Progesterone Shots Suppositories To Prevent Preterm Labor

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RyanswifeAllie - January 8

Hi There--- After two early miscarriages, I just had my baby girl last August 9th....she was born at 34 weeks and 6 days..... I took progesterone for the first twelve weeks of that pregnancy due to the early miscarriages earlier... My doctor said that next time he will have me take progesterone throughout my pregnancy up to about 36 weeks to prevent preterm labor as it has been proven to reduce the chances of PTL in women who have already had a preterm delivery... Has anyone done this?? Doing this??? Can I hear some success stories??? Did you carry to term when you used them? Please help!


dess - January 9

my doctor suggested to me that i should have shots of progesterone..and i should have but its very expensive because it should be yours everyday?? i told her that i don't have that money..she prescribe aspiren to me..


cayingo - January 13

My DD was born at 36 weeks and perfectly healthy. I am now pg w/ a boy, and was prescribed by my perinatologist "17-alphahydroxy progesterone" shots to take once a week through week 36. I am in week 32 now; only 4 more shots to go. They are NOT expensive ($20 for 5 weeks worth w/ my insurance), and my peri said I could get them thru her for a bit more, but only $16 per shot. She said they are "highly recommended and have a high success rate" for those of us who have delivered preterm before. You'll only need about 20 thruout yo0ur pg (usually start at week 16 and end at week 36 - w/ once a week injections). My first suggestion is to have your OB refer you to a perinatologist (an OB who specializes in high risk pg's) in addition. You will be very closely monitored each month thru week 32 then bimonthly weeks 32-36, then weekly weeks 36+. I get a level 2 u/s each visit and a v____al u/s to measure cervical length to monitor preterm dialation. My OB and peri work together to make sure that this pg is right on track. So far so good, and only 6 or so weeks to go!! I hope that helps. Good luck next time.


ShoppingForTwo - January 14

Hey ladies. I'm receiving 17p shots this pregnancy as well. Weeks 14-36. I will be 16 weeks on Wednesday and have gotten 2 shots so far. The needle is huge but doesn't hurt at all. I hope it works!


RyanswifeAllie - January 18

HI everyone!!! Thanks for the answer!!!!! I am excited and hopeful for my next pregnancy.... Cayingo, you've made it so far!! Have you had any dialation????? Shopping for two, how is your pregnancy going??? God bless both of your babies!!!! Cayingo, I was hoping that they would give me a transv____al scan each visit too so they can check my cervix.... I am not pregnant now, but hope to be next year.... How are your pregnancies going???


cayingo - January 18

ALLIE- Everything has been great. I have had no changes to my cervix yet. My next perinatologist appt is Jan 30 and I'll be 34w2d. From then on she'll see me every other week. This pg hasn't been difficult, but then again neiterh was my DD. She just chose to arrive a month early. Both drs expect me to deliver btwn 36-38 weeks even with the shots. Only time will tell. :) Good luck next pg. And GL to you Shoppingfor two. I wish you success as your pg continues.


RyanswifeAllie - January 22

Cayingo.....I'm so happy for you!!!!!! I'm excited about my future pregnancies as I believe progesterone will help me!!! Keep us posted on your progress!!!! I'm excited for you!!


ShoppingForTwo - January 22

Hey ladies! My pregnancy is going great. I will be 17 weeks tomorrow and will also be receiving my weekly shot tomorrow as well. I'm glad everything is going great with you cayingo! Just a couple more weeks! I'm excited about your future pregnancy as well Allie!


RyanswifeAllie - January 22

Shopping!!!! I'm so happy for you!!! PLEASE keep me posted, I will keep checking this thread. I'm hopeful and happy for both of you. Are you feeling the baby move yet, shopping???? Let me know how you're feeling!! :)


ShoppingForTwo - January 24

I am finally feeling kicks FOR SURE! I have been feeling what felt like movement for weeks but I wasn't sure. A couple days ago I became 100% positive that YES my baby is moving. Yay!


RyanswifeAllie - January 28

Hey Shopping! I LOVE that feeling of the baby kicking! That brought me to tears so many times during my pregnancy....when I was so nervous and scared, it was SO rea__suring that my baby was moving within me!! I'm so glad you're pregnancy is going so well. Do you see your doctor soon? Does he measure the length of your cervix and stuff like that? How are the shots going??? No cramps or contractions!??? Keep us posted. Also, Cayingo, how are you??????


cayingo - January 31

Hi girls. I had my final appt w/ my perinatologist yesterday. My cervix has shortened from 3.8cm to 2.75cm. Things are on the move! :) She said everything looks great, and I can go only to my OB now. Reece measures 5lbs8oz. My OB said ALL of her patients who are on the shots have been going FULL TERM!!! SHe ven gave me the option of taking the last one next Wed. The med stays in your system for a week, then USUALLY labor wiol begin a week or so later. Of course those guidlinse not guarentees. She predicts he will come around 37-38 weeks. That's 3 or so weeks from now. :) Hope all is well w/ y'all.


cayingo - February 7

Just wanted to let you know that at 35 w1d I am 80% effaced and 1.5cm dialted. Last Wed. was my last progesterone shot. My OB said, given my history, it could be any time now, but she'd really like for to go another 1.5 weeks. We'll see. Reece will make his entrance when he's good and ready.


RyanswifeAllie - February 8

cayingo!!!! WOO HOO!!! That is so exciting! You've made it so far!!!! I'll bet you'll make it to at least 37 weeks! That is so encouraging that your doctor said that all of her patients are going full term with the shots!!! I'm so encouraged for my next pregnancy. Reece will be perfect when he comes! I pray you have a fast and safe delivery!!!! Keep us posted!!


RyanswifeAllie - February 14

Cayingo---- Any updates from you??? Shopping, how are you doing??? I hope your babies are all well!!!!!


cayingo - February 15

My 36 week appt was Wed. and I am now 2.5cm dilated and 90% effaced! We're making progress. Now it's just a waiting game. He'll come when he's ready. But I've already made it 4 days further than I did with my DD. :)


cayingo - February 29

Well I've gotten to almost 39 weeks. I am 3cm and 100% effaced. My induction date is set for this Tuesday. My OB feels that my labor will be fast b/c I am dialting already and we live almost 45 minutes from the hospital. Sooo...unless Reece makes hisown arrival date in the next 3 days he will be evicted on the 4th.



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