Short Cervix Dilated At 20 Weeks

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EmmaJane - December 2

Hi all. I learned at my ultrasound that I've got a short cervix, about 2.8cm, and was already 1cm dilated at 18 weeks. At 19w 4d nothing had changed, so my doctor just told me to take it easy -- I still have a good chance of this just being "normal" for me. I have no signs of preterm labor. BH contractions are happening a few times a day, but the doctor says that's unrelated. Despite all this assurance, I'm still terrified I'll go into labor preterm! Is anyone else going through something similar? Does anyone have any happy ending stories (I know enough about sad ones....) Thanks.


sas - December 4

Hi EmmaJane, I am in similar situation. Desperate to hear happy endings also. I am 26 weeks now and last week i got slight tummy pains went to hosp they told me my cervix was 2.2cm! They also done a test which predicts labour within the next two weeks and it came back positive! (the test is 50%accurate) So now i am very nervous.


EmmaJane - December 4

Hi. I'm sorry you're having a scare, too. Are you on bedrest now? Take heart from the fact that the test has only a 50% accuracy rate, and that babies born at 28 weeks still have a good chance!


sas - December 4

Doctors say there is no evidence that bedrest will help but i am definatley staying at home. If i get to 28 weeks i will be a lot happier than I am now. But i am tired of being worried. You are very lucky there is no change within nearly 2 weeks. that's a very good sign.


Rachel4750 - December 4

Emma Jane- Did you have any symptoms that this was happening? Pressure, v____al discharge?? I am wondering because I am worried I may be in the same situation.. yet dr. says no signs of it EXCEPT my own symptoms.


EmmaJane - December 4

No Rachel, no symptoms at all. Good luck. Did your doctor mention that the pressure could be round ligament stretching? That's probably what you're feeling.


Lynne - December 7

If you are shortening and dilated at 18 weeks then definitely find a high risk doctor for a second opinion. The baby starts to put on weight at around 16 weeks and this is where the pressure comes from on the cervix. The baby will not move up off the cervix until after around 26-27 weeks. I would make sure that a high risk doctor was in charge of my care and make sure to have cervical checks done via v____al ultrasound to make sure theres no funneling or bulging of the membranes.


kentuckymjw - December 14

Hey, I am having b/g twins. I work as a physical therapist and was on my feet 10 hours a day. I went in for a routine doctor visit and ultrasound. My cervix was 1.7 cm. I was 25 wks and 6 days. I was put on immediate hospital bedrest and I am still here (7 weeks later). Now I am 32 weeks and still hanging in there with a cervix of 8 mm!!!! So, definitely see a specialist, bedrest is terrible, but I think it has worked for me!


sas - December 17

Hi all, I am 28 weeks now! Still on bed rest and no symptoms. Kentuckymjw that is such a fabulous story to hear. I am sooo glad you are at a much safer 32 weeks now. I sometimes get myself upset when i think about the outcome of what could of happened at 25 weeks. My job was very physical and active too. I am now also a great believer in bed rest. My aim now is to stay pregnant until next year. I will be 30 weeks on News Years Eve. I do hope and pray that i get there. EmmaJane hows it going with you?


toric - December 20

Definately go to a maternal-fetal specialist. I go for my cervix every three weeks and it isn't even dilated or shortened or changed at all/ (I am 23 weeks) They are just very very careful because I had surgery 4 years ago on my cervix.


toric - December 20

Alos, I forgot my most important point. If you go in time they can put whta is caled a cerclage in which is just a small st_tch in the cervix to keep it closed. This has helped stopped many many pre-term labors from occuring. I would schedule the appointment pronto. If you take the proper precautions than I am sure everything will be just fine. Good luck!


blessedmom78 - December 22

Hi EmmaJane-I'm so glad you are still doing well! I have a condition called incompetent cervix, where my cervix thins and dilates without any symptoms at all. So with each pregnancy I get a cerclage (pursestring st_tch) in my cervix to hold it closed and I have regular cervical measurements via v____al ultrasound. I'm a believer in bedrest, as it takes a lot of pressure off of your cervix. I hope you're doing well! Lisa


Lissa - January 3

emma, my cervix started out at 3.1cm at around 23 wks. By 25 to 26 wks it shortened to 2.5 cm. I am almost 30 wks and I have dialated 1 to 1/2 cm, 60% effaced and my cervic is only 1.5 cm long now. I have had contractions that was the cause for mine to shorten but even with that my doctor is confident I won't deliver until at 34 wks and could carry to term. If your cervix is 2.8 cm you have little to worry about unless it continues to shorten. Even if it does they often can prolong labor for weeks. Goodluck


PrincessesMom - January 8

Hello ladies! I will be 29 weeks tomorrow and am on very strict bed rest too. My cervix is 2.5 cm thick, I am 1 cm dialated, and 80% effacted. My Dr. thinks that I can make it to 34 or 35 weeks if I do everything that I am told. It is so hard not knowing what to expect! If I just had a date, I could start planning and dealing with the outcome.....I HATE not knowing!!!!!!!!!!


GiGi - January 12

Hi guys! I am 25 weeks and my cervix went from 5.0 cm to 2.2cm in 4 weeks. I have been a wreck! Had a follow up with my regular doc yesterday. He said my cervix feels great, better than he expected. No bedrest, meds, etc right now. They did the swab test to be sure that labor was not imminent. I should know by Monday if that is positive or negative. I went into PTL at 32 weeks with my daughter. Dialated to 1 and 90% effaced. Had the magnesium sulfate drip, bedrest, and medications and held off until 36 weeks. I am trying to be positive! Sure is hard knowing such a quick change happened in a month!


PrincessesMom - January 12

GiGi, how long were you at 1cm and 90%?


Percy - January 12

hi, I was at 20 wks and went into PTL. I have fibroids and they were causing me some discomfort, but I knew something was wrong with the pain I was feeling. This is my second pregnancy, but first to reach 20 wks. I m/c at 8 weeks at the last pregnancy. I saw a regular OB GYN because my high risk dr was on vacation during the pains. It was the day after Christmas. The regular OB didnt know what she was looking at. She told me it was nothing and I should go home to rest. It was probably the fibroids. Two days later I was still uncomfortable and worried. I called my regular Dr and she saw me immediately. after her exam she rushed me to Labor and delivery and admitted me. I was experiencing PTL and my cervix was down to 1.2 cm! They rushed to hydrate me amd stop the contractions that were now 2 mins apart. I was in the hospital for three days and they were able to stop the contractions. I was given ,medication, but they said that I could not stay on them. The best they could do was send me home and be put on bedrest. I am now at 23 wks and praying all will go well. I am not sure what else i can do. I am not even sure how strict they want my bedrest. I am trying to stay in bed all day and night,except to go to the bathroom. it is really hard. i have another dr's appt next week to find out how I am doing. i am not a candidate for the cervical st_tch due to my fibroids.



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