Slight Wetting In My Underwear

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Leena15 - November 4

Hi: Lately I have noticed that on occasion there is slight wetness in my underwear. Could this be urine loss or is this loss in fluid. According to my last check ups and U/S things seem o.k. I am just nervous - can someone help?


Amanda - November 4

I have noticed this too. It also has a slight odor. I talked to my doctor and he said it was normal. He said it could be anything from sweat to cervical mucos or a mix of things.


klm - November 4

I had this too and went in to the dr to find out it was a bladder infection, being pregnant other symptoms had gone by without notice or I just thought were due to pregnancy but you should get it checked out. If it is an infection and goes untreated it could lead to more serious complications like kidney infections.


Uiiii.............. - November 5

I am in worse situation: Every time I sneeze I pee. Terrible. Wetness could be a v____al discharge common during pregnancy. Ask your doctor.


Lindsey - November 13

I had this too and found out I had a urinary tract infection-and a bad one. I had no other symptoms though, no pain no burning, no blood. Def have it checked out, the relief is worth the embarra__sing conversation :)


Tina - November 19

I experienced a tiny gush of clear fluid 6 days afer an amniocentisis. I went to the hospital and was told it was not amniotic fluid but most likely urine. 2 1\2 weeks later I went for my schuduled ultrasound. I was told there was barely any fluid around the baby. I am not on complete bedrest and it has been a nightmare. They are hopeful that because I began leaking after an amnio that with bedrest it will heal and the fluid will rebuild.


hmm - January 29

you can't trust a doctor to say that it's not fluid. their tests are inaccurate & it will always come out as saying it's urine. this happened to one lady that had an amniocentisis done at 19 weeks...she lost her baby at 23 weeks. doctors kept telling her it was urine until they finally did an ultrasound.



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