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udbe2 - November 26

My Dr has been watching my pregnancy closely due to a threatened miscarriage. On 17 Nov found out I was pregnant however I started to have light bleeding. I was sent to the ER and because I was only 4 weeks since LMP the US didn't show anything at all. They drew my blood and my HCG was 74 and progesterone was 3. I was sent home with progesterone which finally stopped the bleeding. 19 Nov Dr did another BT my levels were 79 and progesterone 7. Increased prometrium to 100 mg 3xs a day. 21 Nov BT showed BHCG 111 and progesterone at 33. 25 Nov BT again to just test BHCG levels only increased to 179. The Dr isn't very hopeful however I don't want to give up since we have been ttc for 16 yrs for our first child after having 5 previous miscarriages. I don't want to give up however was wondering if the levels are really giving me the indication that I should terminate to try again for a more hopeful pregnancy. I'm 36 so this pregnancy was a bit of a surprise however very wanted. Not having anymore bleeding and never cramped or passed anything when I was bleeding.


jenniegump - November 30

udbe2, did you find anything else out? My hcg levels are rising but not doubling and my ob said as far as she was concerned I had a viable pregnancy. She said people read too much into the numbers. I had an interv____al ultrasound at 4 wks and 5 days due to threatened miscarriage and I have a picture of the sac in my uterus. Maybe you should see if you could have another ultrasound?


udbe2 - December 1

jennie, I have not found out anything just yet. I had an u/s when I was just turning 4 wks and since it was too early they could not see anything. I go today for another progesterone and beta test to see if my levels have increased anymore and if my progesterone is staying high enough. Are your levels at least going up 60%. This will be my first and my dr won't do another u/s due to the insurance that I have until I am 8 wks.


jenniegump - December 1

udbe2, My levels were not doubling when they checked them at 5wks. My ob would not do two over a 48 hr period (I don't know why) but I had one done at a different hospital and at 4wks 5days they were 359 and they did see the sac and then during my 5th week of pregnancy they checked them at a different lab and they were at 704. I aske the nurse if they shouldn't be higher and she said they seemed fine and as far as she was concerned it was a viable pregnancy. I think the difference could have been due to using different labs, who knows. My ob was very positive and said if she felt like there was something wrong she would get me in to see me or have me go to the emergency room. I finally just had to listen to the nurse and stop stressing about it, either way it's in God's hands. I know how horrible it can be to just wait. I feel like I have had such a rocky start with this pregnancy. I bled from about 4wks to 8wks which was just so scary. Then I broke out with a horrible case of hives and had to go the er for that. They said it was due to my changing hormones. I had to take predinisone (oral sterioid) and benedryl and they gave me a shot of epenephrine. Then a week after that I pa__sed an odd looking blood clot (just one) I had no cramping and after about two days of spotting after that I quit bleeding all together. My nurse seemed to think that if I would have miscarried I would have had substantial cramping and bleeding which I didn't. I still have hives horribly but not as bad as they were. The only way I could ease my mind is to go to the er and I am really dreading that. Plus I don't feel it's an emergency, so I just have to wait until my appt which isn't until the 10th. I hope things go well for you today, Best wishes


udbe2 - December 3

Jennie, I hope things go well with your dr's appointment and that everything is alright. I had another BT done on Mon and my bhcg was only 301 but my progesterone is 57.5. My dr wants me to repeat my bhcg today so I'll find out what the results are plus what the dr thinks. I am hoping that he believes there is still a chance for a viable pregnancy otherwise he would have suggested a D&C rather than another BT. Hoping this is the case. I have finally stopped spotting and have been hungrier than I ever have been before. Hopefully these are good signs for better bhcg levels.


mdjackson - January 3

I too am having slow HCG rises. I had two lab draws last week at 4 1/2 weeks. They were 149 and 290. They are not double so I have to go back next week for a repeat draw. The nurse ended our conversation with the question of are you spotting yet. Which I haven't had any at all. Just some very mild cramping occasionally. I have one healthy little girl. I miscarried last year. I am hoping that everything turns out ok. I am dreading the next lab draw or to start spotting.


udbe2 - January 5

mdjackson, I hope your levels do go up soon and I am sorry to hear that you too are going through similar situation. My story didn't have a happy ending though and on the 11 Dec the dr did an u/s to confirm that this pregnancy was not viable. I am still waiting for my levels to go back down to zero however things are going very slowly so the dr is thinking that they may have to do a D&C. Keep us updated and you are in our prayers.


etrnty4195 - August 19

my first ultrasound only showed a gestational sac and nothing else at suposedly 9 weeks so i was sent for an hcg quant_ty test on august 12 which came back 18900 which was high for wat they were seeing. so they said i was miscarrying but i made them do another hcg test and it only came back 23000 on the 17th. they said its not rising enough so its not a viable pregnancy. has ne1 had this happen? i hate that word it makes me feel like they think im crazy or something but i set up another ultrasound for the 24th. hoping for the best.


etrnty4195 - August 19

might i add i have no pain or bleeding.



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