Prometrium And Pregnancy

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DTPT - June 16

I have had two previous miscarriages and my third pregnancy my doctor put me on prometrium to start taking on day 13 of my cycle. It worked- I had my son who is now 5. I am trying to get pregnant again and my new doctor( I have since moved) recommends that I do not start taking prometrium until I find out that I am already pregnant. I am quite nervous about this because I am afraid if I wait to take it until pregnancy is confirmed then I might already have a miscarriage- both I had previously were early miscarriages- one at 8 weeks and one at 5. I feel much more secure taking it while I am ovulating so that I can be assurred that if I get pregnant I can hold onto the baby. Does anyone else have any input or suggestions??? I would greatly appreciate any advice!


skn331 - June 16

I dont have any children currently, nor have I had any m/c. But, I did take progesterone for the first 14 weeks of my current pregnancy. I wasnt trying to get pregnant, they told me I wouldnt be able to w/o drug thereapy because my hormones were too low. However, when I showed up preg, my fertility doc immediately put me on progesterone. I have no idea if I would have miscarried or not ( I did spot for the first 6 or 7 weeks) but now I am 33 1/2 weeks and doing fine. I dont understand why he wouldnt give it to you ahead of time though, if you have done it before with good results. It certainly doesnt hurt anything. Maybe go to a different doc?


Laura Wheat - June 16

I am currently six weeks pregnant. I was placed on prometrium last week due to low progesterone levels. My progesterone has increased significantly and my HCG levels have remained normal. (I too have suffered a miscarriage) and have been worried about starting the prometrium after finding out I was pregnant. But so far everythign seems to be on the up and up (however no fetal pole was detected in my 6 week ultrasound, but I am remaining positive as long as the numbers keep impriving). Please keep me updated on your progress. My thoughts and prayers are with you.


DTPT - June 16

Thank you for help- It is rea__suring knowing others are doing well who have taken progesterone once already pregnant- I do have an appointment with my doctor next week regarding this topic,


joylove - July 11

I want to get pregnant and my doctor told me to take prometrium on my 17th day of circle. I had m/c about 3 mths ago. I am 37 and desperate. Please anyone talk to me.



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