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Sara - July 15

i was 11weeks and the doc.told me that i lost my baby...and today i go to my doc.and he said that i might still be pregnant.......that the lab test still say im pregnant......has this happend to any of ya'll?plz somebody give me some advice this is my first pregnancy and im scared to death..


KK - July 16

Geez, Sara, talk about confusion! Has your dr. done an ultrasound? Only an ultrasound will really confirm if you are still pregnant or not. If you aren't preg anymore and you did miscarry, then a possible reason that the lab tests and the dr. say you might/are still preg is because the preg hormone is still in your body. I'm not an expert - but my advise is the first thing you need to do to answer this question is to get an ultrasound! Keep me posted, I'd like to know what happens.


Im sorry... - July 16

Sara the pregnancy hormones can take weeks to go back down to 0 after a miscarriage so is normal to still test positive just days after being told you have lost your baby. I am so sorry.


Sara - July 16

yes i got a ultrasound and there was no signs of a baby ...but my doc.told me that ,that it mite mean im not as far aslong as i thought or that the baby mite be in my tube...


KK - July 16

Did your dr do any tests to see if the egg is in the tube? That can be pretty serious. When do you go back again and what has your doctor advised you to do?


sara - July 17

Nope haven't got any testing done ..i think he's waiting till mon.when i go back to get some more Lab work done..and my doc.haven't really advice me to do anything....guess till Monday i just gotta pray..let God have is it possible for a baby to live if its in ur tube?=(


I'm sorry... - July 17

if the baby is in your tube it cannot live and has to be removed otherwise your tube would eventually burst and it can be life threatening. Again I am so sorry-it might not be that though it might be what they call a blighted ovum where the baby either doesn't develop or stops right at the beginning but the sac remains intact. I will pray for you for Monday.



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