Slow Heart Rate At 6 7 Weeks

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Elma - April 6

Hi Ladies I am on my 6th week and I just found out today that my babys hart rate is 90bpm. I did not know if this is normal or not I waited a long time for this I dealt with infertility for a year and. I am soo scared I have a u/s next week dont think I can wait that long. Please Help!!!!


Summer - April 8

Here is my update: Of my twins one is still loking good (7w1d at 150bpm) and the seecond one is looking stronger but still not up to par (6w4d at 103 bpm). I have to wait another week for another u/s. Hopefully it will be good news, but my doctor is not optimistic. Hopefully I will have good news next week.


tammy - April 8

i am 6 weeks along and just had my 1st u/s the heartbeat was only 112 bpm my dr. said that until 7 or 8 wks along the heartbeat is as low as 90 and avg. is 110. I hope this helps.


Reed - April 12

I don't know if this will help but I read on web that 5 to 6 weeks heart rate can be between 90-100. I went to an ultrasound last thursday and doctor told me I am 5 weeks 6 days pregnant with low heart rate, 88 bpm. She said she saw others giving healthy births with 90 and 92 bpm and I am in borderline. I will go for a sonogram at the end of this month, and Still hope for the best. Being stressed and upset do not help us, so we need to be strong and should not lose our hope. If there is a healthy baby, eart rate will probably increase soon. I pray for all of us and wish the best


K - April 13

I am thinking about you all. I had the same situation (baby measuring small, hr very low). Although my situation ended sadly 2 weeks ago, my doc said that he has delivered many healthy babies with low HR. Don't give up hope! Good luck.


Glory - April 16

Hi, I'm 29 and this is my first. I've always have had irregular periods and never expected to become pregnant. I just had my first u/s. The doctor said that the sack messured 7w but the baby mesured 5w5d with a slow h/r. Does anyone know of a web site that gives you ideas on what the h/r should be at a specific point?


nouf - April 16

Hi all.. hope all is well. need support i thought i am 4 weeks but Dr told me i am 6 weeks and he expected the baby to be a bit bigger so is it something to worry about. He told me to come back for u/s next wednesday. my email is


Janet - April 22

Hi all - well, the low heart beat ended and I had a D & C 3 days ago. So sad. My doctor said that he has seen low heart beats make it, but never when he sees it for a few weeks in a row. Good luck to everyone.


shannon - April 25

I went in for u/s today and should of been 7weeks 6days. But measured 6 weeks 4 days. She couldn't detect the heart beat by abdominal u/s so had to do v____al. There was a weak flutter. It doesn't look good. This is likely going to be my 2nd m/c. I was so hopeful that everything was going to be OK this time. I'll see my Dr. Wed and go in for another u/s next week. Ugh!


Linda - April 27

I went in for u/s today and should of been 8weeks 4days. But measured 6 weeks 4 days. She couldn't see the baby by abdominal u/s (tilted uterus)so had to do v____al. She got a 120 bpm heartrate! She says I am measuring 6 weeks but i can't be because the dates don't match up. So baby is small. We shall see what happens. I will see if the doctor can explain why or look on the net some.


Prebble - April 28

I am also in the same boat. Went in for my 1st u/s and they said I am carrying the baby really low in the uterus and the hr is only 75. I was measured at 5.9 weeks. No spotting but some slight cramping. They said the low location may be because my body is expelling it in prep for a m/c. I am so scared... but I have hope. So many people at this stage don't have a heartrate at all. Am I being overly optimistic?


Deeni - April 29

I can't believe how many people are going through the same stress I am. I had an u/s yesterday at 7w 3d and the fetus size was 6w 6d and the doc could not detect a heartbeat. After all my research I found that it's not conclusive unless the fetus is over 9-10 weeks. I am so stressed. Hoping that when I have a second u/s next week there will be growth and a heartbeat!


June - April 29

hi, I'm 42 and just found out that I am m/c again. Last week we heard the heart beat, 97 but my progesterone was only 11. Yesterday the ultrasound showed very little growth and no heart beat. This is my 2nd m/c in 7 months. No cramping or staining yet, just waiting, and denying this is happening again.


Allison - May 3

Hi, I thought I was 7 1/2 weeks pregnant. I had an u/s last week that showed me at 6 weeks. There was a heartbeat, but it was low. My progesterone was also low (11). So now I am taking progesterone and going for another u/s on Thurs. The doctor told me they very rarely see a heartbeat go up and she doesn't have a good feeling about this. I still can't resist the urge to hold on to the hope that everything will be okay. I had a m/c in Oct. Has anyone had a similiar situation that ended in a postive way?


U.T. - May 3

I'm an ultrasound tech and I'm going through the same thing. I'm 6 wks and heart rate is 90. I have done some reading and the books say that the heart rate can be as low as 85 at 5.5 wks. This is the first time you can see a fetal hrt beat. By the 9th or tenth week it should go up to 120 to 180. It is very scary to have a low hrt rate and have to wait a week just like everyone else does. And it is not unusual to measure earlier than what your expected dates are. ( late ovulation, irregular menses) The facility you have your ultrasound with should give the report to your OB. I'm not a doctor, talk to your OB as much as you need to...that's what they are there for. Believe me, I understand how hard it is to wait ( I have to wait a week, too) This would be my second fetal demise this year after trying for a year and a half. I'm trying to be happy that there is a hrt rate and that eveything looks good so far. I will let you know how mine goes. I just have to think positive and try to get through this week. Even though I'm in the medical field is is helpful to know there are other people out there in the same anxious situation.


Prebble - May 5

Follow-up... there is hope! Went for my follow-up u/s... baby's heartrate went up to 123 and he was normal size! He/she is stilll planted low, which is cause for slight concern, but it looks like we are now on the right track! I hope all of in this same boat can have the same positive changes we have! Best of luck and wish us luck as well and we continue to pray for the best!



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