Slow Fetal Heart Beat

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Stefani - February 4

My husband went for an US yesterday thinking we were at 8wk3d....we were wrong. The ultrasound says 6wk 3d and the heart beat was really slow...88. Does anyone have a success story? My doc wasn't great about it all. We have another ultrasound scheduled for next week, but it would just be nice to know if someone came through with flying colors at a later US? I had a miscarriage in Oct and I am wondering if my ovulation could be off. Any thoughts are welcome.


Debbie - February 15

Hi! I went thru the exact same thing this month. At 7 weeks the baby's hb was only 81 bpm. and measured only a little over 5 weeks. At 8 weeks, the heartbeat went up to 91 bpm but 3 days later with a repeat US there was no heart beat and the baby hadn't grown at all. I ended up miscarrying. I am so sorry. My doctor's advised when there is a slow heart beat and slow growth there is a 50/50 chance that the baby with make it to the 2nd trimester. Good luck.


Sue - February 21

Did you have a prior US letting you know that you should've been at 8wk3d? If not, it is possible that your ovulation was off from what you expected. If you did... I just went through the same situation. We should have been 7wk5d and we were 6wk2d. I was SO discouraged. Both my doctor and radiologist were GREAT about hoping for the best. They sent me on my way for a week saying that "stranger things have happened, Sue." My doctor explained that my baby had a reason for progressing slower than expected (I had a subchorionic bleed), but that didn't mean that the baby couldn't make it! The more nurses and medical people that I talked to just kept saying that children (especially babies) are resilient... and there is great reasons for hope. I'm not going to lie to you. We went back on Wednesday of last week and got bad news... but, I think my case was a lot less hopeful than yours. Our heartbeat was weak, sporatic and couldn't be measured on the Doppler, but could only be seen visually. I'm praying and hoping for your little one. I was full of hope the whole week as are you and I admire your positive spirit. I think it is the only way to handle where you are.


Toni - June 24

Hi there, I'm going through the exact same thing. I am at 7 weeks now and had my ultrasound today and baby's heartbeat measured 80 bpm and I have another ultrasound scheduled for 7 days. I have had 3 miscarriages so far and my doctor doesn't seem positive about this pregnancy. I wish I had some words of encouragement for well as myself.



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