Scared About Miscarrage

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PrettyShadows - July 14

My friend miscarried her baby at 14 weeks a week ago and now i'm really scared that if i do get pregnant i will miscarry too! I know i wouldn't be able to cope with it! What are the statistics? Does anyone know? I am SO scared! I wouldn't want to get pregnant only for it to die...I've saw what my friend went through...she blames ehrself and feels like committing suicide everyday....I don't want that to happen..Please help!


luvmydogs - July 14

Hi Prettyshadows! About 15 to 20 percent of all pregnancies end in miscarriage. Most of them occur in the first 13 weeks, or first trimester. They are usually due to chromosomal abnormalities. Hope this helps! Good luck!


krnj - July 14

Hi there, I had a miscarriage when I was about 6 weeks prego. (last year) I'm not going to lie, it was a very hard thing to go through! Then a few months later I got prego with my beautiful baby boy. He's almost 5 months old now. Your friend shouldn't blame herself, like luvmydogs said they are usually due to chrosmosomal abnormalities. That's what I kept telling myself when I went through it. Try not to worry & tell your friend to hang in there, it will get better.


sonotec75 - July 15

I look at a m/c as Gods way of telling me that He needs to take care of the baby because there is no way it will survive on Earth. The baby was not perfect and God gave it it's angel wings to be with Him. M/c is very hard to go through. There is nothing that can be done to prevent them. I will pray for your friend to find comfort.


Dee2006 - July 16

Hi Prettyshadows-I am very sorry to hear of your friends miscarriage. I had a miscarriage a couple of years ago at 11 weeks and it was difficult to go through emotionally and physically. To go from sheer happiness to utter sadness was awful. Plus-the hormones from the pregnancy take a few weeks to go back to pre-pregnancy levels. It's withdrawal. That is a part of what she is going through. I honestly thought I was going crazy. Be there for her and be a good listener. She will heal with time. Miscarriages are unfortunately a risk of having babies. Not everyone miscarries and you should not let a fear of going through one stop you from trying to have a baby. The majority of women don't have to experience it. I wish I had not had any miscarriages but I'll tell you-it helped make me stronger and more aware of how precious babies are.



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