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Confused - March 1

Hi everyone...I have quite a few questions and I will try to ask them without confusing everyone...I have Endometriosis and was told I would not be able to get pregnant...I did 6 months of Lupron injections and afterward my periods were really funny...I wouldnt get a period for months and they would put me on Provera,my period would come...A few months later it would happen again...The last time I was on Provera was in November...I had a period at the end of November and at the end of December...I do not remember if I had one in January or not...Yea shame on me for not keeping track...OK so I was scheduled to have surgery today...Went in for my Pre-op...They call me back and tell me I will not be having surgery because I am pregnant...Imagine my surprise!...That was February 18th...I had an U/S on February 24th...They could see the sac but no Yolk or Heartbeat and by size they estimated me at 5 weeks...I went in today for an exam and stuff and the nurse told me I was 10 1/2 weeks which really threw me off...They told me the 1st time my due date was Oct 27th...Today they say Oct 4th...But my Dr said he couldnt feel the baby yet and to come back in 2 weeks and they would try again...I am a little worried now because I have had alot of cramping everyday...And headaches...Other than that and sore br___ts I have no other symptoms...With my son I was nauseous everyday 24/7...I am trying to enjoy not being sick this time around but it is just kind of worrying me now...Should I be concerned or am I being way over-protective here?...Thanks in advance everyone...


$weetne$$ - March 1

try to remember dat every woman is different, including every pregnancy and therefore you can have different symptoms with another pregnancy. Some woman also report that they've had different symptoms while carrying the opposite s_x to their first child, i wouldnt be too worried. Also the doctors may be a little wrong with your dates and thats why they cant see no heartbeat yet, and also you get bigger quicker when its your second your more pregnancy. Try not to worry and start t enjoy your pregnancy, im sure everything will be alright :)



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