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lucy206 - May 31

I am on Prometrium due to low progestrogene levels. Has anyone been on this and had spotting (brownish)? Prior to being pregnant I took prometrium due to an absent period (orally). This time I am taking it va___ally. I'm worried about the spotting. My Hcg level has gone up - but not doubled. last week it was in the 100's and 200's - today I went in and it is only in the 400's. Any thoughts?


tryingx3 - June 2

Luci - I have taken progesterone orally and v____ally. I did not have any spotting related to the progesterone. I have lost 2, 1 to partial molar, another to genetic problem. How are you doing?


lucy206 - June 2

I'm hanging in there. No cramping - still little bit of spotting - not as bad anymore. I'm praying for the best. I go in on Monday for more bloodwork and an U/S. Trying x3 - how were your HCG levels when you had your two losses. I'm sorry about that. I wish you the best.


tryingx3 - June 2

With my first, hcgs were crazy, like 100,000s by week is prevalant with molar pregnancies...I had tissue growing in my gestational sac, overtaking and taking away nutrients from fetus. 2nd m/c levels doubled as they were supposed to and carried to 9 weeks, didn't know it had ended, went for u/s as my doctor was "babying" me because of 1st m/c. We had no idea that things weren't okay. I bled A LOT with the first pg and spotted a couple of times with the 2nd. I actually expected to spot a little this 3rd time as some women just do that! Fortunately, I have not. I know your fears each time you go to the bathroom! I pray you will get good news on Monday. I am also familiar with praying for the best! Our little girl is almost 24 weeks along this time and I pray she will be okay and come full term! :-)


M2 - June 7

Hi Lucy, The Dr's here dont belive it but in other countries if u r spotting they ask u to take complete bed rest till it stops...jst get up for a shower & the bathroom. My progesterone levels r low & the Dr has started me on 2 tablets to be taken orally twice a day (each 200 mg)...but I m borderline as he says...I dnt have my levels with me here but I will have a blood test & an U/s..the U/s needs to show the pole for the feutus ..I m vry worried..I had a miscarriage last yr........



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