Rising Hcg Levels And Brown Pink Discharge

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ambie125 - September 24

I found out I was pregnant on 2007/09/10. The doctor estimated me to be at 5 1/2 weeks and I was scheduled for an ultrasound on 2007/09/20. My hcg levels went from 200 (2007/09/10) to 600 (2007/09/12) to 1500 (2007/09/14). At my ultrasound they could only see the sac and something they called the "yolk". The ultrasound doctor came in and said it was either earlier in the pregnancy than the had originally thought or I was going to miscarry. So I called my OB/GYN and he sent me for some bloodwork that day (2007/09/20). The results for my hcg were 9500. I am still freaking out because for the last 2 weeks I have had cramping (mild) and some blood. I only noticed the blood twice when wiping, however when I check myself I notice a brown or pink tinged blood inside me. You may wonder why I am freaking out so bad, but I have already had a miscarriage and it effected my mental health greatly. Does anyone have some answers or stories that could ease my worries??? I would really appreciate it! My questions are: 1. What are normal hcg levels? 2. Is it normal to continuously have blood? 3. Is it normal to have bouts of mild cramping and then nothing?


dukele - September 25

Hello, I too have had a miscarriage with my first pregnancy. My second pregnancy seemed exactly the same as the first. I started bleeding (brown and pink on tissue) and intense cramping. The only difference in this pregnancy is that every time I went in the baby was still alive. I am now at 16 weeks and everything is fine. I am convinced now that it may just be the way my body carries a pregnancy. I was diagnosed with a subchorionic bleed, too, and was so convinced I was in the process of miscarrying so many times that I almost took percuset to stave off the onset of the really bad cramping. The thing about pregnancy and miscarriage is that you can never know if you're going to miscarry until you actually do. Everything can mimic the miscarried pregnancy because it can simply mean that is the way you carry a pregnancy or that is the way you carry THAT pregnancy. My only advice is to stop looking for similarities between the two pregnancies ( I know how impossible that sounds) and put yourself on complete bedrest. That is the one thing I did differently this time. Also, that first US, ones that are before 6-7 weeks are really unreliable becuase everything is so small. For my present pregnancy I was measuring at 4 weeks when I should have been at least 6 according to LMP. By the time I had my next US I was measuring dead on at 7 weeks 4 days according to LMP. Best of luck to you.


micy - October 2

hi ambie, i think if ur hcg levels r rising its a good sign. ive heard of ladies spotting right thru their preg. so good luck!


sweetpeachjmb - October 3

Hey - Okay, I can tell you what happened with me. I realized I was preg at about 4.5wks and then for about a week I was having light cramping. The doc said this was normal unless there was any spotting. Then I started spotting which of course really really worried me so they did bloodwork. The hcg levels were fine but the progesterone was a little low (13). Apparently they want it to be more like 20, so I had to start taking Prometrium, a prog. supplement. Shortly after I started taking it, the cramping and the spotting subsided. I've heard conflicting opinions on the use of progesterone in pregnant women but I am very glad that I took it. Now I'm 14 weeks with no problems and the baby looks and sounds great right now. Also, just for your information, "normal" hcg levels are hard to say, there is a broad range, the main thing to look at with hcg levels is that the number is doubling every 48hrs - that means the fetal tissue is growing/increasing. I think its very positive that your numbers are going up so well. You should see if your doc can check your progesterone levels! Good luck!



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