Slow Heart Rate At 6 7 Weeks

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JMK - September 24

Ryan I am not sure if you are going to check this post today...but i know today is a big day for you. I hope all goes well. We had a similar situation...heartbeat around 65 at week 6 day 6... we go back on friday the 25th..... we are pregnant with twins, (hopefully still anyway) and one baby was 132bp....which is great, only it makes the other 65bp sound so scary. Let me know how it goes...


lisam2122 - December 18

Hi everyone....This blog has been very helpful. Back in October I had a miscarriage I was not that far along. I took a home preg test and it was positive. I went to the Dr. 10 days ago for blood work and that came back positive and my levels were really high. Today I went for my first ultra sound and I was told that I am 7 weeks and 4 days along. The babys heart rate was 88 bpm. My docot said this was low and that it can go either way. She took blood to check my levels. Has this happened to anyone? And was the outcome good? I'm not sure I can handle another miscarriage. Thank you


panzergirl - February 6

lisam - what was your outcome? I had my first v____al u/s at exactly 7w0d. All measurements looked good, but the heart rate was 84. Doc said 50/50 chance it could go either way, and to come back in one week. He didn't take any blood. Since then, I feel like my symptoms have been fading - Im just feeling fatigued, but I think it may be b/c I'm depressed. I've had no spotting, bleeding, or cramps. Anyway, I just thought I'd post my experience b/c this thread has been so helpful to me in my wait for my next u/s, which is on Monday at noon. Thanks for listening!


Buescobaby - December 4

I read EVERY post to this blog early in my pregancy this exact time last year and I always swore that I would post my outcome when I was ready in hopes of helping someone else in the future. My DH and I got pregnant through IVF last year, I was 27. First ultrasound at 8 weeks showed the baby with a fetal heart rate in the low 80s. I was beyond devasted and crushed and accepted that the odds weren't good and I would have to say goodbye to a baby that i had just gotten to fall in love with. Today, that beautiful baby is 4.5 months old and is healthy and a full of smiles and sa__s :) Miracles happen, please don't give up no matter how bleak. I was so lost after that ultrasound and I didn't know what to do (because there is nothing you can do but wait) so I prayed and hoped and prayed some more. Her heart rate went from low 80's at 8 weeks to low 100's at 9 weeks to the 160's by 10 weeks and then stayed in the 130's for most of my pregnancy. I gave birth to her in July. I've never forgotten nor gotten over how hard this was and my heart goes out to everyone who ever has to go through this ~ it's absolute torture and a nightmare. Hang on and hope and believe that miracles happen and babies can defy science.


naksadelskja - January 15

Hi all, When I was 7w0d (according to my dates) I went to have an u/s which dated me as 5w2d.. there was no heartbeat or fetal pole as yet. The doc said I should go for another u/s in 2 weeks time which I did.. but this time the scan dated me as 6w1d even though 2 weeks had past.. also the heartrate was 79.8bpm. I'm confused because my hormones are raging.. i'm nauseous every day, throw up most days.. i can barely touch my b___sts due to tenderness and i'm constantly sleepy. I've had no bleeding or spotting.. but everything I read suggests I should be ready for a m/c soon. I want to hope, but I think i'll be setting myself up for a fall if I do. Thanks for all of your stories.. i've just sat here and read all 22 pages. It's good to know that I'm not alone. Rani


scullywag - February 11

Hi, I went in for a internal u/s today as I has slight bleeding/spotting yesterday morning which stopped pretty much straight after it started. My blood type is a neg. I thought I was about 6 - 7 weeks but the scan revealed that it was alot smaller so around the 5 week mark and she was concerned with the heart rate with it being 97bmp Is this low? This is my first preg and Im 30. I havent had any morning sickness but have tender b___sts and always need to go for an afternoon nap cause im tired. Am I stressing out over nothing??


scullywag - February 11

Hi, I went for an internal U/S today as I had a bit of bleeding yesterday. Im 30 years old, my blood type is A neg, I havent had any morning sickness but I have been tired and have tender b___st. I thought I was aroun th 7weeks mark but the scan showed today I was smaller around the 5wks. Also the dr was concerned on the heart rate with it being 97bmp. IS this low if I am 5 weeks opposed to 7 weeks? She wants to see me again in 2 weeks for another scan, but Im starting to stress now. This is my first preg. Am I stressing over nothing?


worried_jayne - March 30

Can anyone help me???? I went for my 2nd scan today and they advised me i am 6w2d pregnant and carrying twins. They said that one of them had a very low heartbeat and the other one couldnt be detected atal and i need to go back in 9 days to have another us. I had spotting at the weekend, hence having the 2nd scan today. The nurse advised me that there is a vey high chance that i will ms. Has anyone else been in the same situation and had a positive outcome???


