Protein In 24H Urine

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Becca - February 9

My blood pressure was up at my last OB appt. I am only 12 weeks now. The Dr. had me do a 24H urine and there was a high level of protein in my urine. I think they called in Proteinuria. Has anyone ever been through this in pregnancy? This is my fourth pregnancy and only second healthy baby (so far) I go back next week for another ultrasound and to talk with the doctor. Just wondering how common this is and what I can expect? Thank you!


BUMP - February 10



Evalee - February 15

I noticed my blood pressure was rising after my doctors appt at 26 weeks and had been noticing the swelling in my legs and feet. The protein in my urine was also higher than normal, but nothing the doctor or myself worried about. But my doctor was worried about the size of my baby because I smoked so I had an ultrasound at 28weeks. They said my fluid was low and they were concerned so I was to be on modified bedrest for 2 weeks until my next doctors appt and they had scheduled another ultrasound at that time as well. So 2 weeks past and I was 30 weeks pregnant, my fluid was better and everything seemed fine, except for the fact that my protein was very high this time, and the nurse who took my blood pressure, said it was 122 over 74. Well I knew something was up because I had been monitoring my blood pressure for the past 2 weeks with my uncles blood pressure cuff and the lowest it had been was 146 over 55, but I wasn't about to tell the nurse she was wrong. But I did mention it to my doctor, along with the fact that my protein level was the highest level at testing. So the doctor decided to send me over to the hospital to have me and the baby monitored, because I was concerned about preeclampsia and because I don't think she wanted to second guess the nurse and her ability to take my blood pressure. Needless to say, my blood pressure at the hospital was 168 over 65 the first time and continued to be high for the next 2 hours before they admitted me to the hospital that Wednesday evening. 2 days later on Friday, I finally saw my doctor and she said they would probably let me go home, but were just waiting for my 24hour urine test to come back.But the next thing I know, the protein is really high and they transferred me to another hospital instead that could handle a pre-term delivery. They did my c-section 6 days later on Feb. 10, and my little girl was 2lbs 14ozs, and thank the lord, she is healthy and breathing on her own...Hope that helps you out some and good luck.


Becca - February 15

Thank you so much for sharing your story! It does help so much! Thank you! And God Bless you and your little girl!



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