Slow Heart Rate At 6 8 Weeks

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Ashlie24 - September 30

Hello...I want everyone to know that I am new to all this, this is my first time being pregnant I am 24 years old. My Doctor thinks that I am about 8-9 weeks along but I can't remember when my last period was...I had some small bleeding and called my doctor to let her know...She scheduled an ultrasound the following day to see if everything was alright in there...My Doctor called me 2 days later to tell me that the heart beat was lower than it should be...About 70 bpm...She told me that it could mean nothing at all...Or it could be signs of a miscarriage...I am very scared and worried!! My next appointment isn't until October 17th, and having to set here and wait kills me...I know there isn't a whole lot that I can do between now and then, but like I said before this is my first time being pregnant and I don't want anything to happen...Thanks for listing and God Bless!!!


clindholm - September 30

Ashlie, good luck, I hope it all turns out ok for you and your baby. Unfortunately only time will tell. Did they do bloodwork on you to check your beta hcg?


Ashlie24 - September 30

They did blood work...But they never said anything to me about it...


clindholm - October 1

You may want to ask, typically in early pregnany the hCG level will double every 48 hours indicating a healthy pregnancy. Try to call the office and see if they will tell you.


Ashlie24 - October 1

just like I said before...I am all new to this my mom is helping me out to understand what is going on...All I know is that my doctor called me and told me that the heart rate for the baby is lower than it should be...She also told me that it could mean nothing or that it could be a sign of a miscarriage I would rather think it is nothing...I'm trying not to stress myself out thinking about it...But it is very hard not to...


Ashlie24 - October 2

UPDATE: Well I had some more bleeding this morning I ended up having to go to the ER because my doctor wasn't in the office today...They gave me another ultrasound and they told me that everything looked ok and the heart rate went up it's now at 109bpm...They also said that they noticed another sack they are not to sure on what it is...But they said whatever it was it wont harm the baby...I have to go in for another ultrasound next week for a follow up...So until then I will keep you updated...Thanks!!


clindholm - October 3

That's wonderful! My doctor told me anything over 100 bpm is fine. Since they saw another sac, I wonder if you initially conceived twins and the bleeding is the possible loss of one? Sometimes just a second sac appears without a fetal pole. Please post back when you get an update, I'm glad your little one looks nice and healthy!


Ashlie24 - October 7

Well went in for my follow up ultrasound and they weren't able to find a heart beat...It makes me mad to know that when I went in on Thursday they said everything was looking good the heart rate was up and now...Nothing!! I have had NO cramping, but I still am bleeding but not enough to fill a pad like they asked me...I am still waiting to hear from my Doctor she still needs to address the ultrasound pictures and all that...But I don't know what's going to happen from here...I am 7 weeks 1 day today so I'm not sure what they are going to do...


cyndilea1973 - October 7

Ashlie, I am sorry to hear you are having to go through an emotional roller coaster. I know it must be hard to know that just a few days ago the heartbeat was there and the doc was rea__suring and then to be hit with the news that they couldn't find a heartbeat. I am just hoping that if they tell you that you need a D&C that they will do another u/s beforehand to make sure what's going on with you ((hugs)) I had a similar thing happen to me last year. I was only 6 wks pg and had bleeding, had u/s and saw a baby with a hb. Went in at 7 wks and had low hr of 86 and was told I had a 50/50 chance, then went in next week, no hb and actually saw the baby fading on the screen. I t was traumatic. This year I got pg again in April, had a bleed, went to ER they kept me overnight , telling me the u/s showed an empty sac. I told them I thought I had twins (they thought I was looney), they were going to give me a d&c, but did an u/s before doing it, and we had a healthy baby in there! I guess what I am trying to say is, I know it is hard to wonder and worry, and doc's can be SO cold, but make sure you ask for all the blood tests to check your levels and u/s to confirm whatever the tell you so you can have some hope and if anything, peace of mind. I hope you get all the answers from your docs and you will be in my thoughts.


Ashlie24 - October 7

thanks you..I will make sure to do that..I would rather have a d&c just to get it over with..I really hope the next time I get pregnant things will go better this time..I just look at it being there was something not right with the baby and it's God's will...You are remarkable!! Thanks you again for your support!!! God Bless You!!


clindholm - October 8

Ashlie- I'm so sorry to hear this but you are right, losses this early are largely due to abnormalities. I hope your recovery goes well and are soon on your way to motherhood.


Ashlie24 - October 8

Ya it is hard..But we will keep trying and I sure do hope that the next time I get pregnant I wont have to deal with this...Now that I have had a miscarriage it's always gonna be in the back of my mind...I don't need a D&C I am bleeding enough for it to pa__s...And I think maybe I pa__sed it this morning because on my pad I found something like a small sack and then I had a big blood clot come out...So I just hope it's over with...But I did want to know when is the best time to try again I know that I need to wait until I have my next period, and will it be really hard to get pregnant?


clindholm - October 9

Ashlie- from what I have heard, most women are told to wait one full cycle before ttc again which is supposed to reduce the risk of a repeat loss. I have also heard alot of women say that they are able to conceive quickly after a loss which they attribute to the fact that all the bleeding clears everything out. I know your next pregnancy will be full of worry, talk to your doctor about the chances of recurrance, I don't think (but don't know for a fact) that a loss does not increase your risk of another miscarriage. Unfortunately they are very common.


Ashlie24 - October 10

Ya I know I have to wait I might wait a bit longer than that just to be safe..I am almost through bleeding..And I'm glad because it makes me sick looking at it...I was also reading about if it would be hard for me to get pregnant again and it says that if it was hard for me to get pregnant the first time it might be hard for me to get pregnant again...But the only reason I think it was hard for me to get pregnant the first time was because of the birth control that I was taking and I stopped taking it when I knew I was pregnant and I'm not gonna take it anymore but I hope it's not hard for me this time around and it said that for most cases that if your first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage that the second should be a healthy pregnancy so I hope it's right...



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