Slow Heart Rate At 6 7 Weeks

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akuaba - May 18

pe: you know, my doctor did not say what the rate should be if i was only 5 weeks along, versus 6 weeks. i have been reading anything below 90 bpm can be a bad indication. but, what i am seeing from women that write into boards like these, it doesn't always mean that. and, it could be that the heart just started beating the day before or the night before and the u/s caught it very early in development. who's so hard to tell this early. i have been having low cramps, like period cramps in the top of my legs and lower abdomen. i can't imagine this is a good sign..but they are not constant?? and they are very, very mild. again..who knows?? i will know for sure, hopefully, on friday morning.


pe - May 18

akuaba, cramps is not necessaryly a bad sign. during pregnancy you get cramps when the body is producing the hormons, and when the uturus is growing. My dr scheduled another sonogram today at 3:30. I'm scared to death to go there and they take away my very last bit of hope... I do hope i can post some good news when i get back


akuaba - May 18

pe: thanks for the encouraging news about the cramps. that eased my mind. please keep us up to date about what happens during the u/s. my positive thoughts are with you!!!!


pe - May 18

good news! I saw the baby 6 weeks 5 days and the heart rate was 138. whew what a relief i was so worried... thanks everyone for all your support. I hope all of you get some good news as well


Sherry - May 18

That is awesome, pe! : )) You too, Lora! I am so happy for you both! It is so nice to read happy news here! It gives us all hope. I have been getting my progestrone levels checked the past couple of weeks, and next week they will check my HCG levels too..maybe they will have good news for me, but I don't expect it yet, as I think my cycle was screwed up this month...oh well, there is always next month to try again!


akuaba - May 19

I thought this information was good to know: This information is from the UK "a__sociation of Early Pregnancy Units" doc_ment called GUIDELINES Organisational Clinical Supportive 2004: The Embryonic heart rate: Theoretically, cardiac activity should always be evident when the embryo is over 2mm. However, in around 5-10% of embryos between 2 and 4 mm, it can not be demonstrated. Perform a follow up scan within one week. At 6 weeks 60-150 bpm (mean 125 bpm) 6-9 weeks 175 bpm Thereafter heart rate gradually decreases. 14 weeks 160 bpm (approximately) Bradycardia has been found in pregnancies that subsequently aborted. However, a single observation of slow heart rate does not necessarily predict subsequent death and in later pregnancy can be a__sociated with maternal autoimmine disease (RO positive) and congenital heart block. Follow-up is therefore essential.


c-saw - May 19

can the hr be too fast? at 6w3d, it was 179. At 6w6d, it was 199, I think is what she said.


akuaba - May 20

hi there, i have wonderful news. the baby's heartbeat is 115 bpm and i am 6 weeks 2 days. the doctor said everything looks great and i should try to relax a bit. easier said than done:-) take care!


pe - May 20

Thats great news Akuaba! I'm so happy everything went well for you. I bet you were relieved when you heard everything was okay. pe


akuaba - May 20

pe: thanks..geesh, i just looked back over the posting and i don't think the posting that i submitted to congratulate you on your good news was posted!!! so..congratulations to you too. after going through a miscarriage before this, i am still wary, but i have to try to relax and enjoy it a bit now. good luck to everyone on this thread. my positive thoughts go out to everyone!!


akuaba - May 20

i know how you feel. i miss carried in feb 27th..and very nervouse about this one too. Congrats to you too. just pa__sed another milestone. week by week we will make it to 2nd trimester!!!! :)


staci - May 23

best wishes to everyone! I am currently 6w5d today and had a f/u u/s today and saw a little heartbeat-she really had to point it out to us b/c it was hard to see. she said it is hard to truly determine the heartbeat rate at this point b/c it is so early in the pg, we were at this a good sign? we m/c in march, I had no af in between and am so nervous about everything! I m/c last time at 6w5d so I am hoping this pg survives...we have another u/s in 2 weeks to simply put my mind at ease as my doc said today. I pray for all of us we all have beautiful and healthy babies to hold in our arms soon!


Lisa - May 24

I am so happy to find this board. I had an m/c in Jan. and now found out I am pg again. Had my first u/s yesterday and the dr. said everything looked normal. I measured 6w6d at 129bpm. Is this ok?


steph - May 24

i'm 12 weeks pregnant and the heart was178 is this normal?


Sherry - May 24

Staci, Lisa and Steph. I believe from what I have read all your babys' heat rates are fine and normal. Staci and Lisa, your babys' heat rates should increase at the next u/s, and Steph, your baby's heart rate should be decreasing gradually until week 16, I think. Best wishes to all of you. I am hoping I am pregnant again, I am now 5 days late...time will tell, I go for progestrone and HCG level testing tomorrow.


T - May 26

hi to all. i found these postings looking for info on slow HR. my doc said i was just over 6wks and the HR was "slow". i have also been spotting on and off for a couple weeks. i'm trying to be positive and have faith. i have some good news.... my sister just had a beautiful healthy baby girl and her docs had trouble finding her HB in the beginning and she also had a lot of spotting/cramping. so keep your chin up and good luck to everyone.



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