Question On Pre Eclampsia

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Very Concerned - April 2

My daughter is 16 and is 37 weeks. She had horrible headaches the mid part of preg.We went to the DR this afternoon and she now has high Bp 120/80 (which she has been very low 90/60),gained 5 lbs in 6 days, swelling in feet, hands & neck, had an episode of seeing spots but NO protein in her urine. I have done some research & she is showing lots of signs of Pre Eclampsia. DR also mentioned the preeclampsia but did not order labs because of no protein in urine. Do we still need to be very concerned? I'm very worried!


Jbear - April 3

Usually the doctor becomes concerned when the blood pressure rises to 140/90. I had preeclampsia with my first pregnancy. My bp was 140/90 from about 20 weeks on. At 36 weeks it rose to 160/110 and my labor was induced. My daughter spent 10 days in the NICU, and she's now 3 and very healthy. Ask your doctor what warning signs you should watch for. Also, have your daughter spend as much time as possible lying on her left side. This will help reduce the swelling. Is your daughter doing kick counts? The way this works is that you lie down and count the baby's movements. If you have fewer than 10 movements within two hours, you have to call the doctor. The reason for this is that high blood pressure can decrease the blood supply to the placenta, and possibly cause fetal distress.


Very Concerned - April 3

Thanks for the info. We are doing the kick count and baby seems to be OK. Went to hospital again for more swelling but no protein in urine so they are saying everything is still good. We are 37 & a half weeks now and very anxious! Thanks.


vicky - April 9

I am really sorry to hear this, I had pre eclampsia, eclampsia and post eclampsia, i'm very lucky to still be here, PLEASE keep a really close watch on her, Ihad all the signs less the protein in the morning midwife sent me to the hospital they told me Iwas fine, went home and 6 hours later had an eclamptic fit, resulting in an emergency c/section at 34 weeks, luckily my son although only 4lb 1/2oz was healthy, i kept fitting up to 72 hours post delivery, and spent 10 days in intensive care. I too had swelling to the extent of 2 stone in 1 week, blurred vision, high blood pressureand seeing floating blobs. I dont want to scare you but this is a serious condition Ha__sle the doctors if you need to. MY heart is with you and i hope everything goes well,keepus informed and enjoy your precious bundle when it comes.x.x.x.


nelly - April 11

You have every reason to be concerned. I had preeclampsia after I gave birth to my baby mybp got as high as 220/110. I was in and out of the hospital for 3 weeks. I was not allowed to feed or take care of my baby. I couldn't even watch tv, I had to lay in a room in the dark with no visitors.It is very dangerous. best wishes.


SN - April 14

Unfortunately, You need to be very worried!!! her BP rose from 90 to 120 (thirty units) and 60 -80 which are quite high values. Though she has not fully developed pre-eclampsia, she needs to be monitored very closely in hospital.I had PE with my first pregnancy and actually lost the baby at 35 weeks after 4 days in ICU.


valene - February 15

High blood pressure is very serious when your pregnant. I had high blood pressure with my first pregnancy and I had my baby at the end of my 7th month. he was 2Ib and 10 ounces. He's okey though. If you have high blood pressure, whach your SALT, drink plenty of water and dont stress yourself. Try and stay off your feet, because that causes you to get hot and blood pressure starts going up. Normally women who have high blood pressure the doc will order bed rest untill delivery. Believe me I had to stay in the hospital for weekes because I wouldent listen. I was enduced because of my blood pressure. I couldent see my baby when it was born or leave the hospital with my baby. Dont stress yourself, I'm not trying to scare anyone I just am telling the truth, just trying to let you know dont be stuburn and not listen to the doctor.


valene - February 15

protein in the urine can be dangeraus.REASON FOR: because I had protein in my urine my last pregnancy and still do. I had high blood pressure and preclampsia. I had like +6 which is very high. My doctor thinks it may be kidney disease. I am still being treated, but they still dont know. High levels normally could mean your at risk for a high risk pregnancy. You could have your baby early. I had my first baby early. I had him at the end of my 7th month and he was only 2Ibs and 10 ounces. Having a premature baby is hard. Leaking protein in urine is a BIG DEAL. I have been through this and the doc thinks that the reason I just had two miscarriage's may be the cause of my kidney problem. This all started out with protein in my urine. Please keep a eye on it. I had a miscarriage last valentines day and another one just a yesterday on valentines day agian. good luck to all!!!!!!!


shell - February 22

my heart goes out to u valene,.... i've had 2 miscarriages and they don't know the cause of them, i'm currently 40 weeks and 2 days over due with my 3rd pregnancy. i had bad pre eclampsia in my 1st pregnancy and my daughter was 8 days late. my 2nd was 11 days early and i was fine but with this one im 2 days over due and i think i may be getting it again as my legs, feet and ankles are quite swollen. im due to see midwife 2morrow so i'll know for sure then. i'm ever so worried tonight thou as my legs have got worse and are badly swollen, they feel so tight.


valene - February 23

shell...thanx and I hope things get better for you. I still havent been able to get pregnant, but I am still trying. Knowing you got pregnant after losing two, makes me feel better about me having another one. I hope you dont end up with the same problem with this baby and I wish you the best.



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