Slow Rising Hcg But Normal Progesterone Levels

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rom - October 14

Anyone been in a similar situation? My levels didn't double last tests but my progesterone hasn't dropped. Fluctuated up and down but not dropped. Here are my levels: 8 dpo hcg 10.5 (prog. 34.4), 12 dpo hcg 109.6 (prog. 28.2), 17 dpo hcg 1050 (prog. 17.8) 19 dpo hcg 2314 (prog. 23.6), 21 dpo hcg 4439 ( prog. 25.3) 23 dpo hcg 5987 (not even close to doubling) and don't have prog. back till am. I had an u/s done at 22 dpo and gestational sac measured perfect for 5 weeks but they noticed I had a subchorionic hematoma (blood clot) near sac. I have to wait 2 weeks for another u/s and am riddled with anxiety. I had a m/c Sept. a year ago and it took me a year to get pregnant with this little one. Anyone with any insight?


rom - October 15

Well , I got my last prog. level this morning. It dipped a bit but still above 20. It was 22.1


rom - October 17

In the event that anyone ever comes to this thread looking for hope or info, I've decided to go on and record my levels and how things progress for me even though as of yet , I have no one to talk to!! So with my newest labs drawn on the 15th (25 dpo) I have good and bad news. The bad news is my level did not double again and my hcg only rose to 7227 but the good news is my progesterone levels are on the rise and are a healthy 27 ng/ml. So I'm not going to miscarry any time soon! Those prog. levels need to drop a whole lot for me to bleed. I'm beginning to feel like there is hope. I had been sitting around the whole weekend mourning and feeling sorry for myself over slow-rising levels and the whole time my husband is going, "why are you doing this to yourself?" I was like, " the proof is in the numbers, it's scientifically proven they should double", my son said "well who do you believe in most science or God?" I choose GOD. He's infallable but scientist, they are men, and so so fallable!! Right? I'm still trying to be realistic about the fact my pregnancy could be in trouble. But I do have hope now!



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