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laurens - June 13

/S too! They r doing more labs in the morning. Any advice I am really worried


laurens - June 13

Sorry my daughter erased the first part of that. My labs were prog. 15 & HCG 3278 on monday I should be 5.5wks but I also had an ultrasound that only had a Gest. Sac & a Yolk sac! And some fluid in the endometrium!!!! I go back for more labs in the A.M. I amd very worried!!


January - June 13

5wks is very early for an ultrasound.. try not to worry. I too had an early ultrasound and it showed only the sac, no yolk, no fetal pole.. I went back at 7wks 2days and everything was there including a heartbeat.. I'm now in my 17th wk. Try to relax and just give your lil bean time to grow and catch up.


AngelaMarie - June 28

I am 5 weeks and 4 days pregnant. I have had 1 MC in 2005. My doctor called me to day, she said my progesterone lvl has droped. She gave my progesterone supp to use 2 times a day. I am scared to MC again, does anyone know if this helps? I am scared I might have already miscarried and not know it. I have more blood work and a sono on monday. I hope for the best


Kimberley64 - July 17

I am 5 weeks pregnant, second pregnancy as my son is 6 years old this September. I live in the UK and things are no different here. I had a tiny bit of bleeding last Wednesday evening which stopped. Then just reddish brown mucus til Friday. Midwife came on Thursday morning took blood pressure which was all fine and then arranged emergency scan. That showed 3 little black holes cause early pregnancy but hospital over reacted big time. TWo internals and blood tests and then back every two days for bloods to check hormone levels which went up each time. They were not happy with that said I'm high risk for Ectopic or worse so checked Progesterone levels with blood they took on Sunday. The result is it's 35 so that's higher than most of these I have seen on here and Dr's say 20 and above but again hospital said it should be higher. Got another scan next week sometime and they have filled me with anxiety and stress. I wish I had not said a thing about the tiny bleed. I had a miscarriage with twins in 2002 and that kept bleeding til it came away and scan next day showed it had all come away nicely.


Kimberley64 - July 22

well ladies, I'm here floods of tears down my face going through the miscarriage that started yesterday afternoon. The clots are happening today and my selfish husband is out tinkering with his car. I know what I have to do after this is over and I will move away with my son and my dogs and try to start again and maybe I'll be lucky to meet someone else but I'm 42 so no more time to have another baby unfortunately. He is a lazy man his mother made him like this and instead of being here to help me with taking Alex to school when Dr and Midwife both said when first spotting appeared I should have total bed rest, he was working away and would not tell his company that his wife was possibly gonna miscarry and he needed to be at home. I know mentally and emotionally I can't do this again two miscarriages is enough for me now. I love Alex to death he'll be 6 this September and I never wanted him to be an only child. I've found this forum supportive and informative and I thank you all.


ktendler - July 25

Hi there, I am sorry to read all these stories but am glad that most have gotten help. I had a miscarriage just this past February. I did my own ultra sound and saw no heart beat. It was awful. My midwife was smart enough to have my levels drawn the day I found out. My progesterone was 5.7. I am now pregnant again and totally thought I was being rediculous having so many blood draws but have today been put on progesterone supplements. I am happy in a way that my anxiety wasn't unfounded and I am getting treatment. I just don't think 'I can handle another miscarriage. It was such a bad experience. We have told no one this time except the midwife to prevent those month later "why aren't you showing yet" questions just in case. I just hope these supplements work!!! I have watched my levels drop from 23 to 20 to 18 now and am just 6 weeks and they should be going up! Has anyone on this message board who was taking the supplement done well? Thanks.


Celeena - September 11

I'm so glad I read everyone's comment..I came home so upset from the obgyn's office. I took 3 at home pregnancy tests and all three were positive. However , Monday when i went to the ob, my urine test came out negative. The office took my blood..I took another pregnancy test the next morning due to disbelief, and it came out positive again!! I was suppose to get my blood results today, but they ran the wrong type of blood work. the only thing they had available was my progesterone level, a 7.8 The dr told me if i am pregnant, the progestorone level is too low. Now I'm waiting again to find out if I am pregnant. I'm also spotting brown blood for 5 days could 3 out 3 positive pregnacy tests be wrong? I hate the wait, but hopefully I am pregnant. I will keep you posted. Good luck to all of you experiencing these kinds of issues..


maltija - November 19

Hi! I just have done IVF and now i am waiting for the result, but i am a bit worried because my progesterone levels went to 9.9, tomorrow i am going to have the HCG test and i am afraid to be negative, but this site have comfort me a lot, thanks


ca__sity26 - November 19

hi there it seems everyone knows alot of stuff and it seems i need some insight does any one out there ever heard for this....I just found out i am pregant yesturday but i am currently on my third day of clomid my doctor suggested i must of just became pregant but i had my period but it was only for a day but i have a history of un regular periods and ovulation and i had a pelvic ultrasound a week ago to make sure my body was good to conceieve and nothing was there so has anyone heard of this before i dont know if i should continue the too days left of clomid or not i also use progetrone cream please if anyone has insight i would really appreciate it cause i am very confussed.......thanks kindly


ohara - April 28

I have just recently had my second miscarriage. This makes two within 9 months. The first was in July and I was only 6 1/2 weeks. The second was just a couple weeks ago and I was only 5 1/2 weeks. My current doctor says progesterone levels don't have a lot to do with miscarriages. Other friends and researches show that progesterone levels do. Should I switch doctors and get my progesterone level checked?


ktendler - April 29

Hi ohara...First of all let me say that I am sorry for your loss. I hope you are doing well, it was really tough for me. Progesterone levels do effect things for some people. After my first miscarriage, I had a blood draw and it showed my progesterone levels low. Progesterone is the hormone that bulks up that uterine lining making a nice cozy place for the embryo. When I got pregnant again, I started having blood draws every few days. I started to see the progesterone levels drop slowly so we started on prometrium immediately. Who knows if it would have ended in miscarriage again if I did nothing. But I took the med and now I have a beautiful 13 month old baby boy. Getting all those blood draws was certainly worth it to me. The medication doesnt do any harm so it was always worth it for me. As for switching docs...listen to your heart. Discuss what you have seen from others and if you dont feel like you are being heard, then I would think it is time to find someone else. Good luck.


ohara - April 29

Thanks for sharing your information with me. I have decided to change doctors. I am going to have my progesterone level checked. I agree that all the blood work would definitely be worth it. Congrats on your baby boy. I hope things will all work out for me. I do appreciate you replying.


ktendler - April 30

Please keep me posted as to how things go for you. Where are you located? I am in CT. I wish you all the luck. We are going to ttc this summer again and let the blood draws come. It gives me a piece of mind that I am taking charge of my care and doing everything I can for my baby to be.


ohara - April 30

I will definitely keep you poster. I am in KS. I hope things go well for you this summer. As soon as I get a progesterone level checked, we are going to try to conceive again. Hopefully this time it will be successful.


ktendler - May 1

Ohara...progesterone levels are checked once you already are pregnant. I don't believe they mean anything unless you are. I had my progesterone levels checked the day I miscarried, that is why they were meaningful. I believe they should be at 0 unless you are pregnant.



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