Should I Be Worried My Blood Type Is Rh O Neg

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Michele - December 25

My doctor is concerned due to my blood type. He mentioned I would have to get a needle @ 26 weeks if my husbands blood type is not compatiable?


Sarah - January 4

How you heard anything about this because I am O+ and my boyfriend is O- and I have had 2 miscarraiges


Elisha - January 9

Dont be worried. You will have to get a few extra shots but there is nothing to worry about. I am also O- and my hubby is AB+ so I had to get the shots. Just be glad you are having one baby (al least I a__sume you are only having 1). I had twins so I had to get 2 rhogam shots after the babies were born. :o) Good luck to you!


karen - January 12

dont be worried about been rh o neg. i also am rh neg and have had 3 healthy children with no problem at all


Lisa - January 13

I'm Rh-Neg (B-) and I've had two healthy girls. My husband was not compatible. I don't believe there's anything to worry about.


marcie - January 28

I have a 7 year old son and am rh o - I had to have the shots with my son and afterwards. Now eight yeasrs later I am trying to have another child. In november I misscarried. We are ready to start trying agin but I am wondering if I could of possible misscarried due to my blood type. Any help would be graet. Thanks


lilliam - January 30

all they have to do is give u a shot so u r body doesnt reget the baby u should be fine good luck


Tanya - February 2

This is my third pregnancy and I had the rhogam shot at 26 weeks with my son and daughter and now with this pregnancy. It doesn't hurt and didn't cause me any problems with any of my children so far. My blood type is 0-not compatible with my husbands 0+ but everything has been fine with first two and I am now in 3rd trimester with my last.


erica - February 3

I also am RH -...just found out a few weeks ago. Dr. said not to worry, we just need to get the shot. They probably tested you for antibodies also at that appt when they drew your blood. As long as that was negative, you should be just fine. Even if it was positive, I think they really monitor it to be sure you and the baby are safe....



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