Scared About Abnormal Pap

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Cherie - September 7

I am 10 weeks pregnant and just found out that my pap came back abnormal with HSIL-high level of dysplasia on my cervix. Has anyone experienced anything like this and will I be able to have a normal pregnancy and va___al birth? Please help.


Joanne - August 22

Im 8 weeks and my dr just told me that I had abnormal pap results and have to have a colposcopic procedure done. Anyone else had to have one of these?


Tracey - August 30

Hello Cherie & Joanne, I am currently 13 wks preg. and my pap too came back abnormal. I went in for the colposcopy just as both of you are about to do. What my doctor told me was that there is nothing to worry about at this stage of it. What he found on the colposcopy was definately some abnormal cells but I was told that it will not complicate anything with the birth. I have to have 3 more colposcopies during my pregnancy just to make sure the "cells" are not growing. Then, AFTER the birth, they will do another one to determine how and IF they need to treat it. (i.e. freezing it or whatever) My doctor said it's VERY common to have abnormal paps and as long as they monitor them to make sure it's not growing then nothing will change with the birthing plans. Hope this makes you guys feel better!


lia joy - September 7

i had an abnormal pap (before becomming pregnant) and got a colposcopy done. the abnormality was due to HPV which apparently, like 60% of the poulation has. It can increase your risk for cancer so that's why they want you to have more regular check-ups, but they said my cells were just irritated not pre-cancerous. Also, HPV does not cause any harm or risks to the baby now that i am pregnant. don't know if that is the same as for you, but i hope it helps.


Lisa - September 14

I have been having abnormal paps for about 2 years. To deal with this is a very slow process. Keep going to the Dr appts and try not to stress. You can deal with it after the birth. It has no effect on your pregnancy or labor. Hope this helps!


kf - September 25

I am 31 wks preg, and my pap test had come up abnormal as well.. I recently got a colposcopy done and they found quite a bit of displaysia and they are going to do a 2nd colposcopy and a biopsy after I have the baby. I really don't know much about all this, I am kind of worried about the hpv thing and I was wondering if anyone could explain that in better detail



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