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nervousgirl - August 22

I am 28 years old and live in central New Jersey. I have never been pregnant. Two months ago I had excessive bleeding with my period and was admitted to the ER for hemmorraging. While there i had two blood transfusions and was told i have a fibroid 5cm. I have been in and out of the ER several more times for hemmoraging. After further testing i was told that i need to have an abdominal myomectomy. I was wondering if anyone knows of a surgeon that specializes in doing this surgery to preserve the uterus in the NJ/NY area? Since my fibroid is imbedded in the muscle of my uterus and i am now severely anemic they are concerned about excessive bleeding during surgery and possible emergency hysterectomy. I just want to make sure that I have the right person do the surgery to give my husband and i our best shot of having children. My second question is how was the recovery for the myomectomy? i was told that i will be out of work for 6-8 weeks, but i was wondering if that is perhaps a bit exaggerated. Are there any recommendations or tips of things to do to prepare for surgery?


Bridget - August 24

I can tell you what I went through and some of the info might help. I had 5 fibroids removed 3 years ago, my largest one was the size of yours. Unlike you, I had years of gradually heavier and heavier periods and I also became dangerously anemic (hG 5.9) I didn't tolerate the irons pills so I got iron intravenously, like chemotherapy but only liquid iron. I started feeling better in a few weeks and was on the pill to cease my periods so I could be all "ironed up" for my surgery. One other thing, I had been trying to get pregnant for 7 years and had never conceived. A month after the surgery I felt ok enough to have s_x (the wait period is 3 weeks). I conceived RIGHT THEN and now have a 2.5 year old son. The surgery hurts, sure and you are kind of limited for about 2 weeks. After that it's just a matter of not overdoing it for another few. You are 11 years younger than me when I had the surgery (at 39) and as long as you are fairly healthy otherwise and determined, you'll be just fine. Also, mine were intramural like yours(in the wall) and because of where the incision was for the big one, my doc said a c-section was imperative. I wasn't too upset about it, after all, I got pregnant to have a child, not for the experience of labor,LOL. I hope this helps, though I am in CA. I would research doctors very thouroghly. I was lucky since I had one I trusted and had been going to for over a decade. Ask around your area, word of mouth is the best way to find someone good, IMO. Good luck and keep us posted and also ask me anything else if you think of it.


Pawpaw - August 30

Dr Ascher-Walsh at Mount Sinai hospital comes highly recommended. I'll be having my abdominal myomectomy with him on October 13. You could also visit, a lot of women have posted there. hope this helps.


catphil - September 25

Nervousgirl, I can't suggest a doctor as I live in TX but I can share my experience which I would have loved to hear before my surgery... I am 24 yrs old, never been pregnant, married, and eventually want children. I had been experiencing heavy periods for about a year and had felt a fibroid in my abdomen for a time (avoided because I was frightened). Anyway, after a sonogram and MRI all the doctors could see is one large growth which all of them believed was a fibroid. My doctor suggested a laproscopic myomectomy with a possible full incision. Of course once the scope was in all she saw were fibroids a opted for the full incision. I ended up having multiple fibroids removed. She removed as many as she could before reaching the uterine arteries. If these arteries were damaged in the surgery she would have had to remove my entire uterus. Upon removal my largest fibroid (the largest she had removed) measured to be 11cm long and weighed ~2.5lbs. You can imagine this caused me to look about 4 to 5 months pregnant before surgery. The surgery caused me to bleed severly which required a tranfusion. The majority of the time spent in the recovery area is hazy and I do not remember but I do remember waking up in a lot of pain and kicking and yelling which the nurses had to hold be down until the pain meds kicked in to ensure that I didn't not hurt myself. I am not sure if they expected me to wake up at that point but it was so hazy it doesn't bother me now. The haze lasted into the next day (morphine helps you through the rough parts) but the nurses encouraged me to walk towards the end of the day (tues). By Wed, I was cleared for a shower which my husband had to help. Of course you have to have help getting up from bed and chairs and setting down but it was not bad. I only took the meds the nurses gave me which was mostly Motrin. I never asked for more because I was never in a lot of pain. I was discharged by Thursday midday (after pa__sing gas, watery BMs, and keeping down solid foods). You can't drive, climb stairs, lift anything, etc. After a full week at home, the following Tues, I saw the doctor who told me if I felt like it I can climb stairs, drive (as long as I was not on narcotics), and do simple things. I just can't lift anything for a minimum of 6 weeks from the surgery to avoid a hernia and s_x was still off limits as the size of my largest fibroid caused my uterus to stretch up into my abdomen. She wanted to ensure my uterus shrank back to a smaller size. I would not be scared of the surgery. Make it clear to the doctor the importance of keeping your uterus and listen to see if they talk about the uterine arteries and staying clear of them. The 6 to 8 week window is just the standard that they tell everyone. I found that after 2 to 2-1/2 weeks I was mobile enough and I was cleared to drive that if you worked in an office type setting that work (at least part time) was possible. If your job requires alot of activity/heavy lifting then 6 weeks minimum. During your recovery remember that frequent walks and frequent rests are what I believed helped me to a fast recovery. Due to the location of my fibroids and the amount taken, I will have to have a c-section for any future pregnancy. My doctor confirmed that the rest of my uterus is filled with fibroids and does not think that there is even enough room to carry. For this she suggested Lupron Depot shots for 6 months to send me into menopause and reduce the size to hopefully allow me to carry after the 6 month treatment. I have also read that some doctors prescribe the Lupron depot + iron as a pre-surgery for severly anemic patients to try to raise their iron levels before surgery in case of a lot of blood lose. Luckily pre-surgery I was not anemic and didn't experience any extreme symptoms (must have been a mircle).



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