Should I Keep Rechecking My HCG Levels

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jiffiner - July 26

I have 2 healthy girls, 8 and 6. I have had 2 MC in the past year around 8 weeks. With the first MC, my first HCG at about 4 weeks was 13 and it never kept doubling like it is suppose to. With the 2nd MC my levels went up but when I had an U/S at 8 weeks the fetus had stopped growing. I am now 5W pregnant and I had my first HCG last Monday and it was 113. Two days later it doubled like it should. I went to a specialist after the 2 MC and he is going to see me until I get at least 12 weeks and then send me back to my regular OB. The specialist doesn't want me to check my HCG levels again because he said they doubled like they were suppose to. My levels doubled with the 2nd MC but I still lost the baby. I would like your opinion.


Tory1980 - August 2

Personally for me I am glad our hCG levels aren't checked here. I am in Northern Ireland and this is something that just isn't done as routine. We do a pregnancy test and that is us until we miscarry or deliver. I honestly believe pregnancy is stressful enough without worrying about numbers being where they need to be especially since the averages have a HUGE difference between them. Pregnancy after miscarriage is one of the most stressful things I have ever had to get through (I have also had two m/c's) and I am glad I didn't have tests all the time. I would imagine you are panicing like crazy. However, if it will put your mind at rest there is no harm with getting the numbers checked again and your doctor shouldn't mind doing it in order to help you relax. Ask him to maybe re-check just this once more and if tehy are where you need them to be then leave it and enjoy the pregnancy as much as you can. The fear never really goes unfortunately. Congratulations on your pregnancy though. I hope it is a long and sticky nine months for you!


Malica - August 2

They don't routinely test your HCG levels in Canada either. I don't mean for this to sound as heartless as it will, but it is sort of pointless to test HCG levels. First trimester MCs will either happen or not happen, and there is nothing a doctor can do about it. The fact your doctor isn't worried in the least though I'd take as a very positive sign and try not to worry about it.


jiffiner - August 4

Thanks for the response. I did have it checked once more after I posted this and the level was 1697. To my knowledge it never got this high with either of the miscarriages so I feel really pleased with the results and I am not going to check it again. For Tory1980-you also said you had 2 miscarriages. Did they do tests and find a reason that you had them?


Tory1980 - August 4

Jiffiner, I had my first m/c at 6weeks and my 2nd and 14w4d. My 2nd was a silent m/c and I didn't have a clue until I went for a routine scan which was incredibly hard. The first I started miscarrying not long after I found out I was pregnant so there was no testing doen and the fact I had carried two children already they put it down to simple bad luck. With my second they offered testing and we agreed to it but changed our minds over the weekend and decided it was enough to know the baby had just died and we got the baby back and had her buried. In some ways I wish we had had testing done but at the same time we are glad we didn't. It could have taken months for the results back from the autopsy etc and it would have been worse with the waiting that it is now with the not knowing. Amazing numbers with you little one! Twins????


jiffiner - August 4

Have you gotten pregnant since the 2 miscarriages? I am now having problems with blood pressure. It runs in my family and it seems to be surfacing now with the pregnancy.


Tory1980 - August 5

Jiffiner, yes gotten pregnanct after both of them. I didn't have AF after my first one so when I found out I was pregnant it was a bit of a shock and he is now two(my third son). With my 2nd m/c I fell pregnant with my daughter on my 2nd cycle after the m/c. Pregnancy causes a lot of problems with BP but with it runnnig in the family hopefully they will keep a very close eye on your and the little one. Is it real yet or are you still in 'panicing' mode?


Tory1980 - August 5

Oh and my daughter is now 8 months - sorry forgot to mention that!



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