Slight Bleeding At 8 Wees

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Sarah - November 3

I bled slightly on Sunday afternoon slightly, and then it stopped. I have got up this morning and am bleeding again and it is very red, but you can only see it when I wipe myself. Gone to doctors today who has told me it is extremely common, but this is my second child and I did not experience it with my first and I am so worried. I am going for a scan tomorrow, but I am dreading it in case of bad news, has anybody else experienced this so they can put my mind at rest?


BUSI - November 6



princes518 - November 11

Same with me only my u/s isnt untill 5 days from now. Its really scary. Did you cramp at all? How ae you doing now?


kate - November 13

i am having a similar problem. i am 9 weeks, and am bleeding. not enough to go on a pad, but only when i wipe. i am very anxious about it. it started with some very light brown discharge and is now almost like a period. i too am having stomach cramps. i am worried i am miscarrying


nikki - November 13

i am 6 weeks along and 2 days ago i spotted, same as you only noticeable when i wiped, and then today i began spotting again and it was more red in color, i called my ob and he said it was totally normal (im still a nervous wreck) i am also cramping


mj - November 13

I started out spotting and than bleeding( but not as bad as a period) It lasted for 5 days. But i never had any clots or tissue. I also was cramping but very mild. Anyway i had some blood work done and my utrasound is on Tuesday. I am very nervous but i think everything is ok. has anyone else had this happen? Can you have a miscariage without pa__sing any clots or tissue?


dezzz - November 15

I am pregnant for the third time and having spotting again. With my first two (heathly children) I spotted also. With my last one I ran to the doc everytime it happened and get the peace of mind everything is still ok. Peace of mind is everything- get checked so you can sleep at night.


Roberta - November 15

Hi Sarah, I am going through the exact same thing as you are right now. This all happened today. I fear I am having a miscarriage. I'm very much in the beginning stages of pregnancy (approx. 4 weeks). My urine tests are very faint in colour - just to say that I am pregnant. I'm rambling, sorry!!! I'll definitely keep up with your inquiry as it gives me hope to see all the women who have this in common.


workaholic - November 16

I too am going through this I am approx. 4 weeks I haven't even been to the doctor yet this will be my 4th child and I started spotting last night it goes from pink to red to brown, I've never experienced this before and a little paranoid so it makes me feel better i'm not alone.


Sarah - November 16

Hi there, i have also the same thing. About 7 weeks gone (first baby so all quite scarey). Am really glad to hear similar experiences makes me feel not quite so alone. Hubby is being great but doesn't really understand!


belindabea - November 16

My daughter is 8 weeks and has had spotting for about 4 weeks, very slight starting pink and now red. Her doctor has told her that some mothers do have this and can be quite normal. She like you is very worried though, she has a scan tomorrow to see if all is as it should be. Good luck. Will let you know how it goes. Belinda


Shannon - November 16

I am currently 6 almost 7 weeks pregnant. I started spotting on Thursday and called the doctor. Nurse said it was a possible impending miscarriage and scheduled me for an appointment for the next day. They informed me that my pregnancy hormone levels were less than half of what they should be and did an examine. After the examine he determined that he thought it was tubial so he scheduled me for an ultrasound. During the ultrasound they found a happy healthy baby with astrong heartbeat. I was told I had bleeding around the placenta and that in some ca__ses womes go on to have healthy pregnancies, I am still bleeding red with mild cramping and on progesterone. I go back to the doctor on Friday. I also did not have these complications with my first child and the blood is only visible when I wipe too. Sorry for the novel but I thought I might let you know that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Good luck and god bless!


eyebeeablessing2u - November 17

This info is found on Ligament Stretching From the beginning stages of pregnancy until the last trimester, it is common to get cramps a__sociated with ligaments stretching. Those ligaments are stretching regularly to accommodate your growing uterus. These cramps usually occur on one or both sides of the abdomen. Bright Red Spotting Bright red bleeding is usually an indicator of fresh blood. If you experience bright red spotting, it is important to let your caregiver know. While it doesn´t always dictate a possible complication, bright red spotting does need to be monitored. Light Spotting During early pregnancy, light spotting can be quite normal. As implantation continues, blood vessels can burst, causing light bleeding. If you experience light spotting, be sure to let your caregiver know so that he or she can monitor you appropriately When Cramping Is Not Accompanied By Bleeding/Spotting During the beginning stages of pregnancy, it is very common to cramp, and the cramps usually feel like the cramps that begin close to your menses. These cramps are normal, and as long as they are not accompanied by spotting, bleeding, or extreme pain, then things should be just fine. Pink Spotting Pink spotting is another dictator of possible continuing implantation. Pink spotting is quite normal, but should still be monitored to ensure that it doesn´t progress, i.e., get heavier, get bright red, or accompanied by severe cramping. Signs If you have these symptoms, and you either suspect that you are pregnant, or if you are in early pregnancy, call your doctor: Vaginal Bleeding, Shoulder Pain, Abdominal Pain, Weakness or Dizziness, While these feelings can also be a normal part of pregnancy, let your OB know to what extent you are experiencing them.


Jaime Parton - November 23

I am also 6, almost 7 weeks pregnant. Today is Tuesday, and I started with faint pink spotting on Saturday. I am already sick with worry and am going for a sonogram tomorrow. Hoping for the best.


Chrissy - November 24

I had bleeding like that on my first and unfortunatly I miscarried the baby a week later. Go get checked out at your local genocologist unit


Jamie - November 25

I had bleeding like that with my second child which lasted 3 or 4 days, quite steadily but with no cramping. It stopped and never came back. I am now 7 weeks and it has started in the same way. I am terrified again, but trying to rea__sure myself that it is around the same time as the last child. Unfortunately, you just never know. Take it easy, but try to go about life as much as possible. Last time, my dr. put me on complete bed rest. It drove me nuts and I doubt it made much difference.


Ariela - November 27

Hey, well my period was due on May 7th, 2004, on the 5th i had a light brown discharge and so i thought i was going to get my period, but then it didnt come. So i started to think that maybe i didnt see that brown discharge. So anyways a week later i had s_x with my bf and i started spotting right after,, i thought it was because i was gonna get my period since i was already a week late so i didnt worry about it, i thought i would start bleeding by the next morning. Well my period didnt come and i found out I was pregnant. At 7 weeks and 9 i spotted for like 2 days again. I went to the doctors and they just told me that if its not bright red then to not worry about it that it just happens, but still i would worry cuz i had never been pregnant before and thought i would probably miscarriage but my spotting was just brownish pink. Well my point is that im 7 mo. pregnant and everything is fine.



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