Progesterone Shot Vs Suppositories For Preterm Labor

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sandra_pst - January 13

Hi moms to be! I am so glad I found this website: I've been so encouraged by all your successful experiences! Thank you to all of you! My first baby was born at 30w5d and she is now a healthy 2y old girl. I'm now in my 2nd pregnancy, started contractions at 20w3d, given p17 IM from 22w. I am now at 27w1d and switched to p17 va___al suppository, because I was having peaks of badly strong and painful contractions 24 hr after every shot. Anyone w/ similar experience? Anyone taking the vag suppository(VS) instead of IM? (the reason to switch to VS is because the injectable p17 is dissolved in castor oil, which in the old days was used to induce labor)


Carady - February 5

Hi Sandra - I have had four pregnancies and had to be on progesterone for all of them. With my first two pregnancies I had preterm labor and had only taken progesterone suppositories for 16 weeks - with first baby starting at 30 weeks and then delivering at 35 and with the second baby starting at 24 weeks and delivering at 37. It wasn't until my next two pregnancies that the OB linked the preterm labor to lack of progesterone and kept me on the progesterone until delivery. These babies were born at 38 and 40 weeks. With the last two pregnancies I actually took prometrium orally - it is safe to take as it is coated in peanut oil so it doesn't change form during the digestion was so nice and not messy like the suppositories. If you are allergic to peanuts though you can't take it. My doc cautioned me against the injects too, but that was 15 years ago and I can't remember the reason. Good luck!


sandra_pst - February 5

Hi Carady, thanks for your kind reply! Your history is very rea__suring!! I am now 30w5d and keeping my finger crossed at bedrest...did you have to stay at bedrest for all pregnancies or after taking progesterone you were able to move around?


Carady - February 18

Hi Sandra! For my last two pregnancies (taking the progesterone) I was very, very active - there were no signs of preterm labor, but with the first two when I only took the progesterone until 16 weeks I was in and out of the hospital. My first pregnancy started with preterm labor around 30 weeks and I was admitted to the hospital off and on for them to stop contractions. I wasn't on strict bedrest, but I was taking it very easy and I wasn't working so that helped. I delivered at 35 weeks and my daughter was 6 pounds. With the second pregnancy I was working and even though a note from my doc was sent to my supervisor at the hospital for me to be on desk work, the supervisor wanted me to take inventory one Saturday and let me know that if the pregnancy was meant to be it wouldn't matter if I sat or ran....well after being up and down on a stool all day (24 weeks) I started leaking my water and was immediately admitted. They gave my baby a 25% chance of living and said it would be a miracle if the leak in my amniotic sac sealed over. Well after a week in hospital I stopped leaking to the amazement of the doctors.....I was on strict bedrest with some occasions runs to the hospital to stop contractions, but at 37 weeks I delivered a 7 pound baby. I have to say the progesterone made all the difference in the world with those last two pregnancies, I could have done cartwheels and those babies wouldn't have tried to come out!!! Hang in there girl...soon you will be holding that precious bundle of joy!



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