harmony - April 7

Hi Scully and Rani, do you have any updates, as I am in a similar boat with an u/s at 6 weeks showing a heart rate of 75. I'm counting the hours till my next u/s next week!


rulonda - April 18

im turn 7 weeks friday and i went to the obgyn last tuesday the baby heart rate was 93 at the time i was 6 weeks and 5 days is the normal


meghans - January 16

I had a similar experience. I went Friday (7weeks 2 days) and had heart rate of 105. The nurse read it twice and got the same 105, I didn't know if that was low or what? The dr came in and told me they like to see if closer to 120. He did not seem hopeful and wants to see me back in a week. He said it could be great next week, we will see, but he was preparing me for the worse case scenario I think...I am trying to stay positive and hopeful but if he wasn't very hopeful, how am I supposed to be? I almost wish they had just said, we want to see where you and baby are next week and then told me then... Not spike my attention and alarm me, only to have my hopes burst to go home and wait a week... I pray for you and hope your outcome is a positive one. I will let you know how it goes next week. If I can wait that long.


jayri14 - January 27

Hello Everyone! My wife and I just returned from the OB today after our third u/s. The second u/s found twins. We are 7 weeks and 3 days along but one is measuring 6 weeks 3 days and the other 6 weeks. The last u/s found a fetal pole with a hr of 108 in the one that is 6wks 3days along. The other doesn't show anything yet but there was a small spec on the u/s indicating a second fetal pole may be developing. Ultrasound tech told us the heartbeat was on the low side of the normal range. We met with the OB today and she is showing some concern over the hr and that with my wife's HCG levels being 18,000 we should be seeing more on the u/s. The waiting is the hardest part but was looking for some feedback form anyone that may have experienced a similar situation. OB seems to think this could go either way which really dampened our sprits. Next u/s is scheduled for next Wed. 2/2


Tav - April 12

Hello everyone! I had my u/s on Sunday 10th. It was 6w4d but the baby measured only 5w6d. Heartbeat was at 102. Doc said it is low and gave me a 50 50 chance. I am in shock! We got pregnant after 3years of trying and now this. What do you guys think? What chances do I have? I do not have any nausea or morning sickness till now which is also not a good sign. I go for my next u/s on 24th. Some doc told  me slow heartbeat means the baby might develop some genetic disability even if survives. Does anybody have any clue about this then please share it. It would be of great help!  


snugglz1 - November 5

I am 6 weeks pregnant according to my ultrasound measurements and have a fetal heart rate of my baby going to be okay? is this unusual? I am so worried that I will have a miscarriage. I am believing and praying that I will have my repeat ultrasound on Wednesday the 9th and it will be a "normal" heart rate. Anyone have any information or stories they can share where similar circ_mstances were in play and things turned out fine....


Annalise - December 7

snuggiz- how did it go? I'm not sure anyone is still checking this forum, but I'd love to hear from some others. I went in for my u/s yesterday. I thought I was 8w preg but it showed 6w5d. It is possible I could be off since I'd just come off the pill after about 10 years, but the bpm was only 80 so it feels like things are not looking good. Also, I've had few preg symptoms- some b___st tenderness at night but that's about it. No spotting of any kind yet. I have a repeat u/s next Tuesday and I sent all last evening bawling :( I wonder if there is any hope. I can't believe how fast you can go from happy to sad.


pants41 - December 9

I wanted to share my story to give some hope to all those worried expectant mommas carrying babies with slow heartbeats. With this pregnancy, I had my first ultrasound at 6w3d. The heartbeat was 97. They said not to worry, maybe it had just started beating, but to come back in a week. At 7w3d, heartbeat was 67. I was told to expect a miscarriage soon. They said to come back in a week if I didn't miscarry first. I held on to hope, though it was extremely hard to do so. My husband and I prayed a great deal. We knew we really needed a miracle. It was a very long week. The next ultrasound was at 8w3d. Heartbeat was 101....we were shocked, and so grateful. They still wanted me back in a week just to make sure things kept progressing well. At 9w5d, the heartbeat was 163bpm. I know my story is not the norm, and I believe we did receive a miracle, but I wanted to share it to give a little hope to fearful mommas! I have had two previous miscarriages and a loss at 23 weeks, so I KNOW the fear and worry. I live with it, and I don't know if it will subside until I get to hold the little one in my arms. And then there's a whole host of NEW worries! There is hope, every little life is different!



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