Rupture Of Placenta At 28 Weeks

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wendy - September 6

I have just lost my baby at 28 weeks and have no answers. The doctor said that I had a complete rupture of the placenta. Can anyone tell me more about this. Should there have been any warning signs that I could have looked out for??? What causes this??? When can I try and have another baby?? Please help as I have no where to turn.


Mindy - September 6

Wendy- I can't give you advice on this, you need to have your doctor sit down and explain this to you. I am so sorry about your baby. I wish there was something I could say to make you feel better. I went through a miscarriage 2 wks ago at close to 12 wk. and it is something I will never forget. I will be praying for you and again I am so sorry for the lose of your baby. God Bless!!


Bridget - September 6 Hi Wendy, I'm so sorry for your loss. I am certainly not a doctor but I pasted a link above that explains some things. I am 16 weeks right now and have placenta previa (no symptoms) but it could result in something like what happened to you, so I have researched around a bit already. I think when you feel a little stronger and go in for your next visit with your doctor you might want to demand some answers. I seem to be running into brick walls myself and getting alot of pats on the back and being told not to worry when it's normal to worry when there are many high risk factors. The doctors need to understand what you are going through and they really do owe you some concrete answers. I'll be praying for you.


sheree - September 7

I'm so sorry for ur loss, there's nothing u or the doctors could have done to prevent this from happening, i too have placenta previa and have been told that it can happen due to trauma to that area previous to falling preg, i.e miscarriage or infection in womb, i had both. Have u had any of this and where u told that u had placenta previa or that the placenta was even low laying that can cause the placenta to rupture. Sorry if none of that is helpful and i wish u all the luck in future, speck to a doc or someone else who might know some more answers to ur paticular case, all the best.


Tara M - September 7

Hi there wendy im so sorry I personally know exactly what you are going through i just lost my baby boy "brody" at 30 weeks with he exact same cause. the abruptio placenta which means the placenta has pulled away from the wall and therefore the baby has lost all nutrients and oxygen. It was horrible. I no signs except a little pain suh as menstrual cramps. no bleeding or anything. there was nothing i could do it all happened in about 45 min. i never had any problems at all through my pregnancy. It was a shock. and it was he worst felling i have ever experienced.


Tara M - September 7

Also wendy the states there is no known cause to this and they don't have the answers we are looking for i have even read up on this in a medical book and it states the is no known causes of this. We will have to be strong and remember that god wanted another angel!! I know this is very diffiult because i have just xperinced this on aug 18/2005 but all i keep telling myself is that god took my baby boy so he could be my guardian angel. there is always a reason but not always an answer. GOD BLESS and my prayers are with you!!


Karen - September 7

Wendy, I am 29w 3 days and I had a placenta abrubtion at 22 weeks that was 30% and then again at 24 weeks my placenta was 60 % abruption. I am now on complete bed rest. I have gotten NO reason why the abruptions have occured. I pray everyday that my baby can stay in the womb and the rest of the placenta does not tear. I am so sorry to hear about your loss. My advice is to speak to your doctor, get all of your questions answered and also discuss with your provider when you might be able to start trying again. I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. God works in ways we sometimes do not understand.


Tara M - September 8

Hi wendy i am so sorry to hear about your baby my thoughts and prayers are with you. i know exactly what you are going through i lost my baby boy at 30 weeks. i was just curious if you don't mind me asking what symptoms did you have? and how did they deal with it at your hospital? I had no symptoms except period like cramps and i had to actually go through labor and deliver my baby boy. i just thing its great that i can talk with someone who is in my shoes. because any other person has no idea what it's like.. thanks for your reply in advance. and god bless you and your baby.....


wendy - September 12

Thank you to everyone for all their prayers and kind words. I am slowly dealing with the pain of losing my baby. Still crying lots of tears. I am just sick of hearing other woman's "terrible stories". Is is just me, but don't you feel that there is a big diffirence in losing a baby at 6 weeks than at 28 weeks?? I held my perfect baby in my arms. I have to know organise a funeral. Enough complaining, I have a very short fuse at the moment. To answer Tara M's question, I only had cramps whish I thought was due to somethinh that I ate. When I went to the hospital they were very casual about the whole thing and were very casual when they told me when there was no heart beat. Only when they were really sure that there was no heartbeat did they phone my gynie.


TO WENDY - September 12

I am sorry for your loss but why would you say your sick of hearing about other women's stories of losing their baby at 6 wks like it still does not hurt? I understand there is a difference but that still does not mean it hurts less....we all come here for support with our losses or our happy endings and everything in between and if you don't want to read about what others are dealing with then stick to your own thread...sorry if this sounds mean I really don't mean for it to at all but I feel you are being mean and I am sure being as hurt as you are maybe it makes you feel better to lash out but it is just is not right we are all here either seeking support or helping and maybe losing a baby a 6wks is not much to you but it is part of healing for others...I really hope that time will heal things for you and really I wish you the best and again I am truely deeply sorry for your loss......


