Renal Pelvis Dilation

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Sam - April 20

Im 24 weeks pregnant and the ultrasound has picked up that my baby has renal pelvis dilation. Can anyone help with further information


tina - April 20

i also had this show up on my u/s I went back for another u/s and they found that my baby had a spot on her heart as well. they told me these are two markers for down syndrome. i was offered an amnio and i declined. i have to wait until my baby is born to see if there is anything wrong with her.


Rachel - April 25

My first son had this whilst I was pregnant with him and it swapped between both kidneys but I was then told it was clear at a later scan. My second son is now on a course of antibiotics for 6 wks and being scanned as he was found to have the same thing but it didn't clear before he was born. The way I've had it expalined to me is there is the tube which comes out from the kidney and this can have a bit of a 'kink' in it which causes a backlog of urine into the kidney, sometimes it clears as the baby grows and there is more room for this tube to move away from the kidney as its not all so squashed up however whilst this is happening antibiotics may be needed to prevent infection. Everyone has been very relaxed and reasuring about it and are about to scan my first son to put my mind at ease as he was never scanned once he was born, but to be honest I know very little and am currently searching the web for more info. I was also told that it can apparently be a soft marker for downs however as the previous lady has written there are normally more soft markers needed and then other tests are offered so try not to worry too much and at the next scan discuss with your doctor, as I said all the doctors I have spoken with were really reasuring saying that it normally clears with growth/antibiotics. If anyone else has any further information I also would be really interested as i've said I don't know much about it.


jsmom - April 25

I had this show up in my 18 week u/s. I was told that it's a marker for Down's syndrome. My AFP result concurs with that. We've declined the amnio and I'm just trying to not stress about it :-(


Audrea - April 28

It is true, it's a marker for Down's. Down's babies have kidney and heart irregularities when born that many times have to be fixed with surgery a little later on. I have seen this in many Down's babies I have cared for as a Neonatal ICU nurse. It could also mean nothing at the same time that growth of the fetus does not fix. Does you no good to worry until you know, but I know that is easy to say if I am not in that situation. I wish you and your baby all the luck and hopefully just good things to come in the future.


Carolyn - May 11

I have been reading alot about this and while I too am concerned about its possible implications for my baby, the research I've done so far is somewhat rea__suring. This is fairly common ultrasound diagnosis (approximately 1.4% of ultrasounds will detenct some levle of kidney dilation.) Approximately 50% of those identified through ultrasound will resolve themselves with no further complications, either before birth, shortly after, or within the first year. Of the remaining 50%, only 25% end up needing surgery to corrrect the problem. In addition, its utility as a soft marker appears to be very weak, with other markers also needing to be present. I hope this is encouraging.


Steve - May 12

My fiancee had her untrasound today and they noted that our baby had renal dilation. We spoke to the midwife and she dais the odds are as long as 1:200. My finacee has had a Downs screening blood test though, which as come back as a very low risk with odds of Downs at 1:12000. It is just a huge shock when you expect everything to be okay at the scan. We are thinking about the Amnio because the next scan is at 34 weeks and another 14 weeks is a long time to be left "in the dark".


Carrie - May 13

My baby also has dilated kidneys this was found at my 21wk scan, I am now 26wks and waiting to go back for my 30wk scan when they will have a look to see if there is any improvement. The Kidneys were dilated to 5.7mm, can anyone tell me what their babies kidneys measured? I have also been reading alot and I believe more often than not it can correct its self in the womb, if not baby would maybe need antibiotics and a scan when it is born and that the worse case would be a small operation. Good Luck


Sheila - May 20

I am 37 wks pregnant and rpd was found at my 20 wks scan. Baby has severe dilation in one kidney only. I've been told by doctors that the problem my baby has is more common in boys, and that it is (like in your baby Carolyn) a kink in the tube leading from the kidney. I've been rea__sured that this is a different problem to that which presents in children with Down's. We have no other markers either. Still worried out of my mind though! So it seems to depend on the reason for the dilation, and whether it is on one side or two as to whether it is considered a marker for Down's at all. And even if it is considered to be a marker, there usually have to be other markers present aswell. Hope this helps. Will let you know how I get on in the coming weeks!!


tina - May 20

i went for my second level II u/s at 31 weeks both the kidneys and the spot on my baby's heart have cleared up on their own. my baby looks perfectly healthy. i was told that the dilation in the kidneys could be from my hormones as well.


nicole - May 28

when i went in for my level two two weeks ago my doc told me that the kidneys were suppose to be 4 cm and my sons was 5 i no thats not a big difference but he wants me to come back in in july to see if they change he really didnt explain to me what it could be.


nicole - May 28

ok maybe it was mm not cm sorry


Christina - June 7

My first ultra sound showed that my baby had r.d. but the doctor reasured me that is was fairly common in boys. Since my husband is stationed in Germany I am delivering on the economy (in a German hospital) and they do an ultra sound every visit. My baby has been slightly dialated the whole pregnancy until yesterday when I had my 35 week appointment and it showed that the dialation has increased. Now I need another high tech ultra sound to see if they need to take the baby early since there could be damage to the kidneys with the pressure of the womb as the baby grows. I am now trying to get information on what to expect after the baby is born. Like what kinds of test they will need to do or what could be wrong with the kidneys. I haven't found much so far but thanks for all of your thoughts and insights! I am not worried about Down's Syndrome though as my doctor also said it was a very very slight chance.


Heather - June 24

this showed up on my 20 week u/s as well and i am scared out of my mind. The doctor acted like it was common but from my research it's not. I wanted to do an amino but the doctor doesn't think it's necessary because of the risk of a misscarrage. i don't know what to do, i'm really depressed about it, people are so lucky to have healthy children, i wish i were one of them.


Cherie - June 30

I am a student midwife and am researching this topic, try this website it seems to explain things well, if i have the name correct of the problem!


dani - September 12

ive just had my 20 week scan and have been told that my baby has renal pelvis dilation, the only information i can give you is that once the baby is born it will be started on a low dose of antibiotics until its better. good luck


dani - December 17

im pleased to say that my baby's kidneys have gone back to normal!!!yipee



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