Risk Of Developing Preeclampsia

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ladybug - May 2

i'm 32 weeks and for the last 3 doc appts including today i've had high blood pressure in the 140s which is not good so they make me lay down on my left side a few min and retest me which it goes down. my hands and ankles swell so bad its starting to worry me big time. my doc told me today he wants to start seeing me once a week instead of every 2 or 3 weeks to monitor my blood pressure. i'm really neverous. this is my 1st baby and im afraid of getting this. can anyone give me any advice to kinda prevent me from getting it or just some kind words so i dont stress so bad. i'm afraid he's gonna take me out of work and put me on bed rest i always see the glass half empty :( any imput would be great ladies thanx :)


Chrissy - May 3

Wow does this sound familiar. Same thing happened to me at around 33 weeks. I am at 36 weeks now. My BP was in the high 140s too and my doctor did make me cut down to half days at work. He also made me do a 24 urine collection over the weekend to test for protein levels. I just tried to rest as much as possible, drink Lots of water, and very little sodium, and practice some deep breathing. I went back yesterday, and was nervous he would take me all the way off work but my BP was better, in the lower 130s. And the protein levels from thr urine collection was fine. I haven't had much swelling in my hands though,and very little in my ankles. I know it really really sucks to think about taking off work and sitting around for the next month or 2, but if you do have pre-eclampsia, you don't want to mess around, and you need to take good care of yourself. The sort of good news is that they usually induce you a little early . I might get induced next week at 37 1/2 weeks just because he is afraid of my BP shooring up again. One other thing I did was got to my appointment early yesterday so I could sit and relax for a while in the waiting room so my BP wasn't elevated from walking all the way in from the parking lot. Just a thought! Good luck to you! Let me know how you are doing! :) -C


3babies - May 4

Hi Ladybug Chrissy has given you lots of good advice .. the only thing I can add is that you cant really prevent pre-e if it is going to come on. The rest does seem to buy people a bit more time often so if doc suggests it try to stick with it. I was the last person who wanted to go on bedrest, I had high bp, no protein, mild swelling, but ended up with emergency c/s @ 35 weeks with 4 1/2 lb baby because he wasnt growing properly. It's really good that your doctor is monitoring you closely, so if your bp does go up he knows, and he will keep an eye on your urine too to check for protein. If you can afford it a home bp monitor is great to check how your bp is when you arent anxious at your doctors. You can keep a log to show him at your next appointment. If bp is still high, he probably will put you on bedrest, but honestly it is so worth it to have a healthy baby. I went in at 35 weeks for strict bedrest in hospital, crying because I thought I would be in for 3-5 weeks, but my baby was delivered 2 days later ... Do what you have to to keep that bub healthy!. If you do get pre-e the pre-eclampsia foundation website has excellent info on it. Good luck!


ladybug - May 4

wow thanks ladies. that makes me feel a lot better. im trying to take it easy and not get stressed or anything i try to keep my feet up at work and its seems everything you eat or drink has sodium lol. its hard tho. i hope this all goes well. i dont want to have an early baby but if push comes to shove he's more important and i do have a great doc and im glad for that. i thought about getting a bp thing just to do at home to check myself i might do that. i see him next tuesday so we'll see what he says then. they always make me pee in a cup but they havent said anything about my protein yet so im not sure. i guess when i go next week i'll ask him about it. thanks again ladies for your input :) i 'll let you know how things go.



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