Risk To Pregnancy With Previous Blood Clot

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Natalie - April 26

I had a blood clot with my second cesarean, and now I think I'm pregnant again. What are the risks to both the baby and myself?


Kristina - July 5

I'm in the same boat. I had a pulmonary embolism when my 2nd child was born by Csection. I was advised not to have more children, but find myself pregnant at 36. Does anyone know the risks? Treatment?


Marivic - July 5

Same here, blood clot in right ovarian vein after C-section (twins). That was 14 years ago, am now 17w5d, here's what I've been told: With pregnancy comes increased blood flow and risk for clotting. However, it's really only a problem if you have a clotting disorder that they can test for. If the condition is inherited (i.e., you have the increased risk for clotting OUTSIDE of pregnancy) then the treatment is Lovenox or Heparin or some blood thinner. I did this for the first 2 weeks of this pregnancy. After extensive testing, my perinatologist concluded that my bloodwork was "normal" and I don't have anymore risk of clotting than any other pregnant woman. I was able to discontinue the 2x/daily injections, with the understanding that I'll be VERY closely monitored in the third trimester and at delivery. A history of blood clots is significant, and your pregnancy is considered high-risk, but the risk(s) to the baby (miscarriage, placenta previa, pre-term labor, etc.) really only increase if the condition is inherited - but even in that case it can be closely monitored and mitigated. (Kristina, I was also told not to have anymore kids, after being in ICU for 2 weeks after the twins were born, am now 33 and doing marvelously!) Good luck ladies - enjoy your pregnancies! ~ Marivic


Kristina - July 5

To Marivic: Thanks so much. That puts my mind at ease. I've been so beside myself about risks that I haven't let myself be happy about this child. I spent time in ICU last time, too. I know of no reason to suspect that I inherited a clotting disorder so, hopefully, all will go well. (I was told that the last clot likely was the result of damage I did trying to deliver a 10lb+ baby). Again, I appreciate the information. I feel so much better. And best of luck to you.



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