Slight Cramping OK At 5wks

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Missy - February 3

I am about 5.5 wks. I have felt cramps for the past two weeks. They do not hurt like a period cramp. It almost feels like I am about to start my period, kind of like that pressure feeling. Is this normal???


jay jay - February 7

hi missy, im 5 1/2 weeks too, i get lower back pain and abdominal pain mostly throughout da day, and i feel lightheaded, but no sickness yet, but i was told its normal, my belly is gettin ready to expand lol!


Missy - February 8

Hi jay jay - I went to the Doctor's yesterday (2/7) he says it's fine as long as there is no bleeding. He said that my body will tell me when it is not OK - he also said I have to remember that there is a baby growing inside of me and that there wil be stretching and pulling while my uterus expands - haha like I could forget! BTW - I am at exactly 6 weeks, due on 10/3. We should keep in touch - this is my first pregnancy and it's nice to know there is someone else there who feels like I do!


Beth - February 11

I was very happy to see this post. I am almost to the end of my fifth week and am feeling a little uncomfortable in the abdominal area. This is my first, so I'm not really sure what to expect. I'm just happy to see there are others out there just like me.


Denielle - April 18

Jay Jay, how are you doing now? Your symptoms at 5 wks sound just like the one's I am feeling now. I am at 5 wks and have had abdominal cramping and the lower back pain since yesterday. My doctors are checking my blood levels again tomorrow since it is too early for an ultrasound. Just wondered if that all ended being okay for you? If anyone else has suggestions or feedback, please share. Thanks! :)


Ashley - May 8

i am about 5 weeks and i have been having abdominal pain also and i didnt know if it was normal either but after reading this i feel alot better and i hope everybodys pregnancy turns out good!


Nina - May 15

Hi all I am at 5 weeks too, this is my first so I'm a little anxious, its good to hear that these symptoms are the norm. got my first scan tues to ensure alls ok as was embarking on ivf and discovered i was pregnant. fingers x thinking of you all!


Beth - May 16

Just posting an update - I had some discomfort in the abdominal area in my 5th week. I am now 18 weeks, and everything is going great! We are going to find out in about a week whethr it is a boy or a girl!


Denielle - May 16

Hi Ladies, I am 9 weeks now ans all is good so far. I have had 2 sonograms and saw the heartbeat....amazing. I have a third this Thursday. I am having so many sonograms because we did IVF. Anyway, I am so hopeful for all of you and looking forward to hearing your progress. Has anyone had really bad headaches? I just started to get mine yesterday and they are brutal. :( Best Wishes to all. :)


Nina - May 17

Well girls after a worrying few days, as was readvised i was having another blood test today, not scan, I have the news that its doubling as it should be, is at a v good level!! thank god! so excited & can't wait till the scan which is now booked in. no headaches just v tired at mo but not complaining.


Denielle - May 17

Hi Nina! I was very tired too. Still am. I often sleep in my car at lunch, which I have never done before not even when I have been sick. So, being tired is a GREAT sign. Hopefully your sickness wont be bad. Mine has been pretty great. Just some nausia every few days and then the headaches. Looking forward to hearing about your progress. Try not to get too worried about different feelings/symptoms. Whenever I get scared I pray and it helps with the anxiety. Just a thought. I will be thinking good thoughts for you. :)


Nina - May 18

Denielle thats so funny re sleeping in your car at lunch! I too have been doing a lot of praying! & it has helped. thanks a lot 4 msg - all the best for tomo. bye 4 now.


Mandy - June 30

Hi ladies,I am 5.2 weeks along and I have the slight cramping and lower back ache. I am glad to hear that there are others just as paranoid as myself. This may sound kinda yucky, but has anyone experienced the increased amount of v____al secretions in early pregnancy?


Denielle - June 30

Hi Mandy! Yes, I experienced that too early on and I am almost 16 weeks now. I think you are fine as long as there is no bleeding. I was told the cramping is from your uterus making room for the little one. :)


Krissy - July 2

Missy, I was just about to type this question! I have a stomach ache every day and I am beginning my fifth week. It is exactly how you wrote it. I am nervous though because I just had an ectopic in January. It sounds like this pressure is normal!!!!



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