Saw The Heartbeat At 6 Weeks Now 9 Weeks And No Heartbeat

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robin - May 18

Hey guys.. been doing nothing but looking on these boards for the past week. Haven't found anyone's situation like this (yet) and was looking for opinions. At 6 weeks we had 1st ultrasound that showed viable pregnancy and the heartbeat which was low at 88 bpm. Doc said it was okay for only being 6 weeks. 3 weeks later starting spotting lightly and had mild cramps. Got 2nd ultrasound and they couldn't find the baby at first and then found what they thought was the baby but no heartbeat (they were very rude and wouldn't tell me/show me anything). They did see the sac and the yok (after the moron called in her supervisor to help her). Doc wanted to test my hcg levels. I tested 2 days ago and will test again today and get results tomorrow. If the levels are rising she wants to send me in for another ultrasound to see if they overlooked something. I'm going crazy wondering. It's been 5 days since I started spotting. It hasn't gotten worse and I have not passed any clots. It's now turning a dark brown/black color and looks like sticky tar. My breats are still tender as well. Has anyone been in this situation? At 9 weeks is it possible to just not see the baby for some reason or could there be another medical reason for all of this? It's my 2nd pregnancy and 1st one was perfect with no complications 10 yrs ago. Thanks.


Maureen - May 18

Robin, I am 9 weeks pregnant and a few days ago went to dr. for 1st time. I am 38 and this is my 2nd pregnancy. First child was born last May. They did not see a hearbeat or movement, but sac/yok were normal size. Dr. (high risk specialist at Columbia in NYC who also does fetal surgeries)told me that it is possible at this stage that they may not yet see the heartbeat if baby is smaller. Something( i think my sac) is .44 millimeters. When it is .50, they should see the hearbeat and if not, then there is a problem. I go back next week to find out. Hope this helps. Good luck. Keep praying. my email is [email protected] if you need anything.


B - May 18

I had the exact same situation. (Jan. 18th 2005) Heartbeat and six weeks and no heartbeat at 10 weeks. The dr. told me the baby stopped growing at 9 weeks. I had no symptoms of a miscarriage?? Please post again and let us know how it is going. I have wondered if it is possible that during the process the baby's heart can stop beating but come back? PS I am pregnant again and hoping for a heartbeat at my US tomorrow.


Robin - May 18

B - it turned out to be a miscarriage? That seems so unusal with having a viable pregnancy so early on. (But what do I know.) I go today for my 2nd blood test to check hcg levels. I'm hoping if I miscarried that I'll pa__s it on my own. I do NOT want a d&c. It's been 5 days already. Does anyone know how long it can take? I'll know more information tomorrow. I'll let you guys know. Thank you for your posts. ~robin


robin - May 19

it was confirmed.. i miscarried. Thanks for your replies.


staci - June 11

ladies, I am so sorry for losses, I have just suffered my 2nd m/c, no children yet. My first m/c was in march 2005 and was 6.5 weeks pg and saw heartbeat. this pg we saw the heartbeat at 6.5 weeks and came back 2 weeks later for another f/u u/s at 8.5 weeks and no heartbeat. they said baby stopped developing and that we would either m/c on own or have to have D&C. the waiting was agony and so we opted to have another D&C again, it is so painful to go through the loss. anyway, I requested a u/s to be done right before the D&C and this time they did abdominal scan and she couldnt see anything-can you see a heartbeat thata early via abdominal scan? i thought they had to do v____al scan at that stage...anyway, I am hoping that I will have a healthy baby in my future, I am so sad and depressed about another loss...I have to believe there is something causing me to m/c...anyone have advice?


robin - June 11

staci - i'm sorry for your losses.. i'm still recovering from the miscarriage I wrote about above. i had to have a d&c because after 2 weeks i didn't pa__s it, just alot of cramping and bleeding. it's been almost 2 weeks since the d&c and i'm still bleeding.. anyway, nobody ever knows what causes these things. i have a feeling that alcohol was the problem with mine. we're pretty heavy recreational drinkers and found out i was pregnant when I was about 3 weeks. we stopped drinking of course but i don't know that i stopped in time. doctor says mascarriages happen because of a chromosonal abnormality but i think we look for reasons to blame ourselves. i do have a daughter already so i have the comfort of knowing that something isn't 'wrong' but we're trying again and the thought of going thru it again is scary. i guess the best way of seeing it is nature's way of letting you know something wasn't right. Keep trying and don't give up. stay positive, it really does make a difference. Best of luck to you.



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