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cat - November 11

Hi, I am 22 weeks and at my Ob visit this week I had a cervical scan done. It showed my cervix to be 2 cm. I began bleeding during the scan, and my Dr admitted me to the hospital. The scan I had there determined my cervix to be 2.5 cm. My question is, has anyone had a shortened cervix and continued to a full term delivery w/o being put on bed rest? My Dr did not put me on bed rest because the bleeding stopped, but I am concerned about being on my feet alot with a this shortened cervix. Thanks in advance for your replies. Cat


Lynne - November 11

Do you have a high risk doctor? If this is a regular ob I would get a second opinion and see a high risk doctor. You don't want to take any chances with your baby. Also, put yourself on modified bedrest and try to stay off your feet until you get more information from your doctor or from another one.


kim - November 11

I agree with Lynne, you should seek another opinion, this is way to early to be dialating. Given a women can stay dialated up to 5 cm for a few weeks but you are only 22 weeks. I would be very concerned! Definately take it easy until you know for sure.


cat - November 11

I am seing a high risk Dr due to several miscarriages. I am not dialated. My cervix is closed, but has shortened to 2 cm instead of the normal 4cm it should be. Just to clarify any confusion to kim. Thanks ladies


Lynne - November 14

Hi Cat. Have you been diagnosed with an incompetent cervix? I understand that you haven't dialated but it does sound like you are thinning and gravity doesn't help this at all. If it is possible, I would put myself on modified bedrest. If you work, maybe you could make sure you have a sit down job and take something to prop your feet up on. Also, there is a message board on msn called the incompetent cervix support group. I was diagnosed with incompetent cervix. I thinned out and woke up bleeding and was dialated to 5-6 cm by the time I got to the hospital. I had a rescue cerclage placed that lasted for 3 days then my water broke. My son was born at 25.1 weeks and he died a month later in the NICU. On the msn message board there are a lot of women who have thinned out down to even less than you and gone on to have healthy happy babies. I hope I have helped you in some way and I hope you check out that board. Even if you haven't been diagnosed with IC the stories from other women with similar situations will hopefully help you. Congrats on your pregnancy and bless you. - L


cat - November 17

lynne, I haven't been officially diagnosed with IC, but i did see my dr this week and had another scan and my cervix is still the same. He did tell me to quit work and he put me on brethene to take because sometimes i get period like cramping. I have started spotting during the last 2 transv____al scans and never had trouble with spotting before with scans or intercourse. Could this spotting be a result of my cervix shortening? Next week my dr wants to do the fetal-fibronectin test. we'll see how that goes. Thansk for your reply, and i am so sorry about your loss. Thanks, cat


Lynne-Hey Cat How Are You? - December 5

Hi Cat. I was just looking at some of the posts. I was just wondering how you are doing. You are in my thoughts, I hope all is well. - Lynne


Chris - December 8

Hi Cat, I'm 28 weeks and I just got taken off work and put to bed rest for the same thing. My cervix is 2.4. They also put me on some medicine to slow down contractions. I have alot of Braxton Hicks contractions. I have to be on a monitor 1 hour twice a day.


Treebug - December 20

I have a condition called incompetent cervix. I was 22 weeks along when I went into premature labor due to it. Get a second opinion. My doctor didn't check for the symptoms and I gave live birth almost two weeks ago. Jonathan lived for 3 hours. The loss of a child that you have had growing inside of you is a very hard thing to go through.


deeplyhumanistic - December 26

When I was prego at 22 weeks my cervix was 2.3cm and started to funnel (open from the inside out.) My midwife sent me to a high risk doc in order to be safe. As an ICU RN I requested to go on bedrest and they let me. Although they say the research doesnt prove it helps. My very experienced ultrasound tech said that she feels that bed rest helps after her many years of working with this situation. Then at 24 weeks my midwife checked me and could fit a whole finger in my---my cervix opened and it shortened to 1.5cm. I was scarred to death. They sent me to the hospital right away. They did a very accurate test (VJ swab) called Fetal Fibronectin and it came back good meaning that I have a 99% chance of not going into labor for the next two weeks. They wanted to do an amniocentesis suspecting infection but I refused. However, they put me on a natural progesterone v____al suppository (the pregnancy hormone) and I believe that it helped. They sent me home on really strict bed rest. Hurray! I am now 38 weeks!!!! Now they may have to induce me. I just want all you to know that there are good stories out there. I did alot of prayer though. Also, the reason for my shortened cervix was a bicornute uterus (abnormal heart shaped uterus.) There are many reasons why the cervix shortens and it does make you at higher risk for preterm delivery. My advice is make sure you get bed rest. It is a serious thing even if your doc doesnt take it that serious. Take every precaution that you can. Its not worth risking the babies life. If you already have history of it or miscarriages you definantly should do everything you can. Progesterone deficiency could also be a cause. This was my first pregnacy so it was scarry because I have no history to project off of. Still take your precautions. Dont wait to see what happens. Good Luck!


kasiawojo - January 11

I am 23 weeks pregnant and was told 3 days ago my cervix was 2.4cm. my midwife is in the process of refering me to an obstetrician, however also doesn`t seem to be too concerned. i have had two very healthy, overdue, LARGE boys in the last 4 years and having any complications with pregnancy is very new to me. Has anyone been told to `take it easy`and left at that despite having two children under 4yrs. What does `take it easy` mean when advised by a health care professional.


deeplyhumanistic - January 12

23 weeks is still very early to have any shortened cervix. The same exact thing happened to me at 23 weeks but my cervix was 2.3cm. Normally it should be between 3-5cm. My midwife didnt seem too concerned but the radiologist who did my ultrasound seemed concerned which prompted me to show concern and she referred me to a high risk doc to be safe. The next week my cervix totally opened 40% effaced and 1.5cm shorter. Its not worth it to risk your babies life and health. they told me to take it easy when this all started too. I just did the dishes, cooked lightly, didnt walk around much etc... but my cervix still thinned more.... so bed rest is the best thing you can do, dont risk it. Its ok to go to the bathroom and get up at times for the kids, but save your energy for those priorities. Also, dont have s_x, I am sure you know. If you had 2 full terms babies before then something might be up. My cervix thinned cuz i have an abnormal shaped uterus, but if you were fine before you could have a subclinical infection in your uterus. This is a big cause. the only treatment is antibiotics and the research is scant on whehter they even work. So I rejected any amniocentsis I didnt want to make the problem worse. Anyways, good luck. Maybe u could try eating a immune promoting and bacterial food like garlic---not too much. studies show that such foods can be smelled in the a fluid after birth, showing that they will work there. I am over 40 weeks now. I wish the same for you. Good luck.


deeplyhumanistic - January 12

btw these terms "take it easy" "pelvic rest" "modified-strict bedrest" are all relative terms and really up to you to interpret. Bed rest isnt even proven to work, and some docs seem sort of skeptical about it. its just an intuitive, common sense sort of logic used in these cases. For example, Lying on your side does really slow down labor for many women when it is going too fast. So it probably really works and takes pressure off the cervix. If you are working Short term disability will approve you for having a shortened cervix.


traveler - January 12

I gave birth to a healthy baby boy who was born 9 days past his due date. My first pregnancy was normal with no complications. My second pregnancy didn't go well. My cervix shortened to 1.5cm at 18.5weeks. My perinatologist didn't say anything abou bedrest, but my regular OB prescribed strict bedrest for me after an emergency cerclage. I think bedrest definitely helps.



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