Tara M - September 12

I know exactly what your talking about wendy i have people saying all the time oh so and so lost their baby at 9 weeks well guess what there is no comparison i held my precious baby which was completly form and he also weighed 3pounds 2 ounces which is not that small for a baby at 30 weeks. but only you and i know exactly how it feels to hold that beautiful child in your arms and not be able to take him home. but know i sit here and think god did this for a reason and my reason to believe is now i have my guardian angel watching over me and my husband. god bless


Tara M - September 12

I am sorry but to the previous person you have no idea do you? I lost my baby at 30 weeks and i held my baby / then had to bury my baby. named my baby. and also but not least had to delivery my baby naturally knowing he was not there and would not be coming home with me so yes i truly do believe it hurts a hell of alot worse than someone who loses their baby anywhere between 1-12 weeks. you or anyone else would not have had to do what we have to do!!!!!! sorry if i sound like a b___h but if you would just sit and think about it for a minute ou MIGHT understand a little better.........


g - September 12

Losing a baby at any stage is hard and yes when you have to have the baby takin out and burried can be even more painful to some. I saw my baby on ultrasound at 12 weeks heard the heartbeat and couldn't be more happier. Then 3 weeks later i went to the DR. and my baby had died in that 12 weeek. I went to the hospital the next day, had the baby induced which took 2 days. I thought of a name because i didn't know the s_x-"Angel" and then when it was over the nurse said "he's all boy wanna rename him"?NO! i said he IS an Angel. She asked if i wanted to hold him and i regretfully said no. I never saw my son. They told me he had all fingers and toes and looked normal but was like jello because in that stage the bones were not hard yet. Everday i think of him wishing i held him-i go to his grave and just cry. All this happened in '98.I since then have a 5 year old pretty little girl and now pregnant at 10 weeks. I had a threatend miscarriage at 6 weeks and for those 2 days i thought i lost the baby all i did was cry. Theres still a chance i'm gonna lose this one to. So i believe how a women feels or how they can handle a situation can play a big part. Everybody is different so just for everybody here hang in there. We are all here for support no matter how or when things happened. Sorry this is long.I am sorry for your losses


TO TARA M - September 13

I am not saying I know how you or Wendy feel all I am saying is losing a baby at any stage hurts and who are you to say you hurt more than someone else? You don't know a person could be ttc for years and finally do and it ends after 7 or 8 wks and you think that does not hurt? well I truely feel for you both and am deeply sorry and I mean that but you should not say that someone who loses a baby at any point has no right to come and say how they feel it is part of healing I mean you came here for that right? Just don't act like a loss in early stages means be honest I think it would be easiest if there was going to be a loss that is happen early but since we cannot control it then we all have to live with it...I am not trying to start a fight with you and I won't post here again and I really wish you both the best and I hope your healing comes soon take care....


Tara M - September 13

I am not here to start a fight with anyone all that i am saying is that there is no comparrison to someone who loses their baby at 6 weeks to someone who loses there baby at 30 weeks. and just like there is no comparisson of someone losing there child at 30 weeks to someone who loses a child after they have grown a child or adult. so i am truly sorry if i sound cruel but this is a very very sensitive subject for both me and wendy and it would not take much to upset the both of us at a time like this so once again i am sorry..god bless and take care...


TO TARA M - September 13

I know I said I would not post on here again I just did not want to fight...I was not in anyway trying to make light of what you and wendy have gone thru granted God knows you must have gone thru pure HELL but I am one of the ones that had mc before 12wks...and I had two healthy children so it did not even cross my mind I would mc and so we told our family friends co workers so when I mc it was so hard in fact at my job another girl was pregnant so I got to watch her go thru everything and I had to be strong and be happy for was not her when I found this site it was a way for me to heal...and to then read Wendy saying well if you mc at 6wks nobody should care or implied that those of us who have suffered a loss before 12wks should just get over made me feel bad...there is no way that I would post my story on here to make her feel better like I said God only knows the Hell you two must have gone thru and granted I hurt but that would I quite agree be much worst then an early mc but a mc hurts no matter what week it happens in well take care of yourself and as I have said before I hope you find strength to heal.....God bless you both


Tara M - September 13

Thanks for understanding and i apologize for anything i said that may have come of too harsh. it's just so hard to deal with this and im not sure how long it will take to heal. but even seeing someone pregnant now makes me mad not for them i am happy but its hard to forgive what god has done the only thing i can think of is that god has given me my angel to protect over me and my husband god bless my angel "Brody" !!!!!!!!



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