Saw Heartbeat But Sac Too Small HELP

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kruhnke - February 16

I just had my 2 ultrasound this month, first one went great, the heartbeat was at 160 and everything was looking good, had the 2nd one today, and found that the sac is too small, it should be twice the size it is. We also the the heartbeat again, it was at 150 and the baby has grown 1 centimeter, so that would make me about 8 wks 5d. Since I found out I was pregnant he has had me on progesterone because my levels were low. So he wants me to keep taking the progesterone and came back for another appointment in 3 weeks, from there he will try to hear the heartbeat, but if not then he will then give me another ultrasound to see what is going on. I have had no bleeding, and no cramping. I am really scared because it took us 7 months to get pregnant, and I thought was hard. I have done a little research and found that the outcome could go either way. If any has expericed this.. please share... I am a wreck!!!!!!


DownbutnotOUT - February 16

Unfortunatly I have not experienced this but want to sen you and your baby well wishes and warm thoughts. take care


babyonboard16 - February 18

I am so sorry to hear that the only thing I have experienced that you're talking about is the low progesterone, that part pretty much sucked, I wish you the best of luck


jhoward - February 21

first off i am so sorry you have to be going through any kind of worry with your pregnancy, I don't want to make you worry more but when i was in your position i seeked for help and questions and found nothing. I was 7 weeks when i first started spotting...nothing serious whatsoever. The bleeding continued on for 4 days so i went to the hospital...they found a fetal heart and put me on strict bed rest. I then went back two days later to check my hcg again and it had dropped but said they thought there was a computer error and told me everything was fine. Well two days later the bleeding got worse. So i went to emerg and they did several tests and i had to go back in the next day. They found out that even though the heart beat was strong the sac was too small for the fetus. They told me to keep resting but other than that there was nothing i could do. It was a 50/50 chance. The next morning i woke up with severe cramps and pa__sed the sac 3 hours later. The doctor told me that 50% of first time pregnancies end in miscariage and that it was no ones fault. But you are further along then me and have had no bleeding so the outcome looks more on the positive side.I know its easier said than done but think positive and don't stress to hard. Best of luck to you and your baby!!



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