Rh Neg Question

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confused - December 1

alot of people say that sometimes you will have a miscarriage and not even notice and just let it go as a normal period. If this were to have happend to me in the past and i didnt know and now i got pregnant could there be a problem because i have blood type o neg?


Debra - December 1

If you are planning on becomming pregnant or think you are pregnant now, you need to visit your OB asap. They will be able to provide the special treatment necessary to help keep your pregnancy healthy.


eyebeeablessing2u - December 2

if you are neg then you will just get a needle of an anti body to counteract the reaction to your baby because if your baby is positive then your body will be fighting it thinking its a foreign object.. just like when you fight an infection when you have a cold.... my mom was rh neg a i am postive back then 39 years ago they never new this and she had me fine... now they test and keep track... all should be ok if they know this info


jan - December 13

can you get pregnant if the guy does not come


jenn - December 13

well im rh neg and my dr told me that when im 5 months preg i will have to get some shot so my body does not try fighting the baby because it can hurt us both


7 months preg rh neg - January 12

yes and no! There is more chance that you would have known that you were pregnant! You could have problems cause you rh neg, but no if you get your anti d injections which should stop any problems! I am rh neg and have been a__sured that aslong as i have my anti d injections at 28 weeks and 36 everything will be fine! Speak to your doctor and they will explain everything you need to know! Good Luck!!!


Rochelle - February 7

It could possibly cause a problem if the baby that was miscarried had positive blood. I, too, have rh negative blood. It could have developed antibodies in your system that could cause complications with this pregnancy.


Laura - February 8

I have had two very healthy babies. My blood type is O neg and I had the rh neg factor. Not a big deal if you go to the doctor like you're supposed to. I got one shot mid-prenancy and another after babies were born depending on their blood types. As long as you have the shots it will help your body from fighting pregnancies (especially future pregnancies.) Look up the Rh factor on a medical web-site, it may help you to understand just what this means. Hope all goes well.


Sammi - February 15

My first pregnancy resulted in a miscarriage at about 5 weeks- 6 at the most. I have RH neg blood and my doctor at the time did not give me the rhogam shot at that time stating that I wasn't far enough along for it to become a problem ( I disagree with him now- this was 6 1/2 yrs ago and being my first pregnancy, I was uneducated about the whole thing). Fortunately, I had three perfect pregnancies in a row, all being treated with the rhogam shot during pregnancy and after delivery. However, I am going thru a m/c right now and my doctor wants to put me on baby asprin with my next pregnancy to counteract any clotting or antibody problems my body may be experiencing to help prevent another m/c. I hope this is helpful


Lacey - March 1

If you have a type negative blood, my understanding is that you have to have the injection Rogam in order to make your blood RH-Neg. This will protect you and baby too. I found this unfortunate news after my miscarriage. Hope my news helps you. Take care.



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