Progesterone Level

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KimberlyP - March 9

From what I was told the body absorbs the progesterone with in about an hour but, just to be sure you should use the suppositories at night when going to bed for the night to give your body plenty of time to get as much as it can. My progesterone levels dropped down to a level of 4 by 10 weeks but, I'm now 28 weeks 5 days along now. Don't loose faith, try to stay as positive as you can, things might still be just fine. Best wishes to you and your little one. Kimberly P.


maria10704 - March 9

Thank you Kim! I'm trying but the problem is my HCG levels are decreasing. They went from 68 to 34.5. This usually means a m/c but I am still taking the progesterone and since the doctors didn't call me today witht he results (like they said they would)I have to wait until tomorrow to know if my levels are dropping still or going up. Well at least I'm trying to do what I can but it's not easy, especially since I have PCOS and have been trying to get pregnant for 8 years. This is my first pregnancy from gonal f.


javonda - April 2

Its definitely a relief knowing there is info. out there. I'm 6 weeks with an hcg of 2900 and my progesterone is 5.5. I'm currently spotting and scared to death. On the plus side I had a u/s yesterday and baby is there beating heart and all. I see my doc Friday to discuss the next step (suppositories). My question is have any of u heard of babies going to term and still being healty with a progesterone at that level?


javonda - April 2

I just read ur post and stories like yours give me hope!! I'm praying for a healthy pregnancy for all of us.


LBrown - April 7

I promised myself that if my ultrasound came out good today, I would post my experience for other worried mothers. I'm 7 1/2 weeks pregnant today. Last week i had an ultrasound that measured me a week and a half behind my LMP and my progesterone level was 7.22. They put me on progesterone suppositories and today (10 days later) I had a follow up ultrasound. My baby hit a growth spurt and is now right on schedule at 7 1/2 weeks pregnant with a wonderful 160 beat per minute heart rate. I just wanted to share. Don't ever lose hope. :) *baby dust*


babyd1984 - April 9

Hi Everyone, I'm new here, newly pregnant, and this is my first baby! Hubby and I have been trying for a year and we finally got preggo 6 weeks ago. My doctor has gotten me really confused, stressed, and upset. Please let me know if anyone has had this experience. At 5 weeks 3 days I started spotting, the next morning called the dr and they had me come in for a blood test, 24 hrs later the doctor called me very concerned and said my HCG levels were good at 2400 but my progesterone level was too low, 7. She started me on crinone immediately.17 hours after my first dosage and took another blood test. She called me 24 hours later and said my progesterone is good now at 16 but now she is concerned about my HCG levels bc they only went up to 2700. When a doctor tells me they are "concerned" I automatically think the worst. I consulted with another obgyn and gave him my levels, he told me they were fine and that the first few weeks my hormones would be all over and not to worry. He also said that there was no way cronine could have made my levels jump from 7 to 16 in just 17 hours. I don't really know what to think. I guess what I'm wondering is has anyone ever had an issue similar to this if so what was the outcome. I wish everyone the best of luck!


babyd1984 - April 9

Maria, what is your status? I read you comments and hoping all is ok. :)


MitzuMeow - May 1

I am 4 weeks pregnant and my doctor told me that at 11 my progesterone was low. I have looked all over the Internet and found several websites that have the normal levels listed per trimester. 1st trimester ) 9-47 2 trimester) 17-147 and 3 trimester) 55-200. I wanted to post one of the many websites but they (admin on this site) won't let me! I am relieved to know that although I am on the lower side of normal I am normal nonetheless!


brebre22 - July 14

I am 5weeks and 2days I am taking progesterone capsule 200mg and I'm progesterone level is 5.2 can I be miscarrying becuz I'm spotting


Jmeredith85 - May 30

I had a tubial reversal in March of this year, I am now about 5 weeks pregnant and do for my first ultra sound next week, the Dr that did my reversal wanted my ob to check my progestorone level, they called me today to inform me that my level was at 10.4 and the Dr that did the reversal wanted me to call him first thing in the morning, I'm worried something is wrong, any Info would be greatly appreciated, I'm really worried



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