Slow Heart Rate At 6 7 Weeks

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Prebble - May 5

Follow-up... there is hope! Went for my follow-up u/s... baby's heartrate went up to 123 and he was normal size! He/she is stilll planted low, which is cause for slight concern, but it looks like we are now on the right track! I hope all of in this same boat can have the same positive changes we have! Best of luck and wish us luck as well and we continue to pray for the best!


confused - May 5

My Wife and I just left our first u/s pretty confused. We thought we were 8 weeks and the the u/s said 6 weeks with 111 heart beat. We know we conceived on April 2nd. Can someone help me figure out what to make of this. We thought her last period was on March 9th, but it was her first cycle off the pill so that might have been messed up. Thanks for the help.


Jen - May 5

I just found out yesterday that we are expecting!! This is such a Miracle! We have gone through 3 rounds of IVF - two of which were successful and we have 3 beautiful children from those cycles. This time we conceived on our own - which we never thought would happen. Unfortunately, my first u/s was today and I am supposed to be 6 weeks. The sac measured 4wk 5 days and the tech thought she saw a yolk sac. No heartbeat. The dr. told me he thinks that I have a 50/50 chance. Concern is that we didn't see the fetal pole nor a heartbeat. The lab will be back at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow and we will know more. I am just praying. I trust in the Lord and all His ways. I will pray for all others posted who are going through this.


Lora - May 10

all that meens is the heart rate is slow a embryo at 7 weeks isn't going to have a regular heart beat cause the heart just started beting I have studed unborn babies now for 8 years just wanted to let you know everything is normal the heart rate will increase in the next few weeks just relax and get lots of rest0


melinda - May 10

no but i miscarriaed2yrs ago


Lora - May 10

To all of you that have lost your babies I feel for you since I have been through 2 mc and a few weeks ago found out I was pregnant again. I went for my US May 9 and I thought I was 6w 1d but only measured 5w ?d and I have yet to hear my babies heart beat. They didn't seem to alarmed because sometimes it's hard to detect a heart beat until your 7 or 8 week of pregnancy. I have a OB appt. on May 18 so I will ask if I can have another US then I will keep you guys posted. Any advice would help.


pe - May 16

I went for ultrasound at exactly 6 weeks. the ultra sound said i was 5 weeks 6 days the heart rate was 97 bpm. And my dr said that its slow. She wants to see me again in 2 more weeks. but everywhere i read on the internet it says between 95 - 112 is normal. But why would she say its slow?


Sherry - May 16

Hi pe, From what I have read 97 bpm at 6 weeks is on the low side of normal. I think many doctors have different ideas of what is normal. Everything may still be ok, b/c it very close to the 100 mark, which is concerned the safer zone. I submitted here a few weeks ago, I had a miscarriage at 8 weeks. The fetal heart beat was only 64 at 7 weeks, so it was sure to end. We are now trying again, and hope to have good news soon. I know how stressful this can be, but try to take care of yourself and I wish you the best. Let us know what happens at the next US. Sher


pte - May 16

thank you sherry for replying to me. I misscarried 3 months ago. So it makes me even more nervouse. i called the dr back again to ask her what rate she consideres normal she says for 6 weeks she considers 120 -160 normal. but she said my nausea is a good signe. I been sick all day.. this morning i thought i was going to truly puke. The previouse miscairage i suddenly had no symptoms. so i guess as long as i feel puky i will feel better about.


Sherry - May 16

Hi pte, How far along were you at the last pregnancy? I miscarried in March, and we are now trying again after I had one full cycle. I think this cycle is a little screwed up, b/c I didn't have the normal ovulation signs, that I always had before, until this week, and my period is due on Thursday. This maybe normal for the first cycle after a miscarriage though. Yes, the nausea is a good sign. The only time we are happy to puke. : ) I wish you all the best! and please do keep me updated. Sher


pe - May 17

Sherry i was 6 weeks along and mc'd but that one felt alot different than this one. that one i had no pregnancy symptoms at all and this one i'm 6 weeks along and feeling very puky. I just hope this low heart beat thing is not serious.


akuaba - May 17

hi there, i am in the same boat. i believe that i am 6 weeks along. i went for my first u/s last friday. we saw the little one on the u/s and saw the heartbeating. my husband and i were thrilled!! we were really nervouse because i had a miscarriage back in february. i was 5 weeks along. i never made it for the u/s. the clinic realized it was going to happen when my hcg levels plummeted. now...after the u/s..when we went into the doctor's office and he stated that the heartbeat was very low...65 bpm. he stated that if i conceived between cd 14 and 17, that the heart rate should be much higher. but if i conceived later, than the heartbeat may be okay. he said he wasn't quite sure and we just had to wait. my hcg levels are looking good. my progesterone had fallen from 25 to 23.3. they put me on progesterone supplements (just in case) and i am going in for another u/s this friday. i have been a MESS this past weekend and yesterday and today. moments of happiness when i convince myself that everything is okay. and moments of pure sadness when i convince myself that the little one is already gone and it will be confirmed when i go in for the u/s this friday. this waiting is just awful. my husband and i are in limbo. we can't be happy or sad...just empty. it's really, really hard. i am trying to be optimistic. this website and thread has helped me. at least, i know that there are woman and families going through the same thing. please think positive thoughts for the little one and our family. good luck to all of you and take care!!


pe - May 17

akuaba did the dr tell you what it should be? my dr said 120 - 140 but on this website they are saying 90 - 100. I was wondering what your dr said. my dr said as long as you feel the nausea then its very good and just have to wait till may 27th.


Lora - May 17

Well I had my US May 16 and my lil one measured 6w 3d and had a hr of 115 bpm it is looking good and doc said everything is normal. I will keep you guys posted as my pregnancy progresses.


pe - May 18

now the nausea suddenly stopped. yesterday after lunch it went away has not come back yet. I'm 6 weeks I should still have nausea.


akuaba - May 18

pe: you know, my doctor did not say what the rate should be if i was only 5 weeks along, versus 6 weeks. i have been reading anything below 90 bpm can be a bad indication. but, what i am seeing from women that write into boards like these, it doesn't always mean that. and, it could be that the heart just started beating the day before or the night before and the u/s caught it very early in development. who's so hard to tell this early. i have been having low cramps, like period cramps in the top of my legs and lower abdomen. i can't imagine this is a good sign..but they are not constant?? and they are very, very mild. again..who knows?? i will know for sure, hopefully, on friday morning.



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