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babyonboard16 - March 13

I went in for a routine ultrasound, and found out the amniotic fluid is low, and that my baby is also breech. I was sent into the hospital to have a non stress test done and a test to see if I was leaking amniotic fluid, that came up negative. My doctor came into the room and was telling us that I'm on bed rest that I'll be getting steroid shots, and that the baby may die. I am so scared, has anyone else experienced this? Also my doctor said I will definately be having a c-section early.


babyonboard16 - March 14

uh can someone help me?


Lynne - March 14

How far along are you? Are you drinking plenty of water. Sometimes you can increase your amniotic fluid. Did the doctor say why you will be having an early section? I am sorry this is happening but ask as many questions as you can and stay in the bed.


angelgabby84 - March 15

Hi babyonboard16! How far gone are you?? that is the most important thing here. I didnt have low amniotic fluid but when i was 24 weeks pregnant my body went into to premature labour, and my baby was breech. The doctors let me deliver my baby v____ally, she was only 1lb 2oz and she only lived for six hours. But in this country they will not give you steriods until you are over 24 weeks so if you are going to be having the steriods and you listen to the doctors advice and you are over 24 weeks then there is alot of hope for you. I know it is the most scary thing ever but stay strong for your baby. Good Luck to you


babyonboard16 - March 15

I'm 33 weeks and honestlly I wish she'd go ahead and deliver


Lynne - March 15

I am sorry you are going through this. 33 weeks is a good place but the longer the baby stays inside the better its chances are. Every day is critical for growth. Hopefully you can get the steroid injections and if you do deliver prior to 37 weeks the baby will not have to have that much support. Even if you do deliver now the chances for survival for the baby are very good. I have dealt with the NICU and unfortunately my outcome was the worst, but at 33 weeks you will be fine.


rl- - March 15

I have heard drinking plenty of water will increase your fluid so take it easy and drink plenty of water I am sure everything will be ok as far as baby being breech babies move and shift all the time so your baby could be breech today and the next day be head down ready to go right into the birth ca___l I think doctors these days just want to do the C- Section cause it is easy for them but anyways good luck!!



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