'm worried now though, because I've started not feeling sick like I was. My nausea has disappeared since last night and today and I'm worried maybe my levels are dropping. Has anybody heard of suppositories making you less sick then pills? I was so sick on the pills I had to quit my job because I couldn't function. Can anybody hep with regards to this?


deekim - March 13

Has anyone experience intense itching, swelling, rashes, hives from Prometrium? My doctor thinks it's from Prometrium. He then put me on progesterone gel, and no improvements. I am afraid that when we try progesterone shots, the results will be the same. Anyone else going through the same thing i am? dk


Malky - April 15

I am at 4 weeks and the first test came back 43 progesterone 1200 HCG, I have never had such high numbers before so early. Any idea what these mean?


KelliM - May 9

Cybil, thank you SO much for posting your positive results! It is so encouraging to hear right now. I am 5 weeks, first pregnancy. I started spotting very little light brown/light pink 4 days ago but only after bowel movements. It is definitely v____al spotting. My progesterone is 8.1 and hCG is 2689. Ultrasound yesterday showed a gestational sac only. My doc said that could all be normal right now (including the spotting) but is putting me on Prochieve (progesterone gel) 90 mg once a day at bedtime which I will start tonight. I had more blood drawn today to see if my hCG has doubled. I hope it does! Anyone else have success stories from using progesterone during pregnancy due to low levels?


joy m - May 19

Hi everyone, I had some brownish spotting around week 5 so of course I was worried about a possible MC. My doctor put me on progesterone suppliments- and I was really worried about the safety of the suppliment. My progesterone level was 10.5 (a bit low). Long story short, I decided to take the suppliment, the spotting stopped and I am now 10 weeks along. We went for a follow up check-up yesterday and the baby looks good, heartbeat was 179. Now, I'm just not sure when I should stop taking the suppliments?


laurens - June 13

/S too! They r doing more labs in the morning. Any advice I am really worried



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